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Monday 03rd, March 2003
Scott Mac

Scott Mac is a pioneer of today’s dance scene. He’s already produced for the most established imprints about, like Ministry Of Sound, Positiva, Bonzai and Jinx, and DJ’ed across the globe, at venues like Escape Theatre in Amsterdam, Passion, The Gallery and Clockwork Orange in the UK, and other countries like Hong Kong, Israel, Ibiza, South Africa and USA. Scott has been producing for over ten years now - a unique and unrivalled blend of house, progressive and trance. Scott Mac collaborated with Signum back in 1999 on the now classic ‘Coming On Strong’ and more recently remixed for the likes of DJ Sandy vs. Housetrap and Lange. And last year set up his own label, Limit. Limit made their debut release in 2002 with Scott Mac and DJ Cams ‘Just Doing It’, signed exclusively to Judge Jules’ ‘Tried & Tested’ compilation, and the label returned the same year with Speakerfreaks 51st State sampling ‘P.O.S. 51’ (later signed to Duty Free). And the third and forthcoming single 'Damager 01 / Shake 'n Drum' will be available in the coming months. It was really about time Trance.nu caught up with the man himself. We welcome, Scott Mac.

How would you define your production sound in general? And how does your DJ style differ?
I like to think the tracks we produce are always in our own style and forward thinking in production techniques etc. With my DJing I just play what I think is good at the time. Whether it is trance, house, techno or breaks. If I like it, I will play it.

Tell us a bit more about your collaboration with Drax.
I met Drax around ten years ago; he was producing for XVX and doing loads of his own releases under various names, and I got in touch about one of his records and did a remix for him. He is a musical genius and makes a lot of library music for BBC presentations and chillout etc. He also co-produces with Pete Gooding on loads of really good house tracks. We are writing new Drax & Scott Mac tracks for both Bonzai and Blackhole/Magik right now. So hopefully by the summer we can do business again. Expect moving music to move you.

How did your deal with Blackhole/Magik come about?
We had a great reaction from a lot of labels when we sent out the CD-Rs of ‘Angel’. First of all we had Ferry Corsten proposing a nice deal and a free remix, but then I think the guys at Blackhole heard Tiësto playing the CD-R and the label sent us a better offer. It went on for a while until we could not refuse the mighty Blackhole because we got a free Magik Muzik remix and a good advance!

Do you have any other collaboration lined up? Maybe a follow-up Signum collaboration?
I was up for a Signum follow-up three years back but the BPM people wanted to sign me exclusively and I didn’t like that, so I didn’t sign. They TOLD Signum that we can’t do a follow-up until I was with them at BPM and proceeded to make a video without me (which was nice!). I think it’s their loss because we made some good tracks that sold very well and could have made more. I now co-produce with Mac Zimms as Mac & Mac and we’re also doing a Seraque feat. Scott Mac.

How do you think your music has changed since the ‘Coming On Strong’ collaboration to today?
Productions got better and it’s much more important for me to push my own tracks.

And what about the scene? How has that changed in your eyes?
It’s constantly changing with the times. You have just got to change your style for the better and not the worst.

You’ve been ultra-busy with remixes recently. Are there any more lined-up in the near future?
Dejure ‘Sanctuary’ [Nebula] and another track on Bulletproof.

Which of the remixes are you most pleased with?
Dejure because I got to do two mixes – one under our De Progression alias and one as DJ Cams. I likes the Cams stuff as I can just flip the cap round and go all out hard funkin’!

How’s DJing going at the moment?
Unbelievably good at the moment. Have got a good management company (owned by Paul Masterson) going it for me now and they have great contacts.

Where are your residencies right now?
Holland @ ThePowerZone.nl – a massive club that’s owned by my good friend and is leading the way over there!

Are you getting a lot more requests from club promoters now more and more of your productions and remixes are reaching the UK?
I have a lot of dates in the clubs, including Slinky / Freefalling / Riot / Progress / Peach and The Temple Theatre in Ireland.

What are your top ten tracks right now?
1. Dejure – Sanctuary (Scott Mac vs. DJ Cams Hardfunkin’ mix) [Nebula]
2. Jan Johnston – Calling Your Name (remix) [Platipus]
3. Damager – 01 [Limit]
4. Cloak and Dagger – The Boat [Multiply]
5. Jelle Faber – 01 [Dutch test]
6. Dumonde – God Music [Bulletproof]
7. Drax & Scott Mac – Angel (Three Drives dub mix and De Progression remix) [Blackhole UK]
8. Nitromethane – Time To Die (Seraque remix) [Impetuous]
9. De Progression vs. AJ Gibson – Twilight [ATCR]
10. Moby – Sunday [Mute]

What have been some of the most memorable gigs over the last year or so?
My residency is great! Every time I play for a minimum of five-hours with a guest. We did a Positiva party and rammed it all night, 5000+.

Where do you hope DJing takes you in 2003?
As far as the eye can see, and then some more.

Why did you decide upon the name, Limit?
We just like the thought of the amp turned all the way up!

What is the music policy for Limit?

Where can producers send their demo tracks?
4-7 Vineyard,
SE1 1QL.

Your own Limit track ‘Damager 01 / Shake N Drum’ is set to be unleashed in the coming months. What was the inspiration behind this one?
We just have loads of track on our hard-drive because we are always bounding ideas of each other in the studio. I have a couple of other producers who are signed to my publishing company, Monnowmusic. We came up with the first Damager after a few hours, doing a remix for Direction Records. We decided we wanted to take the hardness of the remix and make our own track, so we did. Watch out for Damager 02 and Livewire on Limit 002.

And what van listeners expect in the future from Limit?
More Damager’s and an increased amount of hard, high-tec funk!

Many thanks to Gareth and of course Scott! Cheers fellas!

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