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Saturday 22nd, February 2003

Sergey Pimenov and Alexander Polyakov are PPK. Renowned globally for their hits ‘ResuRection’, ‘ReLoad’ and ‘Russian Trance’, they are indeed the most successful dance act to emerge from Moscow to date and pioneers of Russia’s first trance revolution. With a new single on the way and the launch of their Uplifto imprint, it seemed apt timing to catch up with the Russian ‘transki’ producers.

People describe you as ‘transki’ pioneers. What do ‘transki’ exactly mean?
[Sergey Pimenov] Well, I don’t know exactly, but that was the idea of the Mixmag fellows. We like it more as ‘Russian trance’ – it is a more precise definition of the music that we create.
[Alexander Polyakov] is cursing quietly to himself.

How is your deal with Paul Oakenfold and his Perfect imprint going?
[SP] Everything’s all right. We are currently working on our third single. It is going to be different from ResuRection and Reload. It’s gonna be a vocal track and we are in search of a girl that will be able to produce stunning vocals?
[AP is cursing, but not very quietly]

What will the third track be called?
[SP] It’s still got no name, but we are hammering it right now.
[AP keeps on cursing] PPK – rules!

Overall, what sound can we expect to emerge in 2003? Will it be ‘ResuRection-esque’ or can we expect something totally new?
[SP] Yes, it’s gonna be something totally new. PPK tends to sound harder, but at the same time with a tuneful feel. Alex has completed the remix of Uplifto label’s debut, Melodica ‘Tornado; and just several days ago completed PPK’s remix for another Uplifto performer, Liquinoid ‘Substance’. The remix turned out to be very massive and got a special name – Space Club mix.
[AP] Yeah, that’s right…PPK – rules!

Will you always produce under the PPK brand?
[SP] We were engaged in a great number of projects, but they were only released in Russia. Now we are totally concentrated on working at Uplifto. This is our main brand for today.
[AP] Yeah, that’s right…Uplifto – rules!

And what about remixing? Have you been contacted about remixing any tracks?
[SP] Not so much recently. It is difficult to work in Europe, if I spend the most part of my time in Moscow.
[AP] Yeah, that’s right…It is cold in Moscow!

You’ve been DJing quite a lot recently. How does that work out?
[SP] Sergey has just been a DJ over the most part of last year. Alex has been working in the studio, getting the new records ready. Recently we have embarked on a completely live act for PPK and now we are working at full pressure on it. It is going to be a great show.
[AP] Yeah, that’s right…it’s gonna be cool!

What have been some of the most memorable gigs over the last year or so?
[SP] Quite a lot. This year was very rich in events – sometimes I had to move from one country to another several times per weekend. It’s always nice in England and Wales. There was a super rave in Helsinki and our performance in Russia is by all means, unforgettable. I can say that there was a super party at St. Petersburg DJ Parade, at a venue with an 18,000 crowd of fans around us. And New Year party in Hong Kong was just great.
[AP] Yeah, that’s right…It’s great in St. Petersburg!

Where do you hope your DJing takes you in 2003?
[SP] Everywhere! I wish we visited Australia and Asia – these are quite fantastic places.
[AP] Yeah, that’s right…Koala’s live in Australia.

And the PPK live show? When will that all kick off?
[SP] Yes, that’s exactly what were are developing right now. We have completely acquired all the necessary equipment and have rehearsals almost every day. It is going to be a large show and it is of great importance to us.
[AP] Yeah, that’s right…It’s gonna be cool and funky!

What are your top ten tracks at the moment?
[SP] It is usually very difficult to pick out top tracks – there is a great deal of good music out there. Most likely they are as follows:
Trancelucent ‘The Trance Odyssey Theme’ (Original mix)

1 Wayne G presents Stuart Who? ‘Twisted’ (Original mix)
2 Mad Creatures ‘Circle Of Darkness’ (DJ Shredda remix)
3 Katoi ‘Touch You’ (Hiver & Hammer Ground Control remix)
4 Alex Bartlett ‘Amnesia’ (Steve Murano remix)
5 Melodica ‘Tornado’ (PPK remix)
6 Liquinoid ‘Substance’ (PPK Space Club mix)
7 DJ Karas & Ice ‘Hard Promo’
8 Dumonde ‘God Music’
9 Uberdruck ‘Bloody Slut’
10 Uberdruck ‘Fat As Fuck’.

[AP] Yeah, that’s right…PPK remixes are cool!

As you’ve already revealed, you have just launched your new label, Uplifto. What were the reasons for starting up the label?
[SP] We personally have always set more large-scale tasks than the implementation and promotion that only one project can comprise. After the successful launch of ‘ResuRection’ here in Russia, good music started surfacing in the country. It was evident that there should be a label for promotion of Russian performers in Europe. We are set to release Russian trance talent.
[AP] Wow! Russian talents are cool!

What was the inspiration behind the name, Uplifto?
[SP] We’ve been casting about for a long time – listening to Jamaican reggae and so on! happy But once upon a time the Jah Rastafari appeared unto us carrying a poster on which was inscribed, Uplifto.We fell for this name at once and got started.
[AP] Yeah, that’s right. Jah is cool. He always appears to the point. Wow, wow!

What are you looking for when signing new tracks?
[SP] Melody, tuneful, energetic and good production.
[AP] Yeah, that’s right…It should be a cool track rather than some snotty stuff.

What stood out about the first release ‘Tornado’?
[SP] We’ve known these fellows for quite a long time. We’ve communicated a lot with them and could see their potential. That’s why we decided to launch them as our debut release. This track is very much in line with the spirit of Uplifto.
[AP] Yeah, that’s right…that’s one of Uplifto’s spirits.

What can listners expect from the next Uplifto release from Liquinoid?
[SP] Liquinoid is a young musician from Tallinn, Estonia. His music is very close to us, so the remix came out very powerful. One more remix is completely ready to be launched in he near future – just some releases for the Russian market.
[AP] Yeah, that’s right…PPK’s remix for Liquinoid is very cool!

For more info check http://www.ppk.ru or http://www.uplifto.com

Many thanks to Sergey and Alexander. Also shout outs to Gareth for arranging! Cheers fella!

Melodica ‘Tornado’ will be released on Uplifto in the very near future! And don’t miss Sergey in our diaries section!

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