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Tuesday 05th, February 2002
Rank 1

Interview of Rank 1 (Piet Bervoets) by Dancemania Translated by Paul Moelands

Your first album is going to be released in Februari. What kind of styles
can we expect on this album? Is it mostly Airwave and Such is Life or also different

There are some downtempo tracks on the album. Maybe the chillversions of Airwave
and Such is life will be featured on the album as bonustracks. Off course there
are danceable tracks on it. But its the music that we like, because we think thats
the most important!

Most artists produce more hard styled music. Are you trying to go with that
flow, or are you staying with your own style?

The basic rule for us, is doing your own thing. But we try to keep in mind the
people that spin your records in the clubs. And if they dont like your old style,
you will have to go with the flow, to keep your music spinned in the clubs. On
the new release there are some harder mixes. Its not the extreme thing, but is
more harder than usual. And the radio edit will stay in our own regular style,
how people know us.

The new Rank 1 single is going to be called Awakening. When can we expect
this single to be released?

The plan is that our single will be released to the end of February. But thats
still not 100% sure. We have to take care of the videoclip and so on. The plan
is also to get a nice surprise with the album. (Red. That is the dvd recording
of their live performance at Trance Energy happy http://trance.nu/v3/news_show.php?id=467)
But i cant tell you anything about that.

Who are the artists that are going to remix Awakening? Or cant you tell us
anything about that?

I cant tell you, but i will! Our friend Tijs Verwest, Tiesto is supposed to remix
it. And we would like Kay Tracid to remix and maybe also Cosmic Gate. But those
two are big maybes.

What do you consider the best Rank 1 track till now, and why?

I think they all have something. Airwave meant for us innocence, what became a
huge success. It was just "this sounds beautiful" and the melody speaks for itself.
Airwave was a good one. Such is Life has vocals, which i think are brilliant.
I heard that they have spun it at a funeral. Thats not what it was meant for but
it appeals to the people. And others may think Such is life, blablabla, I dont
like vocals. But i think its great. And the new single has also something. Its
like our remix for superstring. The melody is short but powerfull. But quality
also. But if i have to count on peoples reactions then it has to be Airwave.

I saw on your website that you have two studios. Howcome two in stead of one?

At home my garage is the studio, i converted it. I made music before i came into
contact with Benno, so I already had my studio. And Benno had to come to my place
all the time to make music, and he wanted his own place too. So he has the other
studio. But because I own the biggest space, all big things happen at my place.

Besides remixing and producing you also have the Rank 1 live-act, which is
very popular. At Sensation you almost went through the roof during the performance.
And in february 2002 you will be live at Trance Energy. Is there a new liveact?
And are you going abroad with it, to perform in other countries besides the Netherlands?

As we speak Trance Energy is going to be the one and only time. We will only play
album tracks. Probably we will also play Airwave and Such is Life again, but in
the what harder versions. The problem of a liveperformance is that you cant get
another record to please the crowd some more. You have got to prepare everything
at home before the liveact. And thats why it will be some harder than usual. And
some easier, cause Rank 1 tends to get more difficult. But I think it will get
tasty. And Trance Energy will probably be the only time, we are not planning to
get to other countries with it.

What do you consider the best club or party youve ever been to and have performed
or spinned?

I havent been DJ-ing for a very long time now. But Sensation, 40000 people is
very nice. But Trance Energy Heerenveen is planted in our memories forever, because
we didnt expect that good reactions of the crowd. Thats why.

What do you enjoy more? DJ-ing or performing with Rank 1 liveact?

I enjoy DJ-ing since I was 12 years old. And i Still enjoy. I dont know how long
i will keep doing that, but as long as I am able, I will try doing it. And the
live act is different. Benno and me are together on stage and you are preparing
months from before for the liveset. That works on your nerves, not the amount
of people but more that everything will stand during the performance. That none
of the equipment will fail. We had that once and you could clearly see that Benno
wasnt glad with that. That is just if everything will work properly.

When you are at home, What kind of music do you listen to? Trance or something

If i am honest with you, I dont. We produce trance at business-hours. Working
9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. And I am glad that I dont hear any music
after those hours. I am not really an album person, cause i like some records
just for one song. But my preference goes out to the album of the Cranberries.
I think that one is brilliant.

Do you use internet often?

Yes to play chess.

What are your favorite sites on the internet?

I always check out a bunch of sites, to name a few for example Armin van Buurens
site. Mostly the messageboards. The Johan Gielen messageboard, and the Twan van
Loon site. I am not really an internet-man, but I do check some things sometimes.

What do you think of Mp3 use? Does it affect the musicsales or is it positive?

Its positive, in the way of, the people in some countries where your music isnt
released, can still hear your music. But its wrong too, people who already have
the song on mp3 wont easily buy the full Cd next to it, because they already have
the song.

Another project of you is Kamaya Painters, together with Tiesto. The last
time you made a record with him was Summerbreeze. Is there gonna be some follow
up to it? A new release?

I must say i am not involved in that project, its just Benno and Tijs. I heard
rumours that they have phoned eachother again to make an appointment.

With which other producer do you want to cooperate?

Benno, were a good team. Everything works fine for now. And if you can do the
things you want to do, why should you coproduce with another person? I dont have
any wishes anymore about producing, but I hope to get into the studio with Armin
and Ferry sometime in 2002. Just for fun.

What else can we expect from Rank 1 and you in the future?

I will continue spinning records, just because I do like that. I am not such a
party person that I will jump and party behind the wheels. I wont throw my hands
up in the air. Not that I am a shy person, but I am not trying to be a hero when
I am playing. And most people do want to see that, so I will try to be more partyminded
and get jumping and shouting on stage. Rank 1 itself will off course continue
to exist. Its not that we will stop after all this. But we will rest for some
time. We might get into the studio for Jonah, another project from us with another
guy. There will happen something I guess. And when were together again, we might
start something else for Rank 1 again. But you must get ideas and inspiration.
And sometimes you are totally out of ideas.

Can we expect other remixes from Rank 1? After remixing Delerium and Ayumi
Hamasaki are there others coming up?

Theres a remix at home for us from Tukan, but we dont know if we want to do that
one. We still have to listen that one. Its not sure yet.

Dancemania thanks Piet Bervoets for this interview.

Piet: I did enjoy this interview.

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