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Saturday 20th, September 2003
Ron van den Beuken

Ron van den Beuken is the man who's behind projects like The Mystery, Nightvision, Shane, Floyd, Clokx, J&R Project and at this time he has a massive club hit with the track “Timeless”, that is released under his own name. Time for Trance.nu to visit Ron in his studio for an exclusive interview.

T.nu: Ron, as we speak you have a big clubhit with your track “Timeless”. Its being caned by the big lads such as Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk, Johan Gielen, Cosmic Gate and others. It’s the first time you release a track with your own name. Why did you choose to do so?
Ron: It came to discussion with my recordcompany, and we have done a few projects in the past, and they thought it would be time to use my real name. And so we did with the track “Timeless”.

T.nu: We heard that, next to the vinyl-release of “Timeless”, there will also be a CD. Are there any remixes or different versions scheduled to appear on the CD?
Ron: No, the first to be released CD Single will not feature any new versions. We’re also busy on doing vocals for it, and there will be a german remix of it.

T.nu: Can we ask who are up for the remix duties?
Ron: That’s the guys from Scooter. They are going to make a Ratty remix from the track.

T.nu: Are there plans for an album containing your own productions?
Ron: We are not even that far. Ive actually havent had any thoughts about it yet. We are just going to see what the CD-Single will do. We will see about that around the time its relevant!

T.nu: Next to the Ron van den Beuken-project you are also behind projects like: J&R Project, Nightvision, Shane, Floyd and The Mystery. Is there any new things from those projects in the pipeline for the near future?
Ron: We are working on the follow up to “Mystery”. Its going to be the fourth one. The new “Clockx” is coming up, we are only working on a B-track for it. Furthermore the new Floyd, the new Ron van den Beuken. They're all continuing (side-)projects.

T.nu: You work together with John van Dongen a lot. Do you each have an own studio, or does he come over to yours to co-produce?
Ron: If we cooperate, John comes over to my studio to work.

T.nu: Whats the role you two play when you are together in the studio?
I am the guy who does the keys. I’m responsible for melodies, sounds and loops. And John is more DJ-minded, he helps out arrangement-technically. His knowledge is usefull for the clubs and it works out fine.

T.nu: Are there any producers you admire? Or any you want to collaborate with some time?
Ron: Just like I said, the remix we’re expecting is from the guys behind “Scooter”. Those are the guys I admire a lot! I think its huge what they do, the quality they always produce. I’m very pleased that they are doing the remix. And offcourse the guys like Armin, Tiësto, Johan Gielen, those are really big players in the business. What they do, I take my hat off for them!

T.nu: Are there any vocalists you would like to cooperate with sometime?
Ron: Tough question! I think that it would be cool to work with Madonna as a vocalist.

T.nu: What sort of equipment do you use?
Ron: The digital Tascam-mixer, RME-Converter, a few samplers, a drummodule and lot of audio-use.

T.nu: You got your degree at conservatory, did you directly start producing after that?
Ron: I actually started pretty fast afterwards. John got me started, he once had an idea and wanted me to try it. And actually I rolled into dancemusic this way. In evening-hours im a conductor. I conduct orchestra’s and I arrange for them. It was actually my main-profession, but the dancemusic popped up and now it’s the way around.

T.nu: What other music do you listen to next to dance music?
Ron: Then I'm listening to classical music.

T.nu: Are you a DJ next to being a producer?
Ron: No I am not. I would love to be able to do it, I reckon it's wonderfull to stand infront of such a crowd seeing them going wild on the music. I am not skilled at all, but who knows what the future brings...

T.nu: Next to producing, you have remixed artists like 4 strings, Mac Zimms, CRW and DJ Quicksilver. Can we expect new remixes of you in the future?
Ron: Currently I’m remixing a Swiss female DJ called Tatana, named “Soul Cry”.

T.nu: is that going to be a Ron van den Beuken Remix?
Ron: No, its probably going to be a Mystery Remix.

T.nu: What do you think about MP3's and downloading?
Ron: I think there should be hard actions against it. It costs a lot of people a lot of money. The economy isnt that good at the moment, so I think they should be taken care of, to make sure producers and lables earn the money they deserve.

T.nu: Whats your view on the future of dancemusic?
Ron: I think its going to be very good.

T.nu: What do you think about the quality of the dancemusic at the moment?
Ron: Its getting better all the time. If you compare records from a few years ago with latest tracks. If you analyse that and compare it you see its only become better in the last years. The quality has grown hugely, the technique is just better?

T.nu: Do you have any hobbies next to producing?
Ron: I love gardening and cooking, those are really hobbies of mine. And conducting, in the evening-hours, although its payed it's more of a hobby to me than a profession.

T.nu: What can we expect from you in the future?
Ron: Maybe a few more new projects, but also follow-ups for the current projects I have. Its going to be working hard.

T.nu: What would you like to tell the visitors of Trance.nu?
Ron: I visit the site a lot, and I will keep track of it on the internet. I love to see the reactions on my tracks. Some like it to the bone and some hate it. I like to see that and it has to be able to discuss it. Keep doing that! Also for the producers its pretty interesting!

T.nu: We would like to thank you for this interview!
Ron: You are welcome!

Translation: Paul Moelands

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