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Friday 18th, April 2003
Robert Gitelman

The Israeli psy and progressive scene has been hitting us with artists and tracks for several years, leaving very little doubt that somehting is happening in the much talked about country. Then, when the trance scene seems to explode in a matter of months or a year, people really start to wonder what is going on. If Israel used to be a quiet place when it came to electronic music, its now one of the most important and vibrant distributors of quality music in most genres, including trance. In the center of that evolution stands one man, Robert Gitelman. Robert might be one of the most important characters in the Israeli trance scene, with massive releases under guises as: 2 players, G & M project, Jaron Inc and ofcourse as Robert Gitelman. His partner in crime, Jaron Martinez, works closely with Robert, as almost 50% of his guises. Trance.nu had a chat with Robert about the Israeli scene, trance music in general, and ofcourse the neverending debate on the MP3 issue.

Name: Robert Gitelman
Aliases: 2 players, G&M Project, DJ Robert & the Martinez Bros., Robert Gitelman, Jaron inc., Taze
Age: 32
Website: http://www.djrobertgitelman.com (soon)
Nationality: Israel
Favorite dj: Marco V
Favorite producer: Benjamin Bates , M.I.K.E
Favorite tune: Universal Nation
Favorite label: All trance music labels
Favorite food: Cheese Burger
Favorite drink: Diet coke
Favorite movie: James bond Movies

Why do you think Israel delivers SO many talents in dance music? Has it something to do with culture? -I don’t think that Israel delivers so many talents, in every country there’s a core of talents that gets the be known.
The Israeli producers has a lot of difficulties because of the stigmas we have in the world but if the music is quality it doesn’t matter where it came from. How do you think the Israeli scene will develop in the years to come? -I think that there are a lot of good producers here and the trance scene starting to grow back into what it was in the late 90’s.
I think that all Israeli producers like: moshic, Spoiled, Zigi, and Vic … just shows the high level of the Israeli music.
Personally I hope that the trance will defeat the progressive and New York scene.

How come you chose your outstanding trance style in DJing and production while the Israeli scene seems to go 2 ways: psy (like yahel,barkan,astral projection....) or progressive like (Moshic,shlomi zidan......)? -I like melodies and the club trance music has a lot of it.
I think that the melodic music will last forever maybe with another bassline or sounds but the melody will never fade away. Why did you start to listen to trance? -I am listening to electronic music since the early 80’s when it Kraftwork music was called “new beat” thru techno and acid.
I loved that music because it was new and different and I knew it will be the future. So, what inspires you now? -I’m inspired mostly from classic music , the partnership with Jaron (Martinez) and the place of our studio that is found on a mountain with view to the sea. There is a discussion going on about new talents. Some say that a selected few, 15-20 DJs/producers rule the trance scene in the world, while labels like Afterglow focus on bringing in new talents. Who do you think is the future of trance music? -I think that artist like Shane 54 and Plastic angel will shape the future of trance music.
I don’t judge track by its artist, If I like the track I will play it and if I don’t like the track I won’t!

So, what advice can you give to young people trying to make it as a dj/producer today? -Keep on trying , never give up.
If you’ll stick to something it will happen. "2 players – Signet" was one of 2002’s biggest trance tunes. Tell us a little bit about how you created it? And, did the success of this tune get bigger than you thought it would? -We sat at the middle of the night and wanted to create a little chiller tune than “feeling the sunrise” , Jaron started by playing the melody and we finished the track in about 3 days.
As a DJ the tune got me really exited.
As we seen that Signet got really successful we decided to make another version that will suite to DJ’s who plays more uplifting and stronger style. Are your productions based on software or hardware? -We are supporting the old fat analogue sound so we use both because the simplicity of the software and the sound of the hardware. If you could choose anyone to work with, who would it be and why? -Benjamin & Marco V , Armin van Buuren , Ferry Corsten , Push , Chemical brothers , Britney Spears. Who do you respect the most in the scene? -I respect Danny Tanaglia and Benjamin bates who stay true in what they believe in, they are not changing their style to fit their music to “what’s hot at the moment” in order to become more popular. Out of any, who would you like to remix one of your songs, and what song would it be? -Very soon our new single will be Released and one of its remixers is not other than M.I.K.E !!!
So I guess this question is no more relevant.

What do you enjoy the most: dj’ing or producing? -I started as a DJ but I think that producing is like giving a birth, you are starting with almost nothing than it evolves and at the end you are playing it infront of thousands of raving peoples and it makes you feel very proud. What is, in your opinion, the worst thing that could happen to the trance scene? -I think that the day trance music will began to get boring and people will stop enjoying melodies the trance music will be no longer exist. What are your thoughts on MP3’s? -I have only one thing to say about it: MP3 will kill the music !

Do you think that trance will be as big as it was in 99 again? -hehe, I wish.
In 99 the trance music was something new and exiting, people began to understand the greatness of music when dj’s tour the globe and played the music all over.
Also large trance music festivals began around 99. Will you be doing alot of dj’ing this year? - I am dj’ing a lot in Israel , I hope that after my releases and its success the booking will flow but I really don’t want to be away from my family.

If you could have 3 wishes that would come true, what would they be? -beside the generic things like world peace…

1. To be rated at the top 10 of the DJ Mag.
2. That all mp3 sources will shut down.
3. To see only happy peoples everywhere.

What new tunes/remixes are coming from you in the near future? -There are a lot of productions that I can’t relly talk about them right now but what I can discover is:

G&M Project – Control of your mind
Jaron inc. – Overflow / Floating
Robert Gitelman – Things to say
Out of grace – 140 BPM (G&M Project Remix)
Dave Joy – Amplifier (G&M Project Remix)
3 Drivers – Greece 2K (G&M Project Remix)
Deep sea (Robert Gitelman Remix)

Any final words for our trance.nu visitors? -Thank you very much for supporting our sound we hope that you will buy our next productions and keep enjoying our work!

Trance.nu would like to thank Robert Gitelman for taking time out to do this interview, and Udi Hakim for helping us out when mail-trouble was at its worst.. Cheers!

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