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Thursday 15th, April 2010
Richard Durand
Richard Durand "In Search Of Sunrise 8" interview!

: The word is out! Dutchman Richard Durand is going to mix part 8 of the legendary "In Search Of Sunrise". Time for Trance.nu to have a special "In Search Of Sunrise" interview with Richard, just before his Asia tour starts!

Trance.nu: After a long time of speculating, the word is finally out since last week. You are going to mix ďIn Search Of SunriseĒ part 8. First of all, congrats! This must be a really big deal for you. What was your reaction when you were assigned to mix this one?
Richard: Thanks for the congratulations! I wasnít actually assigned to do the mix but actually asked by the people at Black Hole Recordings. Itís been a lot of work but itís finished now and Iím really happy with the end result.

Trance.nu: Did you say ďyesĒ, straight away, or did you needed some time to think about it?
Richard: When Black Hole Recordings approached me about the mix I thought long and hard before saying ďyesĒ. Iíve always been a big ISOS fan myself and after weighing up all the proís and conís I decided to do the mix because I hated the thought of such fantastic and globally adored mix-series coming to an end.

Trance.nu: How difficult was it, to keep this secret for such a long time?
Richard: Very difficult! You canít imagine how happy I am the word is out! Just a few people knew about it so I had to be really careful not slip up. Everywhere I went I had to be sure that I wouldnít accidentally leak any information. HahaÖ it definitely made working in public places, like on a flight to a gig, very hard. I had to be sure that there was no reference to ISOS on my screen.

One time I was sure that we were screwed. We were shooting the photos for the cover in South Africa when all of a sudden the uninformed photographer started going on about how he only wanted to take pictures during sunrises and sunsets. Obviously we started getting really paranoid about who had messed up. Luckily in the end it turned out that the city was only done true justice when the light was just right and that just happened to be during sunset and sunrise!

Trance.nu: Was there a lot of pressure for you, because in the last couple of weeks, lots of die-hard TiŽsto fans were making comments on various forums and via Twitter, that they said that it was wrong if somebody else than TiŽsto would mix the compilation?
Richard: Of course itís not much fun reading those kinds of comments but to be honest I expected worst. Most comments are actually from people who are disappointed to see TiŽsto leaving the ISOS scene after such a long time, others have a hard time seeing me taking over.

In the end I think itís all about the music and seeing the mix hasnít actually been released yet, I donít think thereís much to be said yet. Luckily there are a lot of people who are pleased about me continuing the ISOS series. I can only say Iíve tried my hardest to make the mix into something mindblowing.

Richard Durand

Trance.nu: How were the reactions on your Twitter / Facebook / Myspace etc? Any cool ones you would like to share with us?
Richard: On my Twitter and Facebook pages Iíve had almost only positive reactions, which Iím obviously really pleased with seeing those are my diehard fans.

Here are a few comments:

Rachel Kim
i can't wait to see what you've done with this opportunity, richard! ♥ ♥

Cionny Ledda
A new begin.. Beautiful! satisfied

Grzegorz Moroz
Richard congratulations. I am waiting for your compilation In Search of Sunrice. ISOS is one of the best compilation from Black Hole Recordings for me.
You warrant keeping a high level of this issue. Thanks for the great event on Trance Energy btw happy

Michael Fiedler
Wow, looks like your the new head of the ISOS mixes. Good to hear! Can't wait to check this out!

Trance.nu: So what can we expect exactly on the album? Will it be in line of the previous episodes mixed by TiŽsto, or not at all?
Richard: Iíve really tried to maintain the ISOS concept as much as possible, but saying that, Iím not TiŽsto and so I probably choose other records than he would. I think the album has turned out great and Iím sure that true ISOS fans will really enjoy it.

Trance.nu: Will there be lots of exclusive material on the compilation of well? Can you mention some of the artists that have tracks on the CD?
Richard: 99% of the tracks are new and exclusive. I canít say much about the track list right now but Iím guessing that by the time this is published people will have managed to find it somehowÖ haha!

Trance.nu: And have you produced some new tracks yourself as well for In Search Of Sunrise 8?
Richard: I produced a track for each cd. Both are completely suited to the style of the album. For the first cd I made an instrumental track called ďFor No ReasonĒ and on the second thereís a track with JES. Loads of gorgeous vocals as you can imagine! This last track is also going to be my first new single.

Trance.nu: And any new remixes done by you that will be on the album?
Richard: HahaÖ no remixes this time.

Richard Durand

Trance.nu: If you had to pick just 3 tracks from ISOS8, which ones would be the 3 best ones according to you and why?
Richard: My 3 picks would beĪ
Zoo Brazil featuring Rasmus Kellerman - There Is Hope
San vs. Wendel Kos - Kiss Of Life (Ibiza Sunrise Mix)
Beltek - Par

Itís hard choosing one particular track because all three have something special. We had such a great collection on offer to choose from, but these three really come to mind.

Trance.nu: Have you just been asked to mix part 8 of ISOS, or will you also mix the next couple of ISOS parts?
Richard: Iím privileged to be able to keep on doing ISOS for as long as I like!

Trance.nu: The theme for this part of ISOS is South Africa. Why have you picked South Africa exactly?
Richard: South Africa is such an amazing country. The landscape and scenery are absolutely mind blowing. When you walk along the surf of one of Cape Townís beautiful beaches you canít help believing youíre in paradise. Because Trance is still really up and coming there, performing is a real treat. Big dance events are fun but when you know people have been waiting in anticipation for over a month to come and see you a smaller, intimate club is just as great.

Trance.nu: When can we expect the album in stores?
Richard: The album will be released in most of the world on the 10th of May and a couple of weeks later in the States.

Trance.nu: Will there also be a special In Search Of Sunrise 8 tour?
Richard: HahaÖ Iíve already started packing! Not all dates are set but the following gigs have been confirmed:

06-05 I.S.O.S. 8 Tour @ Arena Los Angeles U.S.A.
07-05 I.S.O.S. 8 Tour @ Ruby Skye San Fransisco U.S.A.
15-05 I.S.O.S. 8 Tour @ Grotesque Amsterdam The Netherlands
04-06 I.S.O.S. 8 Tour @ Arma 17 Moscow Russia
05-06 I.S.O.S. 8 Tour @ Tele Club Ekaterinburg Russia
25-06 I.S.O.S. 8 Tour @ Gallery London United Kingdom
26-06 I.S.O.S. 8 Tour @ Lush Portrush North Ireland

Aside from those locations, Iím also likely to be performing in Poland, Australia, Mexico and more cities in the States.

Trance.nu: In May 2009 youíre debut artist album ďAlways The SunĒ got released via Magik Muzik. Are you already working on a follow up album?
Richard: I havenít been able to find the time to get started but Iíve definitely got a heap of new ideas. Sometime soon I plan on making some kind of planning. Hopefully a new album should be released somewhere next year.

Trance.nu: What else can we expect from you in the next couple of months?
Richard: Lots and lots of touring! The next few months Iíll be on the road a lot promoting ISOS8 and my new single that will be released a week prior to the album hitting the stores. Aside from that, this Summer Iím starting with my own radio show which will also be called In Search of Sunrise Radio. Busy busy busy!

Trance.nu: Thanks a lot for your time and good luck in the future!
Richard: Youíre welcome!

Written by:
Twan van Loon

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