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Tuesday 03rd, April 2007
Shy Brothers

The Shy Brothers are real-life siblings Mike and Benjamin Shir who hail from Vancouver, Canada. Not well known for its hard dance scene, they still manage to put on events for over 7,000 beat hungry clubbers at their own Insomnia, International Music Festival and Dooms Night events. These indoor festivals draw high-profile DJs of the calibre of Mauro Picotto, Marco V, Eddie Halliwell, Anne Savage, Blank & Jones and Scot Project. They are leading the way for the tougher tech-trance sound in Canada and now their music is starting to travel to European shores. Their last single, Midnight Funk! made waves on the harder dancefloors, and was played on Radio 1, Kiss FM and di.fm. Now their latest track, the dirty, vocal driven ‘Human Design’ is building on that success, including a massive Scot Project remix, being hammered by all the major players on the hard dance scene and being licensed to several compilations. With many more releases to come this year including a tour that will be kicked off at the huge Dance Valley festival in Holland, we caught up with the guys who look set to be the next big thing in tech-trance…

t.nu: Firstly, thanks for taking the time for doing this interview with trance.nu. How are you guys today?

SB: Thank you for having us. Today it’s a super sunny day in Vancouver which is a rare thing during any season, but summer. Mike is in the studio working on some ideas and I am doing some paper work for our upcoming show “INSOMNIA” May 19.07… so all in all just another day at work!

t.nu: Living in Canada what do you love most about the country?

SB: We love the multi-culture society, beautiful landscapes and the laidback life style. These are just few things that make Canada a great place to live. Living in Vancouver you get wicked winters for skiing or snowboarding and summers for the beautiful beaches and water sports.

t.nu: You make and play tougher tech-trance… is this a style that Canadian clubbers appreciate?

SB: Yes, or at least we like to think so! The world being so well connected nowadays with the internet, the Canadian scene is very up to date with rest of the world and the scene is a proof of that.

t.nu: With the Canadian dance scene dominated by progressive house, what drew you to the harder side of dance?

SB: Yah Canada is known for its more minimal house and techno sounds… but I think it was just personal taste that drove us towards the more pumping side of dance music. We like to mix things up and just make good music at the end of the day, regardless whether it’s house, electro, techno or trance.

t.nu: As well as your DJing and producing you organise massive dance events in Vancouver… what are they like?

SB: Yah, we run our company “Solid Entertainment & Solid Records” based in Vancouver, where we promote some of north Americas biggest indoor events. If you like more information about our events and label please check out http://www.myspace.com/solidentertainment.

t.nu: You are starting to cross over into Europe with your latest productions… are you pleased with the success you’ve had with these?

SB: Yes, each of our releases is getting amazing reviews and turning heads… Sooo not much more we can ask for! We think the European market welcomed us with open arms and think you will see more of us in Europe in months and years to come!

t.nu: What releases do you have planned in 2007?

SB: We have already finished the follow up single to “Human Design” which will be “Feeling Like” including a Stoneface & Terminal Remix… set to be released end of June ‘07. We also have a few remixes coming up for Euphonic Records & F&W Records.

t.nu: You’re going to be playing Dance Valley in Holland this year you must be looking forward to that.

SB: Yes, it’s going to be an amazing event and also the kick off for our summer tour. We will be heading to a few hot spots all over Europe (UK, Holland, Ibiza, Germany and Poland).

t.nu: Have you played in Europe before?

SB: Yes, we have played a few times in Europe before, but we believe our summer tour this year will be the biggest and best so far. For updates on our tour dates and other bit n bites check us out our Myspace.

t.nu: Will this lead to more worldwide dates?

SB: Yes, it’s hard for us to get away to travel as we are extremely busy with our own shows in Canada, but we have put time aside to travel this year to Europe and Australia .

t.nu: Rock style male vocals feature heavily in your music, are you rock fans or does this just fit your style of music?

SB: Hmmm it’s a bit of both we think. We always try to use different elements from all different styles of music such as Rock to Classical… we do have a single set to be released end of this summer which will be featuring a female vocal, so again you can always expect something new for every single we do.

t.nu: What kind of set-up do you have in the studio?

SB: We run a Mac G5 and PC, Logic, Pro Tools HD3 Accel system, 192 IO, Avalon, Apache, Virus C, JP 8080, Q-Rack, Roland XR and many software… our DJ set up is one Pioneer DJM800, two Pioneer CDJ1000 M3, two Tech 1200 & Pioneer EFX 1000.

t.nu: On the decks, do you still use vinyl or is it mainly CDs now?

SB: It’s a mix of both but mostly CDs as we get to test new productions easier that way.

t.nu: Finally, being brothers, do you have any rivalry in the studio or behind the decks?

SB: No, we do have disputes about ideas in the studio, but behind decks hehe it’s to much fun to be fighting we both enjoy it to the max…

t.nu: Many thanks for your time and best of luck in the coming year!

SB: Thank you for having us and hope to see as many clubbers this summer on the road.

Much Luv & Respect.
Mike & Benjamin
**Shy Brothers**


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