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Monday 06th, November 2006
Ronald Van Gelderen (2006)

Music has always been the biggest passion in Ronald Van Gelderen's life. In the Harbour City Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Ronald had toyed around with the idea of producing music while studying to become a technical engineer. However it all started at the age of 14 while listening to the famous Dutch radio show "Soul Show" he cut and paste the music and played it himself with his dad's turn tables and cassette player. Shortly after, showing his rebellious streak from an early age, he started his own pirate radio show. After he got caught, he started his own Drive Inn show. This became such a great success, that he was touring mostly every weekend to school parties, weddings and kid's celebrations. Together with a friend he started a Hip Hop band called "Dutch Mob" where he scratched and wrote the lyrics. In 1997 he took the plunge and started making music full time, releasing his first track in 1998, ‘My X-Perience’ under the alias Formologic on Flammable Records. His follow up was ‘Sweet Substance’ under the alias N-Fluence was quickly signed up by Paul Oakenfold´s label Perfecto. After this release Ronald his stature grew in the Trance scene, allowing him to start producing full-time in 1999 and forming a tough yet melodic sound for himself. He signed to the label Tsunami, releasing a string of big hits under both his name and the alias Kid Vicious, including the massive ‘Proceed’ which was played eight weeks in a row on Judge Jules BBC Radio 1 show. He also produced together with DJ Tiësto the tracks ‘Urban Train’ and ‘Suburban Train’ that entered the UK single chart at #22 and are regarded by many trance fans to be amongst the greatest trance records of all-time. In 2004, after six years at Tsunami he moved onto ID-T Records/Be Yourself Music releasing the huge ‘Cold Storage’ that began to reveal a more confident sound. This was followed by ‘F!lth’ and high profile remixes for the likes of Dogzilla. This year has given him even more success in the production field. A team-up with Benno De Goej from Rank 1 has worked wonders, resulting in a more mature, edgier sound characterised by Ronald’s unique vocal talents yet still retaining the same energy. This is shown in his recent releases 'This Way' (which featured a massive Rank 1 remix) and the awesome 'Realize' as well as brilliant remixes such as Richard Durand - Slipping Away. Also as a DJ his profile has steadily grown, playing events such as Trance Energy and being asked to mix the compilation for the event. His explosive energy and charisma, to go with his unique look, make him one of the most in-demand DJs and remixers of the moment. Here we get a chance to meet the man behind the mascara and discover he’s every bit as filthy as you’d imagine… read on! WARNING: Contains strong language!

t.nu: Hey Ronald, thanks for doing this interview with trance.nu. How are things with you?

RvG: I’m doing fine thanks. Very busy I must say. A lot of gigs, flying all over the globe, also working my ass off on the RvG album and the follow up for ‘Realize’. And of course my radio show R.A.W. that I’m doing weekly on ETN FM and After Hours FM.

t.nu: Firstly, describe to us your new look. You seem to have gone all punk rock on us! What has made you go for this image?

RvG: Well, it’s not like I woke up in the morning one day and thought, “let’s go punk from now on”. It’s just something that slowly grew on me. Most people consider it being a freak or being weird or something. For me it’s just what I stand for. Fuck it! It’s all about rock&roll to me. I don’t see myself as a “trance DJ” because I’m not. I play tracks that I think are wicked. Someone just said to me recently that my sound was best to be described as “Techlectic with an energetic rock influence”. I think that is the best way to describe it actually. Tracks that fit into the energy of the set is what I want to give to the crowd. It’s that little devil that pops out of a box as soon as I start the first track of my set.

t.nu: When did you start producing dance music and who were your early influences?

RvG: I started producing in 1997, already experimenting with different kind of styles. If you look at ‘Pants Down Spanking’ (Kid Vicious) Or ‘Proceed’, both are two completely different tracks. That is what I always try to achieve. Being different. Doing what other people don’t do. I just hate the narrow minded thinking of some people. If you look at those young producers these days. Copying each other. Saying that trance is everything for them and that they will never produce something else. I think that is so wrong. Experimenting means development. If you look at guys like Fatboy Slim or Marco V they are always trying something else, but still keeping the same amount of energy.

t.nu: Your production is going from strength to strength. What was it like having such a big hit early on with ‘Proceed’?

RvG: Well, Of course it felt good. It means that people appreciate the stuff that you produce. Things you create, from your own way of thinking. But for the record: I do not produce for other people, I produce for myself. Tracks like 'Proceed', 'F!LTH' and 'Cold Storage' were made in a different moment of my life. I felt like making big sounding massive anthem tracks. For me that is a phase I went through. Now, looking at ‘This Way’ and my latest single ‘Realize’ I feel I’m still developing and following that path that I want to be on.

t.nu: This new vocal lead sound in your latest releases, 'This Way' and ' Realize' is moving away from your big-riff sounds of previous productions. Is this the way your sound is heading?

RvG: Well... like I said before, it's all about development. The main thing for me is that people will not put a mark on me with a certain style of music! I'm not moving away from anything but just trying to develop my sound. But what I do feel is that the sound and vibe of ‘Realize’ and ‘This Way’ for example, are giving me a certain feeling like… yes… this is the right road that I'm on. In the end, I have to be happy with the music that I produce and play. It has to come from the heart. Of course I'm very pleased that the crowd loves it too. But the main thing for me is that I produce and play stuff that feels right for me. Using my own vocals and lyrics in tracks feels good at this moment so I think there will be more tracks like that, but in a different way of course.

t.nu: Your vocals are very effective. When did you first realise your singing ability?

RvG: Like I said before, I like to keep on developing. Using my own vocals is also a part of that. I also write the lyrics myself because I think you can express yourself better if you use the emotions that are in the lyrics while you sing it. Some people ask me why the lyrics are so deep and dirty. Well, that’s just me… hehe… I just hate “the sky is blue and I love you” crap in a track. It has to be pure. I just write how I feel at that specific moment. When my father passed away I wrote this track called ‘Embrace Me’ if you listen to it, you can feel all the emotions a person goes through at times like that.

t.nu: You were part of one of the biggest Trance records of recent years, ‘Suburban Train’, which also came quite early on in your career. What was it like working with Tiësto and are there and plans to do it again?

RvG: Pfff… weird how that question always comes back to me. Haha… well. ‘Suburban Train’ is a great track in my opinion. But the story behind it looks bigger sometimes than the track. It was nice to work with Tijs. He is a great guy and the man knows what he wants. That is also the reason why he is where he is today. I know there’s a lot of bullshit stories about this track. But the main thing is lots of people still love it, and call it a classic these days. That is what counts in my opinion. Fuck the whole gossip around it.

t.nu: You inject so much power and energy into your tracks. How do you achieve this and what sort of set-up do you have in the studio?

RvG: I don’t know actually. I work with Benno (de Goeij) a lot lately and there is just this chemistry between us. We sometimes say only a few words in the studio during the whole day, but end up creating a great track. We both know exactly what we are looking for in a new production. The energy just evolves naturally. It’s what I need in a track. It has to be full of energy. I don’t care if it’s house, breaks, or some techy stuff, as long as it has the energy. We use two studios and yes… we use software but also still the hardware.

t.nu: Which is a personal favourite of your productions?

RvG: That would be ‘Embrace Me’, again something completely different from what I have done before. It has not been released yet, but it will be in 2007.

t.nu: Tell us what upcoming releases you have planned plus any more info on your album?

RvG: ‘Realize’ will be released at the end of this month. And the follow up is almost ready. There are a lot of tracks finished for the album as well, so yes, I think 2007 will see RvG’s first artist album.

t.nu: Would you collaborate again on a track with anyone, or do you prefer producing alone? If so, who would be your dream collaborator?

RvG: I work with Benno on a lot of tracks and producing with him is a lot of fun. Just like me, he knows what he wants and what he stands for. Quality music!

t.nu: Which producers do you admire at the moment?

RvG: Liam Howlett (The Prodigy) of course… and myself haha!! Hell yeah!!

t.nu: Are there any plans to bring back the Kid Vicious alias?

RvG: The last I heard was that he is retiring on an island in the pacific somewhere with his eight wives. I doubt he is coming back. But you never know…

t.nu: How is your DJing career going and what have been the highlights so far?

RvG: DJ wise my career is going great! Flying all over the globe visiting different countries. I still love every minute of it! The highlights for me this year were: Amnesia in Ibiza, Summercity Poland, Dance Valley Netherlands and Illusion’s 18 year anniversary in Belgium. For me actually every gig is a highlight!

t.nu: What can we expect to hear from a RvG set?

RvG: 100 % Rock & Roll baby!!!!!

t.nu: Finally, away from dance music do you find time and what to you like to do to relax?

RvG: Sex…

t.nu: Haha! Fair enough. Many thanks for doing this interview with trance.nu and keep up the excellent work!

RvG: You too mate! And remember… keep it R.A.W.

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