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Tuesday 08th, June 2004
Ronald van Gelderen

Dutch DJ, producer and remixer Ronald van Gelderen is known from releases like 'Proceed', 'Sustain', 'Contagious' etc. He did projects like N-Fluence, Formalogic, Kid Vicious and Electrobic. Furthermore he remixed tracks from acts like Ferry Corsten, Veracocha, Lasgo, Birgit, Rapid Eye and Libra. His brand new track 'Crying Out' contains vocals that are done by Ronald himself! Reasons enough to have a detailed interview with the friendly Dutchman.

T.NU: On the phone mr. Ronald van Gelderen. His new single “Crying Out” will be released very soon. Ronald, how are the reactions on this track?
RVG: Reactions are pretty good. Lots of people are surprised, because they are starting to find out that I did the vocals myself. A bit mixed reactions, though no negative ones, of people who come to me who are amazed that I do these things also. But its actually the first time I did this.

T.NU: Actually our second question was about the vocals in “Crying Out” which you have sang yourself. How did you get the idea to sing them yourself instead of having a singer do that for you?
RVG: Actually I was working with Saskia Lia-Atjam - who did “Cry” for Ferry Corsten’s System F and my own “Contagious” - writing the lyrics and see if they’d fit the track. But at that point I wanted to make clear that I really wanted this kind of feeling in the song, so I tried to sing that myself. And then the idea arised why not do it myself. That was kind of surprising, cause I’ve never done something like this before, but I tried.

T.NU: Is there a chance that you will perform this track live, singing it live on stage, or will you stay with singing on a record?
RVG: Actually that is the most-asked-question these days about that release. I never say never, maybe sometime when the time is right I might do it.

T.NU: Can we expect special remixes on “Crying Out”?
RVG: The remix on this release will be the “F. Massif” remix, who you might know from “Understatement” and “Somebody”. Its become a pretty deep, somewhat harder mix. There are no real ideas for other remixes in the future.

T.NU: Are there plans to release an album with the tracks “Look Who’s Talking”, “Proceed”, “Sustain” and “Crying out”?
RVG: Well “Look Who’s Talking” was actually related to the “Electrobics” project. But I am planning and working towards an album at the moment. With indeed the tracks “Proceed”, “Sustain” and “Crying Out”. Furthermore I am working on other things, for instance I’ve created a few breaks-tracks, and some downtempo-tracks moreover to “Café-del-mar”. Im gathering the tracks right now, to see if I can actually finish an album.

T.NU: “Crying Out” was released as “Ronald van Gelderen”. Are you planning any other tracks for your other projects like “N-Fluence” and “Formalogic”?
RVG: No, I’ve actually left these projects behind me. At some point you will enter a new period in time, and then you are making decisions to begin new projects. Nowadays I’m focussing on the whole “Ronald van Gelderen” project, because I’m spinning and I’m doing remixes. The follow-up to “Crying Out” has been finished, and I’m only spinning it myself exclusively. All in all very interesting things going on.

T.NU: Is that follow-up also a vocal track?
RVG: No, its not a vocal track.

T.NU: When did you start producing music? And what was your first release?
RVG: That was back in 1997. My first release was “Formalogic - My Experience”.

T.NU: Who was your biggest inspiration at that time?
RVG: A big inspiration for me at that time were people like Vincent de Moor and Ferry Corsten. Ferry and I know eachother for so long, and with him I’ve gained a lot of inspiration and interest to produce music myself. Furthermore for creativity I’ve always liked listening to Liam Howlett from “The Prodigy”, also the reason I want to produce more breaks nowadays. Next to that I really think “BT” is a big inspiration, serious props to him for that.

T.NU: Is there a favourite music style that you like to produce? Trance, techno, progressive, electro…?
RVG: I really like to produce various things. I really care about the product itself and its quality. But I don’t really mind what I produce. I am a producer afterall, but I don’t like to be put in a category as ‘tranceproducer’ or whatever. I produce what I like myself at that moment.

T.NU: What is your favourite own production?
RVG: I’ve always liked “Electrobics - Indecisive” on Tsunami-Special blend. That record really has a deeper thought for me. I really liked that. A very fun record to make was “Pants Down Spanking” with Nick K. And “Re-Form” offcourse, my actual “real” release on Tsunami. Which actually did pretty good, and got remixed by Tiesto. From there the collaboration with Tijs on “Suburban Train” arised.

T.NU: Everybody keeps on wondering, whats the story about “Suburban Train”?
RVG: Actually very simple. Tijs did a remix for Re-Form, and was pretty inspired by it at that moment. And one day he called me saying he was working on a track which was pretty similar to “Re-Form”. He did his own style offcourse, but then asked me to visit him. And it ended up being pretty close to “Re-form” indeed. So we decided to collaborate on the production and ended up with “Suburban Train”.

T.NU: Do you have your favourite piece of equipment in the studio which would be the heart of the studio and your productions?
RVG: That would be the Clavia Nord Rack 3. That’s such a “raw” beast. You keep on hearing more about software and I have to admit I also use some Software these days, but I try to keep doing things hardware, to maintain the raw sound.

T.NU: Have you had any musical-training like music-school or piano lessons?
RVG: I’ve had piano lessons, for not such a long period. I think it was for 2 years or something. I must admit I cannot read music, I keep on doing music on-ears.

T.NU: That’s a thing you keep hearing more often, that producers cannot read music.
RVG: Exactly, I hear the same from the guys around me. If it feels good, it feels good. Sometimes you hear people say that would be technically impossible, but if I think its good, I’m satisfied.

T.NU: How long does it take you to produce a track?
RVG: It differs, they say the biggest hits were produced in a few hours. And actually I must say my biggest milestone production, which was “Proceed”, was produced in one day. Sometimes it takes a week, but never longer. It ranges between a few days and one week.

T.NU: Do you have any tips for beginning producers?
RVG: Yeah, for sure: Always keep on doing your own thing! That’s the most important thing. Do not watch other people too much, of course you can get inspiration from them, but try to keep on doing your own thing.

T.NU: For the Japanese “System F” album “Together” you coproduced “Devotion” with Ferry Corsten. Are you going to do more things together with Ferry in the future?
RVG: That would be the plan indeed, we’ve discussed this several times. We are very good friends, and people wonder when the next collaboration will be there. Ferry is so busy at the moment, and I myself am very busy too, so that would take some time before that actually happens.

T.NU: Are there any other producers, singers or artists, with which you would like to do a collaboration once?
RVG: I would love to do a track with “Sade”, she has a real good voice. And for male vocals maybe “Sting” or “Simon LeBon” from “Duran Duran”. And for producers, It would be awesome to be in the studio with “Liam Howlett” to produce some breaks.

T.NU: You are always accompanieing Ferry Corsten in his show “World Tour” on ID&T radio every first Saturday of the month. But we heard there are gonna be some changes soon. Can you explain what those would be?
RVG: We were thinking of having the show more than once a month, but because we are both so busy at the moment, we are still looking how we would fill that in.

T.NU: In the past you’ve done remixes for artists like “Rapid Eye”, “Lasgo”, “Birgit”, “Veracocha”, “Libra” and “Ferry Corsten”. Are there going to be some new Ronald van Gelderen remixes in the near future?
RVG: Actually not at this moment. I’ve turned down some requests, cause I want to focus on my own things. Remixes are very fun to do, but you put your creativity in the work of other people. Of course I really liked the fact I could do the remixes I’ve done in the past. For now I will keep at doing my Ronald van Gelderen thing.

T.NU: Next to producing and remixing you are also DJ-ing. When did you start spinning?
RVG: I started doing this “professionally” 4 years ago. I started spinning records at the age of 12 years, but that was Hiphop music. Old school like “Melly Mel” and “Grandmaster Flash”.

T.NU: This summer will be a busy time for you, since you will be having gigs at parties like “Strike One”, “Impulz Outdoor” and you will be accompanieing Ferry on gigs in Ibiza. Where can we expect you to spin in the near future?
RVG: That would be Spain, England, Canada. I’ll be doing a 2 week Australian tour after the summer. And I’ll be at parties like “Decibel Outdoor”, “Fast Forward Dance Parade”. Busy times!

T.NU: Is there a difference in which country you spin, for the crowd’s reaction?
RVG: Not really, If I see the crowd having fun, I’ll be having fun myself, I’ll be very happy. My first time in Australia was a real experience for me, It still is the other side of the world. And for England, I’ve been there more times before, and they say that would be the Mekka of dance music. The most special would be Japan, people almost litteraly break down a club.

T.NU: Do you really take a crowd’s reaction to decide what records you will spin?
RVG: Of course I do. As DJ you are not playing for yourself, you are playing for the people. If you are spinning after another DJ with another sound, it could be difficult sometimes. Either the crowd’s reaction is not very good or they will start partying immediately. So you know you are on the right track or you need to adjust a little bit.

T.NU: What’s the best party or best club you’ve ever been spinning at?
RVG: The best club would be Code in Japan. “Aria” in Canada was very cool and “Home” in Australia. In Holland that would be the “Matrixx” in Nijmegen and clubs like the “XL” in Amsterdam and the “Asta” in The Hague are very nice places.

T.NU: What are your favourite top 5 records at the moment?
RVG: “Ronald van Gelderen - Crying Out” a pretty favourite of mine right now of course, “Stef Vrolijk - Little Julia” on Sander Kleinenbergs label. The new Marco V record I really like: “Automanual”. Furthermore “Sweet Sorrow” of Ferry is really one of my favourites. Actually all the records I spin at the moment are favourites of mine.

T.NU: In 2002 you’ve mixed a mix-compilation called “Tsunami Two”. Are there plans on doing a new episode?
RVG: It would be the plan indeed, but we’re looking at when we could fix that and if the record company would like it. We’ve got so much ideas and plans, but not enough time to create them all. I wished there were 10 days in a week, too bad its not like that…

T.NU: What can we expect from you, Ronald van Gelderen, in the future?
RVG: A lot I hope! Certainly more productions. The follow up for “Crying Out”, which I am spinning only myself…I would like to do some collaborations with other people soon. I’m talking with Piet and Benno, the “Rank 1” guys, on doing a project together pretty soon. And I would like to start a breaks-project.

T.NU: Would you like to say something to the readers and visitors of Trance.nu?
RVG: Well I’m very thankfull for the support which is always there. I don’t have too much time to visit the site, but I think it’s one of the best websites out there, with the most recent news and items and in variety. Offcourse there are always points which are not too good…

T.NU: If there is critics, on for instance “Crying Out” or Ronald cannot sing or something like that…, do you take that very seriously?
RVG: No I don’t really have problems with people’s opinion, offcourse it’s a matter of taste and if someone doesn’t like the record, fine. What I do dislike though are the immature people who are reacting very childish on topics or seriously bring people to the ground in their comments. See, everybody has his own style and work their best for their productions. I pity that fact, it’s too bad for the few of those people who are ruining it for the others.

T.NU: Thanks for taking time to have this interview with us!
RVG: You’re welcome and thank you too!

Translation: Paul Moelands

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