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Sunday 17th, February 2002
Satoshi Tomiie

Satoshi Tomiie talks about the recent Asian Tour, some new remixes, upcoming collaborations and more, in this interview with Trance.nu. Enjoy.

What inspired you to get into the scene?
New music from the all over the world!

What have you been up to lately?
Just finished the Asian tour. It has been great, especially in Tokyo where I came from. Zouk in Singapore, Gene in Hong Kong, Texound in Taipei and Sublimation in Tokyo. It was excellent tour. In the studio, I just finished new Kosheen 'Hungry'. Came out dope, I think! As an original production, I am working on a track with Tarrentella & Redanka under the name of Graffik. Next week Scott & Chris from Lexicon Avenue will be in NY and working on a track as well. Getting ready for Miami!

Progressive music has been very much in the spotlight this year. How does it feel to be a part of that? and how do you think the sound will develop in 2002?
Well, I believe I have been playing and producing house music for the last 16 years and as far as my attitude to this music goes, it's progressive, but I just don't like my music called 'progressive' as style. And the sound of 2002? Wait, let me find my crystal ball.....hmmmm....I think I misplaced it.

What are your plans for 2002? Are there any plans for a follow up to Full Lick? and the single Virus?
Maybe. You will see!

There has been talk that you'll be mixing the next installment of the Global Underground Nu Breed series. Can you shed some light on these rumours?

What are some of the biggest records in your record box at the moment?
KID VICIOUS "Contagious" [Lemon 8] (Tsunami)
LITTLE GREEN MEN "Need" [Satoshi Tomiie Main-Path] (Forensic)
SINEAD O'CONNOR "Troy" [John Creamer & Stephane K.] (CDR)
WEEKEND PLAYER "Into the Sun" [Chab Remix] (Multiply)
MOONCAT "Strong" (Low Pressing)

AD FINEM "If You Fall" [M.A.S Collective Dub] (Azuli) <Br>TIMO MAAS "To Get Down" [Timo's Dub Mix] (White)
MIKE G "Bellslut" (Dorigen) WEEKEND WORLD "Round and Round" (Weekend World)

Which country is your favorite for DJing? and what's your favorite club in the world? Shindig in Newcastle, UK
Blister @ Filter 14 in New York
Clubland @ Pacha in Buenos Aires
Yellow in Tokyo
The list goes on and on.

Are there any tours planned in the upcoming weeks?
Yep, always!! Check out my website <a href=http://www.satoshitomiie.com/ target=blank>http://www.satoshitomiie.com/</a> and the tour schedule is updated frequently. You can also check my schedule at <a href=http://www.defmix.com/ target=blank>http://www.defmix.com/</a>.

Many thanks to Satoshi, and Dennis @ DefMix for arranging this interview.

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