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Thursday 12th, April 2007
Simon Patterson

Simon Patterson has been making serious shockwaves throughout the trance scene with his latest solo productions, Panic Attack and Strip Search, with pretty much every trance DJ hammering them, from Armin van Buuren to Lee Haslam and plays on every trance radio show going from Above & Beyond to Judge Jules. After the huge jet-sampling F-16 last year it was a bit of a wait for a follow up but it was more than worth it. If you’ve ever heard a Simon Patterson DJ set you’ll know he can rock it like the best of them, a blend of driving tech and huge euphoric riffs with mixing that is as smooth as you can get. As well as that he is one half of the mighty Dogzilla responsible for some of the biggest and most groundbreaking trance records of recent years including the huge anthems ‘Without You’ and the forthcoming ‘Frozen’. He’s risen through the ranks from behind the scenes at Radio 1 to his current position as one of the leading DJs and producers in trance. We caught up with the Irish born star to find out a bit more about his current successes and plans for the year ahead.

t.nu: Hi Simon, where do we find you right now and how has your week been?

SP: Hey! I am currently in London, just got back from playing in Poland and it was brilliant!!!

t.nu: You are currently riding high on the success of your Panic Attack/Strip Search single… when you produced it did you expect reactions to be so good?

SP: This was produced last year. Panic Attack took so long to get right, chopping up the beats and breakbeats and making it flow took a lot of time. I tried several riff ideas but nothing was as strong as F-16 so I thought I’d do something a little different and made something more underground. Strip Search was done at the same time and I always felt that Strip Search was the more obvious out of the two. With Panic Attack there is a time and a place to play it.

t.nu: F-16 was such a hit for you last year, did you feel much pressure to make a big follow up to that?

SP: Yeah I did feel it to be honest. I spent so much time on F-16 and Panic Attack and kept changing things. I am never happy with something, everything can always be better. But now I am just not putting any pressure on myself. If people like the tune, great, if not what can you do? I am now working on loads of tracks and not spending so long on them. If the idea can only go so far then I move onto the next track!

t.nu: Your solo productions have a strong psy influence… have you always been a fan of psy-trance?

SP: I just love the basslines in Psy. The kicks are so knocky and the bass is so driving. But for now I am moving away from that sound. My next two tracks are tech based and which is really what I play a lot of in my sets.

t.nu: Are we going to see many more Simon Patterson solo singles this year?

SP: Yeah this year I have Bulldozer and We'll See coming out in June or July through Spinnin' and then a piano track called Whatever it Takes coming at the end of the year.

t.nu: Will you do a vocal track under your own name, if so is it likely to be male or female vocals?

SP: Yeah I am doing something at the moment. I have got something which sounds really interesting with a killer hook. The vocals are being written at the mo. I am probably going to use a female vocalist.

t.nu: Of course, you are also one half of Dogzilla with Richie Kayvan. You’re getting more and more rock with each release… are you going to continue in that direction with Dogzilla?

SP: I really don’t know. The rock stuff is both of our roots so it tends to always take that direction. The next single is in progress and is different to Frozen. At the moment there isn't too much rock sounds in the track, the bassline is very rocky but the track has more of a Daft Punk tinge about it.

t.nu: Will we see a Dogzilla album in the near future?

SP: Yeah 100%. That’s the next step.

t.nu: And the Dogzilla live show… what are your plans with that?

SP: This again is very important. But it’s hard getting the time together. Hooking up and doing tracks and then rehearsing for the shows just isn't happening at the moment. So for now we have a few shows in which we are using for practice, but after that we decided that we will get more material done and then spend the rest of the year rehearsing every week.

t.nu: Your own DJ career is starting to take off now, what have you got coming up?

SP: Over the next month I am off to Malta, Amsterdam, USA and Scotland, with various UK dates in between.

t.nu: What can a clubber expect from a Simon Patterson DJ set?

SP: Driving tech and trance.

t.nu: What have been the highlights of your DJ career so far?

SP: The highlights have been playing at Sunrise Festival in Poland, Dance Valley in Holland. But every weekend is a highlight, just being able to play means so much.

t.nu: What are your favourite clubs in the UK to play in?

SP:</b > Inside Out in Glasgow, Glam in Dundee – in fact anywhere in Scotland and Southern Ireland are where it’s at in terms of atmosphere.

t.nu: How do you see the state of trance music right now?

SP: I think it’s good. There are so many talented producers out there right now. Just too many to mention, the music is getting brilliantly produced.

t.nu: You’ve been involved in the dance music industry for quite some time now, how did you get into it?

SP: I came to London when I was 19. Basically knocked on doors. I managed to get a job with Dino Lenny when he started his label in the UK. From there I worked at Universals dance label AM:PM and then went to become A&R alongside Craig Dimech at Incentive which was one of Ministry Of Sounds labels. Whilst I was there Seb Fontaine had just joined Radio 1 and approached me to help listen to his weekly promos. One day at Radio 1 I met Judge Jules who eventually asked me to do the same thing and I ended up working for him for about three years.

t.nu: What is the average week in the life of Simon Patterson like?

SP: Currently the week just involves gym and studio everyday. Friday would be spend listening to tracks for the weekend ahead and then Sunday - sleep and eat all day!!

t.nu: Finally, away from dance music what sort of music do you listen to to relax?

SP: I am really into a band called Sigur Rós, its one of the most inspiring albums, I think anyone that likes trance would love these guys. I love a band called Headway who are from the UK and just been signed to Geffin in the States. Apart from that I love everything as long as it has a good melody.

t.nu: Many thanks for doing this interview with trance.nu and best of luck with all your projects this year!

SP: Thanks a lot for having me! Much appreciated!! ;oP

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