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Tuesday 03rd, December 2002
Pulser (Andy Perring)

"Itís been an amazing year," and no oneís going to dispute the fact that 2002 has been Andyís best yet. Heís right up there with the UKís finest in trance talent, and itíd only be fair to say, his Pulser and Insigma projects have produced two of the most inspiring trance pieces of recent times. The last six months have seen his DJ career rocket with plays at some of the most renowned venues across the globe, and itís not going to stop there. Letís just say, youíre going to be hearing a lot more of Andy Perring in 2003...

How are your residencies and guest slots going? Where do you most look forward to going?
It's been an amazing year and I've travelled all over the world. My favourite place is Japan and I can never wait to get back there. I'm looking forward to going back to the US and Canada a lot in 2003 and hopefully seeing a bit more of Europe too.

How did your set go on Friday (25.10.02), at Godkitchen's Future Gods event? How was the crowd? Which tunes were best received?
It was a fantastic night on all counts. The crowd we're the best I have experienced to date and were very supportive of me and the other guys. It's the first major UK club I have played at and to get that sort of response felt amazing. It's hard to pick out what went down best as they stayed with it for the whole set but it was a special moment when I played Jose Amnesia's 'The Eternal'.

Who do you tip as future talents in trance?
I'm a big fan of Matthew Hill AKA Liquid Life. He did such a great job remixing Insigma "Open Our Eyes" that ATCR got him on "Cloudwalking" and it sounds massive. Also, Neo & Farina are doing some great tracks and I can see them being big in 2003.

And you've scored a residency with Gods? Can you tell us a little more about that?
Itís still being sorted out but I'm playing on NYE alongside Fergie and I have regular commitments with Godskitchen in 2003. I'm not sure that it constitutes a residency but whatever happens its fantastic to be given the chance at such a major club.

Lange was another DJ at the Future Gods even, a good friend of yours too. How did the two of you meet?
I met Lange at Graham Gold's DJ anniversary party a couple of years ago, we got chatting about music and studio stuff then found out we actually lived near each other. We've been hassling each other ever since.

You've worked in the studio together under the Bass Tarts guise. What can listeners expect from this project?
The Basstartsí tracks were just a bit of fun. We decided to try and mix trance with some funky old school sounds and fat bass lines. We also used lots of loops which is very rare as we prefer programming our own. The tracks got a good reception, getting plays from a few big DJ's but we limited the release to a couple of hundred white labels. We are about to get back in the studio to work on something new, possibly a Lange Vs Pulser track for 2003!

You also work with Steve Helstrip, under the massive Insigma project and have just announced plans for a third single. When will you get together with Steve for this production, and will it follow a similar sound as the previous single?
One of the hardest things in music is making time to collaborate so we never say when or where. Fortunately the technology has advanced a lot so we don't really need to be in the same studio to work on something. We are hoping to get onto the new Insigma track soon but we are both very busy. I can't exactly say what it will sound like but it will probably be similar to the other Insigma tracks.

Do you ever have problems both agreeing on a final piece?
We haven't so far.

Any other artist collaborations lined up over the close of 2002, or for early next year?
Possibly. I do get asked to work with other producers, but again, time is always a big factor.

And which producers would you most like to work with?
Armin and TiŽsto. I think my music taste falls somewhere in between them so it would be interesting mix.

What did you think about DJ TiŽsto topping this year's DJ Mag top100 poll?
It wasn't unexpected. TiŽsto has been working so hard for the past few years and I think it's well deserved.

Who was your money on?
See above answer.

And finally, working as a solo artist you've have huge success with "Cloudwalking", so much so, it recently scored a well deserved re-release. Where will you take the Pulser project from here? Will you focus on more artist productions or is remix-work top of the studio agenda at the moment?
I've seriously cutback my remix work to concentrate on writing new Pulser tunes. A couple of tracks are finished but I haven't decided what to release next.

Many thanks to Andy, and Neil @ DJ Connections!

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