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Saturday 22nd, March 2003
Ronald Van Gelderen

27 year old Ronald van Gelderen was born and bred in the Dutch harbour city of Rotterdam. Having made some fantastic remixes for the likes of Libra (BT), Dream (Japan)and Ferry Corsten to name a few, and of course some of his own fine productions like "Proceed" and "Contagious" Trance.nu's Helen catches up with Ronald for a few questions...

'Fast Facts'

Name: Ronald van Gelderen
Aliases: Formologic, N-FLUENCE, Electrobics, Van Gelderen, Kid Vicious
Age: 27
Website: <a href="http://www.Ronaldvangelderen.com">http://www.Ronaldvangelderen.com</a>
Nationality: Dutch
Favorite food: Japanese
Favorite drink: Vodka orange
Favorite movie: The bourne identity
Pets / Animals: Little doggie

Q: First of all..Wehave heard you've been goin thru a name change since your last record "PROCEED" Why the name change?
A: I've been workin under the name Kid Vicious for some time now and ive decided to start using my own name for my future projects, because i want to establish myself as an artist under my own name.

Q: What inspired you to first get into the electronic music scene?
A: when i heard electronic music for the first time i was already interested in it and wondering how they made stuff like that.After i met Ferry Corsten who was already producing
electronic dance music, i started buying equipment and slowly started producing as well...

Q:What are some of your most precious 12" records ?
A: Grandmaster flash "The message" and Silver Bullet "Twenty seconds to comply"

Q: In 5 words or less, describe your 'sound'?
A: Uplifting trance with a techno or progressive feel in it!

Q: Which DJs do you admire and look up to?

A: Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) Carl Cox..(That man is full of energy)

Q: What are your views on the future progresion of electronic dance music.
A: I think electronic music will always be here but it will have a lot of changes thru the years...You can already see that the styles of music now are already splittin up in different types...

Q: ...Personal highlights of 2002. Favourite gigs, standout tracks?
A: Favorite gigs...Code in Tokyo, Glow in Washington, NYE in Vancouver, Mayan in L.A. And my first time in God'skitchen in the U.K. was
a great experience!!!Standout tracks for me...EON ""Pocket Damage" DB Boulevard "Point of view" (Lange mix) Ayu "M" (Above and Beyond mix)

Q: Any exciting projects on the way for 2003? and Will you be working on an artist album in the near future?
A: I can't say too much but there are some great projects on the way...some great collaborations..And the follow up for PROCEED
which is already finished is coming soon!I will also continue makin some deeper stuff like CONTAGIOUS and that follow up is being released very soon.I'm also starting on my first artist album this year...

Q: How do you balance the demanding nature of djing/producing/touring with your personal life?
A: Well....i don't wink No seriously...I try to balance that but sometimes it's very difficult...But i love djing, producing,and touring and would love to do that as long as i can...And i get great support from the people around me so that makes it easier to find the balance...

Q: Out of all of your mixes and productions which are you most proud of?
A: My Kid Vicous remix for PUNK!!! and i just finished a remix for the new Rapid Eye which i'm very happy with...

Q: What are your thoughts on Mp3's, for or against?
A: 50/50 good and bad...Because of the fact that music goes all over the world via MP3 it makes it possible fo people all over the world to listen to the music we produce...on the other hand if you look at Bonzai records and the rest of the music industry how it's doin now, it realy makes me angry and sad that this whole MP3 thing is destroying the market!!!

Q: Speaking of technology.....Will you ever be utilising the technology of digital mixing in the near future (such as 'final scratch;)..or will you stick to your 12"'s
A: I've seen that vinyl scratch but it's not realy my thing...But i have to say that i'm playin with cd's more and more now, but i realy like to play my tracks from 12" because that piece of vinyl still does it for me...

Q: You already released a 'mix cd' ..('Tsunami Two') in the past...Will you release another mix CD in future?
A: Big chance i will..Yes..But i'm so busy working on my productions and remixes now that i think it will take a while before i do another one...

Q: Aside from music, what do you do when you have spare time?
A: Sitting at home watching a movie...Go out for diner...Spending time with the people i don't see that much...But most of all...Relaxin'!

Q: Is there any exotic location that you havent played at...yet....that you would love to spin at?
A: Uuuhmm....Hugh Heffner's Mansion...hehe..

Q: ..Any artist or group that you havnt had the chance to work with, but would love to work with in the future?
A: Liam Howlett (Prodigy)..Fatboy Slim..Sting..

Q: What are 5 tracks that are hitting the spot for you at the moment?
1. Ferry Corsten - Indigo
2. GTR - Mistral
3. Ronald van Gelderen - PROCEED
4. Oliver Lieb - Presents Smoked (Eric Prydz Mix)
5. Aly & Fila - Eye of Horus (ronski speed mix)

Q:...Any final words for your fans at http://www.trance.nu ?
A: Thanks for the great support that you guys have been giving me in the last year and i hope to see you soon...wherever, whenever...

5 "Quickies"

Amsterdam or Berlin?

Soccer (football) or Rugby?

Blondes or Brunettes?
Is this a trick question? ..

Large Festivals or Intimate clubs?

Beer or Vodka?

Trance.nu would like to thank Ronald for his time! wink

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