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Thursday 02nd, October 2008
Super8 & Tab
Super8 & Tab interview
Updated: Thursday 28th, May 2009

: Finish DJ / producers duo Super8 & Tab are the brains behind tracks such as 'First Aid', 'Helsinki Scorchin', 'Suru' and their latest hit 'Elektra'. Furthermore they remixed tracks for Paul van Dyk, Luminary, Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann and Tranquility Base. Trance.nu spoke to Miika Eloranta and Janne Mansnerus about their future plans!

Trance.nu: Hi guys, how are you doing at the moment?
Super8&Tab: We are very good thanks. Itís been busy year and it looks even more busier 2009

Trance.nu: The latest Super8 & Tab single Elektra got released a few weeks ago. This one did very well. Are you guys already working on a follow up already?
Super8&Tab: Elektra took forever to get released and it was delightful after waiting so long, that is got such a great response. At Global Gathering UK on the Godskitchen mainstage it got 5 plays which is pretty nice. We are now working on several tracks and we actually already have a follow up . Itís called Super8 & Tab Feat. Alyna "Delusion". With this track we wanted to go back to basics and do pure Anjuna-trancer production wise - but the original felt like it was missing personality. Then Miikas fiancee came up to studio and suggested some vocals for it and those did the trick. You can find it on Anjunabeats Vol. 6. But the full release will be December this year.

Trance.nu: Since 2005 there were some successful Super8 & Tab releases already, such as First Aid, Helsinki Scorchin, and Suru. Are there also plans already to release a full Super8 & Tab album?
Super8&Tab: We are working on it and we have changed the deadline already a couple of times so now we just keep doing it until we are totally satisfied with it. We donít want to get ourselves too stressed out about it as the better work comes without deadlines and pressure.

Trance.nu: Can you already tell us what we can expect on this album? All new tracks, or also the older releases?
Super8&Tab: We have a few demos done for it already and we are really excited with what is coming up. The album is going to be all new tracks with interesting collaborations, but because the release is still far away we donít want to reveal too much.

Trance.nu: Your tracks have been played by all big names. What would you consider yourselves as the best Super8 & Tab release ever?
Super8&Tab: Even though Elektra seems to have been played by everyone and Needs To Feel was on thousands of compilations we have to say Helsinki Scorchin. Not that it wasnt been played by all the big names but it is the track that really has something so unique in it. It also really kicked off our career as a duo and gave us a good idea of how to write uplifting tracks in a different way.

Trance.nu: In the last couple of months you did remixes for Tranquility Base, Luminary and Martin Roth & Alex Bartlett and recently you finished remixes for Paul van Dyks New York City and for the Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann track Madness. Are you working on some other cool remixes already?
Super8&Tab: At the moment we donít have any remixes lined up as we are trying to concentrate on writing tracks for the album, but it is very possible well do a couple of remixes next year. We are also writing follow up for Delusion which will be released off the album.

Trance.nu: Would there be an artist or a band that you would love to remix?
Super8&Tab: Usually it is not about the band but the song that makes you go hmm this track would be really cool to remix. Coldplay has that quality in almost all their tracks so that is the band we would most like to remix . And it would be even more interesting to work with them and learn about the process in which they write their songs.

Trance.nu: You both worked with other people on other projects as well in the past. For example Miika did the Aalto project with Above & Beyondís Paavo Siljamški and Janne did AR52 together with Miika Kuisma and Luke Chen. Will you guys be still working on those or other projects? Or are you mainly focusing on the Super8 & Tab releases?
Super8&Tab: Now we are fully booked with Super8 & Tab project and Siljamški and Miika Kuisma are really busy with their projects so it looks unlikely to happen anytime soon. From time to time there has been talks about doing a new Aalto track, but it still has to wait because lack of free time.

Trance.nu: How long do you normally work on a production or a remix?
Super8&Tab: It depends so much. It is actually unbelievable that sometimes you can get everything done in few days and sometimes a track takes weeks to get its final shape. Normally we work on several tracks at the same time so that of course extends the production time. To be honest we arenít the fastest on the planet and we are always amazed how some producers can release tracks out almost every week. We donít want hurry at the cost of quality and we also want to always try out something different to keep our minds and tracks fresh.

Trance.nu: Of course you guys are DJ-ing as well. Do you always play together?
Super8&Tab: We have a long history of Dj-ing and these days we Dj only together excluding some rare cases. Dj-ing is so much
fun but Dj-ing together is even more fun and our styles go so well together so we actually play better as duo
than solo.

Trance.nu: In September you guys had a lot of gigs in your home country Finland. How was that?
Super8&Tab: It was good to play in Finland again! We decided to do a little Finland tour as we hadn't played here since April.

Trance.nu: How is the Finish club scene?
Super8&Tab: The Finnish club scene is normally really good and trance parties have been the most popular. Somehow this autumn the scene looks a bit slower as Orkidea is having a break from doing gigs since he became a dad last spring and he helps lead the local scene. We are also on a break from doing Hallmark where we are residents because there was some issues with the venue and because we are quite busy touring everywhere elsewhere. And unfortunately a really cool house club Aero is also on a break. Luckily there is still Mr. As and Heikki Ls club Dancetearia where the atmosphere is guaranteed to be phenomenal. Colors Festival was also great with an amazing line-up including TiŽsto, Erick Morillo, Sander van Doorn, Markus Schulz and more. And there is always the annual event, Laserpoint 2009, which will be cool so canít wait for that!

Trance.nu: You also maintain a monthly residency in Finland at Hallmark in Helsinki. Do you play different sets there as when you are for example playing in the UK?
Super8 & Tab: As we said earlier we are now on a break from doing Hallmark, but yes our sets are different from place to place. We always try to play our set for the crowd and try to give them what they want.

Trance.nu: This summer you did an Asia tour. How was that?
Super8 & Tab: We love Asia and Asian people. It was our first time in the Philippines and Indonesia and we can't wait to get back there. Headlining Godkitchen with 5,000 people was great and we have to give a big thanks to Big Fish who held a great party. The stage Dark Ages castle was build from scratch and all the organization was great. In Indonesia we played for a little bit of a smaller crowd, but the audience presence was fantastic throughout the set!

Trance.nu: Is the crowd there much different from the crowd in Finland?
Super8&Tab: I think the crowd is more enthusiastic overseas especially in places like Asia as the scene is still quite new there, but there isnít anything wrong with Finnish audience either and you can play a bit more difficult sets in Finland.

Trance.nu: What is the coolest thing you have ever experienced during a DJ gig?
Super8&Tab: It was our debut in legendary Gallery at Turnmills and Helsinki Scorchin had just come out. We played it in the middle of the set and in the breakdown 1000 people started to sing the main melody and there is no lyrics. That surprised us totally. That is a good memory.

Trance.nu: Where can people expect you in the near future?
Super8&Tab: We will be back to the Gallery at Ministry of Sound, London October 17. From there we travel to Ukraine and the week after that we will be in Scotland at the Arches on the 25th. November we will visit Ireland a couple times and there is talk of another US and Australia tour!

Trance.nu: You also have a radio show. What can you tell us about this?
Super8&Tab: This is called Anjunabeats Worldwide which is weekly show broadcasted internationally on FM and internet stations. Our slot is once a month and other slots are presented by James Grant, Mark Pledger and a changing pick from the Anjunabeats rooster

Trance.nu: How do you see yourselves in 10 years?
Super8&Tab: Ten years older! Miika will have grey hair and Janne is bald from the top and has a mullet :P Hows that?..hehe.. seriously we are living so much in the moment right now that 10 years seems so far away that we havenít thought about it. Hopefully we are still rocking hard and releasing some great music.

Trance.nu: Thanks a lot for your time and good luck in the future!
Super8&Tab: Thanks a lot happy

Written by:
Twan van Loon

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