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Sunday 25th, September 2005
Ronald van Gelderen (2005)

Playing all around the world makes him one of the most fastest upcoming DJ's of this moment. Countries like UK, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Swiss, Greece, Germany, Poland, Israel, Canada, Spain, USA and many more are already known with this professional entertainer. Ronald’s latest release “F!lth” made people realise that he’s one of the pioneers in the Dance Music scene of this moment.

Trance.nu: The new Ronald van Gelderen track ‘F!lth’ is going to be released very soon at the ‘High Contrast’ label. You play the track yourself already for a while in your DJ-sets. How are the reactions on this one so far?
Ronald van Gelderen: Good! When I play it in my sets the reactions are awesome. I also got positive reactions from the big names in the scene, like Paul van Dyk, Tiësto and Armin van Buuren. Judge Jules also played it at BBC Radio 1. The audience seems to love it, which is cool of course!

Trance.nu: Are there also plans to release remixes of ‘F!lth’ in the future?
Ronald van Gelderen: At the moment there’s only one remix of the track, which will be on the B-side of the vinyl. It’s the ‘Broken Beats Cut-up’, which I did myself. It’s a more of a break beat styled remix, just like I did with my last track ‘Cold Storage’. The most people describe it as a mixture of Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy with some influences of myself, so that’s a good compliment to hear. But furthermore there are no yet plans to let other people remix the track.

Trance.nu: In the past you released tracks like ‘Proceed’, ‘Sustain’, ‘Crying Out’, ‘Cold Storage’ etc. Are there already plans to release a Ronald van Gelderen artist album in the future?
Ronald van Gelderen: Yes, there are plans for sure! In the past my tracks came out on the Tsunami label. During that time there were already plans for an album, but since a few months I’m releasing my stuff at ‘Be Yourself Music’, the record company from Dick de Groot. And yes, at the moment we have plans again to release a Ronald van Gelderen artist album in the future. But I don’t want to do it very quickly just to release an album. I want to take my time, so I can be 100% satisfied by the result. I think that both ‘Cold Storage’ and ‘F!lth’ are good tracks, but I also want to have other and more different things on the album.

Trance.nu: Are you already busy to make a follow up for ‘F!lth’?
Ronald van Gelderen: Well… that one is already finished to be honest! Haha! I finished the track last week. I even don’t have a title for it! The under layer is definitely in the same style as ‘Cold Storage’ and ‘F!lth’, but for the rest it’s a totally different track and I think that the people will be surprised when they will hear it! Like I just said, it’s recently finished, so no one else besides me has it yet and I also did not played it in my sets yet.

Trance.nu: But I assume that you are going to try it out pretty soon in your sets?
Ronald van Gelderen: Haha, of course! Next week I’m going to Zouk in Kuala Lumpur and then I’m going to play it for sure! I’m very curious how the crowd will react!

Trance.nu: In the past you did some mix compilations like Tsunami Two and in 2004 you did the Impulz CD for UDC. Can we expect new mix compilations made by you in the future?
Ronald van Gelderen: At the moment there are no plans for a new mix compilation. But it is something that I really would like to do, also because it’s a perfect way for me to show what people can expect in my DJ sets. But for now, I’m too busy with other projects, like a brand new project with Benno de Goeij (Rank 1 / Kamaya Painters), which we are very busy with at the moment. Besides that, I’m still doing my own Ronald van Gelderen productions and of course I play a lot around the world… So I would love to do it, but there is no time for me to do it very soon…

Trance.nu: How would you describe your own sound?
Ronald van Gelderen: If I have to describe the stuff that I’m doing nowadays with Benno, it’s very various… In the past I could say “it’s a bit techy” or “it’s uplifting trance” , but nowadays I’m doing a lot of different stuff. The project with Benno de Goeij is a non-dance project, with some very pumping tracks, but also very relaxed music, so… really very various! But I all like it a lot myself!

Trance.nu: Is there a music style that you like to produce most or do you like to try different sounds and styles?
Ronald van Gelderen: The music style that I like to produce most is…. Hmmm… tricky question! Haha! Well, for example ‘F!lth’ I made with a lot of pleasure because it’s a raw, dirty, nasty track and everybody on the floor seems to love it. But on the other hand, the tracks that I’m busy with at the moment are just pure beauties… I just love to make music, so there’s not just one style that I like to produce the most.

Trance.nu: Are there music styles that you never produced before, but that you maybe would like to try out?
Ronald van Gelderen: Well, at the moment I am actually busy together with Benno de Goeij to produce such music styles and that feels great. Of course I would love to make a track in a style like U2’s style for example, but that is something you can’t do very easily and I think everybody would love to make a track like that! Haha! If I would love to make a certain style, I’m just going to try it, so at the moment there are no styles that I would like to produce to be honest.

Trance.nu: You just told us about your new project together with Rank 1’s Benno de Goeij. What can we expect exactly from that project?
Ronald van Gelderen: I have to be very careful with what I’m going to say, but… I’m sure it’s going to be a big surprise and it’s something that I’ve never did before. So you can not compare it to something that Benno and I produced before… It’s way different! Benno de Goeij is a very talented producer.In my opinion, he’s a real musical genius, so for me it’s absolutely great to work together with him. We started 2 months ago and we already finished a few things which are so cool… It’s very hard to describe, but it’s very various and we also make not only one style, so it’s very different!

Trance.nu: What do you consider to be your own best production?
Ronald van Gelderen: That’s a hard one… I’m happy with all of my productions. ‘F!lth’ is one of my latest productions that was finished, so that one does get a lot of attention and good reactions. So I’m very happy with that one. I think that I keep growing and that I’m still busy with evolving my sounds and my music, so I think that my productions are getting better each time. At the moment I’m the most proud on a track that I recently finished with Benno and I’m very, very happy with that one… But it’s a bit difficult, because people can not hear this one yet, haha! But I’m sure that after the release people will know what I mean! Most of the times I do find my latest production the best one…

Trance.nu: In the past you made a few vocal tracks with people like Saskia Lie-Atjam and you did the vocals on your own track ‘Crying Out’. Are there any vocalists you would like to work with for a track?
Ronald van Gelderen: Yes, I would love to work on a vocal track with Sarah Bettens of K’s Choice. And for the rest with… well, it’s almost impossible, but a track with Sade would be really cool in my opinion. U2’s Bono is also on my wish list, but that’s also impossible I guess, haha! But Sarah Bettens and Sade would be great for sure!

Trance.nu: What kind of equipment do you use in your studio?
Ronald van Gelderen: In my own studio I have a combination of hard- and software, which is now 50/50 I think. I have to admit that I’m using software more and more nowadays… I think that one of the reasons is that I work a lot now in the studio with somebody else and he’s using a lot of software. I saw such amazing things with software, so I had something like: why using hardware while you can do the same things (or even more!) with software. I don’t want to be negative at all about hardware, but if people would say to me know “hardware sounds way better as software”, than I would say that it’s not true… Software can sound great, but it’s the way you are doing things with it and creating the sounds. So for myself I think that I’m going to use software more in the future, but at the moment it’s still a bit of both…

Trance.nu: That was also my next question: What is your personal choice: software or hardware?
Ronald van Gelderen: In the past hardware but now definitely software. The packages you can buy are simply great. Of course it’s nice if you can switch some knobs etc. but on the other hand hardware stuff takes a lot of space too and my studio is almost full already, so if you can buy a software package that sounds exactly the same, the choice isn’t very hard for me…

Trance.nu: Can we expect some new Ronald van Gelderen remixes soon?
Ronald van Gelderen: Yes, but the first one is a bit difficult for Europe. I’m talking about a remix that I recently finished for an Asian artist called Wu Bai for Avex Asia. You can compare Wu Bai with an artist like Robbie Williams for example. I remixed his track ‘Smat’ of the album ‘Two Face Man’. And at the moment I’m busy with remixing Dogzilla’s ‘Without You’. I’m a bit careful with doing remixes… In the past I did a lot more remixes. So far now I’d rather do 1 remix a year as 20. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to do a remix, but on the other hand, every time you make a remix you give away a bit of your own creativity to another artist. It’s not the first time that a track is released and after it’s getting remixed, it gets very big. So in my opinion you give away something of your own creativity to a product that’s not really yours… So that makes it difficult for me sometimes. But sometimes you’ll get remix requests for tracks which are great, so you can’t say no to that!

Trance.nu: How long do you work on a track or on a remix?
Ronald van Gelderen: A remix is most of the time finished really quick. You have all the parts and you have to produce it in your own style, so that can be done pretty fast sometimes. And with a track, it can be 3 days, but also 3 weeks. At the moment I see too many releases of which I think “Hmmm… here we have another one”, so for myself I want to know for 100% that I like it and that I think that it has a phat sound etc. Sometimes when I finish a track, I listen to it again the week after and then I think “maybe I should change this or that”, so sometimes it’s finished really fast and sometimes not.

Trance.nu: And ow long did you work on ‘F!lth’ for example?
Ronald van Gelderen: I worked on ‘F!lth’ for 2, almost 3 weeks.

Trance.nu: Next to your production and remix work, you are also active as a DJ. This summer you played also at the Dance Valley festival for example. How was that?
Ronald van Gelderen: Wet! I can’t say anything else about it, it was very wet, haha! I had the luck that I played on Friday in the Eurogrooves area, which was inside. Some open stages were closed because of the bad weather. It was very sad for the people who had to play outside in the rain, since there was no audience for them at all… The Eurogrooves area was an inside area, which was really packed! So you can imagine that it was great and very nice to spin there. For me it was my first Dance Valley and this is another nice gig on the list! I hope to play there again next year, but than with better weather!

Trance.nu: What is your best memory till now with DJ-ing?
Ronald van Gelderen: Hmmm…. That’s a very difficult question… I think I have a few highlights, like Australia, which is always great! I’ve been there 3 times now and I probably go again later this year. The country is absolutely wonderful and the people are great too. Japan is also on the list, but to be honest, every gig is something special for me, but the best memory ever…. That’s very difficult! I can say Taiwan, Japan, Australia or something else, but I can not choose the ultimate highlight to be honest.

Trance.nu: Okay, another question then: What was your worst memory with DJ-ing?
Ronald van Gelderen: Well, I have a good bookings office who knows what is good and what’s not, so I can not complain about that at all. But there are some gigs where you really expect a lot and then they are a bit boring, but other gigs who are just “normal” can turn out to be wicked parties! So I try to enjoy every second of my gigs! Playing music is just great, it’s just travelling that can be boring sometimes… Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to fly around the globe, but sometimes you have to travel 15 hours to your destination, play for 2 hours and then travel back again for 15 hours. That is really tough sometimes, but if the party is good, I’m not complaining! But I don’t have any bad experiences with DJ-ing.

Trance.nu: What kind of style can people expect when they go to a Ronald van Gelderen gig?
Ronald van Gelderen: People can expect a various set. This is because I can play tracks from Deep Dish in the beginning of my set, but I also play break tracks sometimes. I played a break track at Dance Valley as a starter too. Most people think that I’m a trance DJ, but that’s a name that I really would like to get rid off. I play so many other styles besides trance, so ‘trance DJ’, is just a wrong name for me. So what people can expect is a various set with different styles.

Trance.nu: Where can we expect you to play in the near future?
Ronald van Gelderen: Next week I’m going to Zouk, Kuala Lumpur, I hope to go to Australia again later this year and on October 22 I play in the Matrixx together with Jochen Miller and Marcel Woods for example. And last but not least, I have a gig in Escape Amsterdam together with Paul van Dyk and Ferry Corsten for the Amsterdam Dance Event on Friday October 28. I’m really looking forward to that one!

Trance.nu: At the moment people can vote for the DJ Mag Top 100. Last year you entered the list at number 99. What do you expect for 2005?
Ronald van Gelderen: Well, I don’t expect anything at all. I hope that I will go higher in the list, I mean, I’m at 99 now so if I’m going down I only have one spot left, haha! I think that my bookings office and myself really have done our best the past year. I played at a lot of different gigs and for the rest I tried to bring out some new releases. You can’t do anything at all about it! Of course I hope that people will vote for me, but it’s very difficult since the big audience only knows names like Tiësto, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten etc. It’s just because they are the big names, but there are so many other good DJ’s that deserve some recognition. Each year again when the voting starts, you see people in the business getting nervous, haha! I’m not going to say that it doesn’t do anything at all to me, of course I hope I will get higher in the list, but I can’t do more than my best.

Trance.nu: Who are your own favourite DJ’s?
Ronald van Gelderen: My favourite DJ is absolutely Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim). At the moment he’s somewhere around the number 50 position in the DJ Mag Top 100, but he’s just amazing. For example, he gave a party at Brighton Beach and there came around 500.000 people to see him! Then you are just a hero, haha! And for the rest I like Carl Cox, he’s a DJ now for over 25 years and I really have respect for him. For the rest there are a lot of other good DJ’s, but those 2 are my favourites for sure.

Trance.nu: What are your 5 favourite records of this moment?
Ronald van Gelderen:This is my Top 5 for now:
1. Dogzilla - Without You
2. Ronald van Gelderen - F!lth
3. The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
4. Coldplay - Speed Of Sound (Ronald van Gelderen Bootleg Remix)
5. Coldplay - Fix You (no dance, but I don’t care wink

Trance.nu: What kind of music do you like to listen too when you are not busy with producing or playing music?
Ronald van Gelderen: Then I like to listen to stuff like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Hip Hop, Norah Jones, Sade, Coldplay, K’s Choice and music like that. But no dance related music.

Trance.nu: What can we expect from you in the near future?
Ronald van Gelderen: I hope a lot! Of course a lot of new productions. Like I said the follow up for ‘F!lth’ is already finished. It’s always a bit stupid to say “I can’t tell you much about it yet”, but it’s the truth, haha! We have a lot of nice things in the pipeline, so I think that 2006 is going to be a very interesting year, so I think there will happen a lot in 2006!

Trance.nu: Thank you very much for your time and good luck in the future!
Ronald van Gelderen: Thank you too!

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