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Steve Helstrip (Thrillseekers)

Steve Helstrip, the name behind Thrillseekers, answers your questions in this exclusive interview with trance.nu. Including information about other aliases, albums, the future of trance, his brother Richard Helstrip, equipment, DJing, mobile tones and much more, this is the definitive guide to the act behind one of the most impressive trance tunes of recent years ...

Question: Have you made other tracks apart from Synaesthesia under The Thrillseekers alias, and will their be a follow up single following the same sort of musical concept?

Answer: I wrote two tracks as The Thrillseekers before Synaesthesia popped out of the bag. They are both signed to Neo, but hopefully they'll never be released as I wrote them nearly five years ago and now sound very dated.

Question: Are there any plans for a Thrillseekers album?

Answer: I'm concentrating on writing, rather than remixing, this year, so hopefully there'll be enough material soon for an album. I won't settle for any 'fillers' on the album, though, so it might be a while in the making.

Question: What other aliases do you go under (and with whom)?

Answer: I've just started writing tracks under the guise The Chillseekers, which is for my ambient tracks. I also work as En-motion, which is just me and I team up with Tim Stark every now and then to write tougher-sounding trance as Rapid Eye. I've released two tracks with Andy Perring (of OlmecHeads fame) as Insigma.

Question: Does each particular alias have a particular style for remixing a track?

Answer: Absolutely. The Thrillseekers and En-motion are what I call 'dreamy/fluffy' trance. I don't take the production so far with En-Motion as I do The Thrillseekers, though. Rapid Eye caters for the really 'avin vibe, while Insigma is more proggie. You can probably guess what The Chillseekers is all about!

Question: Do you have any plans to team up with other producers for future productions or remixes?

Answer: None at present. I just want to concentrate on writing my own stuff. It's been ages since I wrote a new track.

Question: Will there be any releases under the Free Radical alias with your brother, or maybe a different alias?

Answer: Free Radical is Richard's project. I just help out with the odd remix here and there. Rich has cooled of writing tracks over the past few months to concentrate on his GCSEs, but will be back on the ball soon.

Question: What's your favourite remix, which you have done?

Answer: Probably Vincent de Moor's Fly Away, but I'm also quite fond of Sonique's Feel So Good, which I remixed under the En-Motion guise.

Question: What's your favourite track of all time, and why?

Answer: I often think about this and never come up with a sensible answer. I have too many favourite tracks of all time, ranging from Vangelis' Love Theme, The Verve's The Drugs Don't Work, through to trance classics like Chicane's Offshore and BBE's Seven days and one Week. They all mean so much to me, but in many different ways.

Question: What are your predictions for the future of trance music (short and long term)?

Answer: Short term it will be driven back underground as more people are starting to listen to harder stuff and long term it'll be back round within three years because music has to have a tune.

Question: What equipment do you use? And what's your favourite piece of equipment?

Answer: I use Cubase VST for sequencing, which is slowly taking over everything in the studio with all the new plug-ins and virtual instruments. My main console is a Mackie D8b, but I seem to be using it less and less these days. Connected to that I have a couple of samplers (an Akai S3000XL and a Roland S-760, if anyone's interested!), a Supernova, Q, microWave, Freebass, Jp-8000, Nord Lead2, JD-800, Prophecy, and a Lexicon PCM91 reverb to name just some. My favourite bit of kit is definitely the Nord Lead 2 - it's just so playable and sounds really expensive.

Question: What was the last album you bought? (and what did you think of it?)

Answer: Nu Progressive Era, mixed by Red Jerry. Haven't formed much of an opinion yet, but like what I hear so far.

Question: And the last single?

Answer: Paid over the odds for a copy of Coasts2Coast's Home last week because I love the track, only to be sent a copy the next day.

Question: Do you DJ? and whose your favourite DJ?

Answer: Yes I do, but don't really have a favourite DJ. I really like Max Graham, Timo Maas, Seb Fontaine, Paul van Dyk and Moogwai, if that's any help.

Quick questions:

Do you prefer Paul van Dyk's or Ferry Corsten's style? Paul's.

What mobile tone do you have? The baroque one off the 8210, because no-one else has.

Do you like the sound of Safri Duo? Not familiar with Safri Duo, sorry.

Do you like hard house? Some of it's ok, but I wouldn't go to a club for a full night of it.

Favourite club? Gatecrasher.

Most unusual comment anyone has ever made? You must be from space! Someone in a club thought I was wearing their hair once.

And the best comment? I got an email from this bloke thanking me for writing Synaesthesia. He said it was his favourite track of all time.

You can find out more about The Thrillseekers and his productions at <a href=http://www.thethrillseekers.co.uk target=_blank>www.thethrillseekers.co.uk</a>

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