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Sunday 22nd, July 2007
Richard Durand Interview

Remixer, producer, and DJ, this man does it all. From his successful track "Sunhump 2006" to his latest remix of "Break my Fall", Durand's trackss can be found on the trackcklists of the worlds best DJ's.

We were pleased to be able to spend a few minutes with Richard Durand, who is a veteran Dutch producer who first achieved world wide success with the track “Make Me Scream”, it was then followed up with the summer club anthem of 2006-“Sunhump 2006”. His latest releases including “Slipping Away” and “Sweap and Repeat” which are being spun by the best known DJ’s from all genres of EDM. His remixing of Tiesto hits which began with “Flight 643” and “Lethal Industry “continue with his latest rework of “Break My Fall” featuring BT on vocals.

Durand’s releases are available now on:

T.nu: Hello Richard, tell us a little about yourself, how did you get started producing and how did you reach your current success?

Durand: I started out with music about 10 years ago now. After meeting some of the right people things started to move in the right direction… I have released music under various aliases, of which the latest is Richard Durand, which is also the one that's closest to me.

T.nu: Have you finally reached your goals, or are there more to achieve?

Durand: By far not haha, it feels like I've only just begun. I've been working mainly in The Netherlands for the last 10 years and it's only for about a year now that I'm travelling abroad. It's really challenging to do this, there's so much more for me to achieve.

T.nu: Is trance the best way to describe your particular sound?

Durand: Don't think so, but it's a difficult question. I do make trance music, but I use so many different influences that the pure trance lover will not call it trance. I will simply call it music filled with energy.

T.nu: You have a strong relationship with Tiesto, you have releases on his label, and have remixed both Lethal Industry and Flight 643, How did that relationship begin and where is at today?

Durand: About 1,5 years ago he heard a remix I did for 'Lethal Industry' and he liked it so much that he wanted to release it. I had made the remix because I wanted to use it in my dj sets, something different from what everybody else was playing. So basically it was my remix combined with his enthusiasm which started our musical relationship. Just recently I remixed his latest single 'Break My Fall'.

T.nu: Why did you decide to rework Sunhump and why was it so successful?

Durand: This was also spontaneous, I was in the studio with a friend of mine and he said; what do you think of this track. I said I really liked it but came up with some ideas which made it a bit better in my opinion. It took me one day in total; I wouldn't know why it became so successful, which might be for the better, haha!

T.nu: There are many remixes of “Slipping Away”. Which is your favourite and why are there so many remixes?

Durand: I liked the idea of releasing several remixes. The original track was a bit old and I had been making a couple of remixes in the beginning. At the time the record was about to come out I felt it was a waste to not do anything with the mixes. I personally prefer the A side.

T.nu: Tell us which you prefer - producing your own tracks or remixing others?

Durand: Haha, I see where that question is coming from….can't really answer it to be honest. It feels great to create something completely new but I also love being creative on somebody else's creation and make something beautiful of it. Usually the remixes come spontaneously, just because I like the original, there's more to come I guess

T.nu: When remixing for others is it by their request, or do you do it first and then send it to that DJ/producer?

Durand: As I said before, most of the times it's a spontaneous thing so not on request. Often the original artists get to hear my remix and they tend to like it. Then it's a small step to getting it released as well. I do get the usual remix requests but I'm very picky with that.

T.nu: Do you enjoy vocals in your songs, and if so which vocalists would you like to work with in the future?

Durand: In my opinion vocals give an extra dimension to a record, something which can't be achieved with mere samples and sounds. There are so many artists in so many different genres ranging from hard rock to soul. I couldn't pick one specific one who I would like to work with.

T.nu: What are some new tracks you are currently working on, and remixes?

Durand: The new Tiesto remix is just about to be released. I've made a couple of new songs as well but I'm not sure they get released very soon. They will be in my dj sets however so if you want to hear them….My latest release is called “Sweep And Repeat” and will be released in August .

T.nu: If you were not a DJ/producer, what would you be?

Durand: I think I'd become a sports teacher on a school. It seems like a fun job to do. I think I like teaching people stuff and I love sports so that's probably my job. Who knows in the future.

T.nu: A major theme in our interviews here at Trance.nu is how the artists feel about “new media”, such as our site, MySpace, last.fm, and the such, can you please express your feelings?

Durand: A lot has changed because of the internet. And it's still developing. We're finally getting to the point where legal downloading starts to become a common thing. In the past if a track was release in your home territory and you had to struggle to get your music available worldwide. Nowadays one push on the button makes your music available worldwide straightaway. There's still a lot to improve in my opinion, there's way too many sites where you can download music. To have one of your songs in the top of a particular site is great, but then you find out there's another 1000 top 10's….It'll probably all improve in time. I guess the best site's will manage to survive, which I think is for the best

Thank you for this interview and more information about Mr. Durand can be found at


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