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Tuesday 04th, December 2001
Plastic Angel

Trance.nu cought up with trance.nu member Plastic Angel who has had numeorus hits during the last few years and asked him some questions.

T.nu: What have you been up to lately?

PA: As you already know I have finished my LP, which was released on 19.11.2001.
At the moment I spend a lot of time on my label " afterglow records" and try
to DJ more and more.. There is lot of work to do next to producing but I am
very happy to have a very good go at the moment......Also you can expect
some music for PC-Games.... Just finished all the music for a game called
"Elfenland". Very big orchestral stuff..... Will be out in December but only
in Germany, Austria and Swiss...

T.nu: Thereís something special about the style of Plastic Angel, how would you define it yourself?

PA: Hmmm I think I am not unique but I have a different way to arrange a track... I try to have
always a very strong hook line that mostly is sad but still very uplifting... Also the sounds
are well chosen. The bassline grooves are also very good.... I will try to improve my drumming
which should become more complex...To resume it... I mix UK-elements with euro-elements
and it works very well happy

T.nu: Do you think the PA sound will evolve as the scene does, or will it stay the same?

PA: Itís hard to answer but I think I will try to improve my style but I donít think that I will
produce harder stuff even if the scene should go to this direction...
Trance will be staying my favorite music taste and as I said I will try to improve it!!

T.nu: How come you chose the name ĎPlastic Angelí?

PA: Haha, I knew this question would come... since I am big fan of manga's and anime's I tried
to find a name that would fit me.... So I decided to name myself Plastic Angel...

T.nu: Weíve just learned that youíve started your own record company called ĎAfterglow Recordsí. Whatís the idea behind this new company?

PA: Yes I started Afterglow Rec. this autumn. The idea is to help and to promote new ta
talents to become professionals. There are a lot of guys out there that deserve
a contract. With Intergroove as distributor I found a good partner to sell and spread
the releases worldwide. Also my relations to many big DJs and companies is a big
advantage for Afterglow.

T.nu: A lot of amateur producers and DJs struggle to get their names known within the scene. How did you go about that problem?

PA: Hmmm at the time I started producing I had also the dream to become famous and being
respected. But after one year without getting a label deal I decided to improve myself
first and to become better. You need the patience for realizing ya dreams. Nothing grows
up within one day or year... Itís like our evolution. You must do a lot of experiences
and to work hard on ya aim... One tip I can give you all out there is to send out
demos to the labels only if you think that it is really good... Donít think that your
first track you've made is immediately worth to be released...

T.nu: What do you think about that more countries are considering legalizing certain drugs?

PA: I think itís a good idea to legalize drugs. That would take crime from the streets and maybe
the quality of drugs would become better. You know that everything which is illegal
always is interesting for a kid so it may help also killing the interest taking drugs.
Netherlands is a good example for a modern & successful system how to handle drugs.

T.nu: DJmag presents the top 100 DJ list formed by readers. Who would you nominate for the top 5 spots?

PA: Tiesto, AvB, John Digweed, Timo Maas and PvD

T.nu: Your favorite essential trance-tune of 2001?

PA: Oh that's a good question... hmmm one of my favs is Push ... the legacy. This track has a kind
of magic... its maybe simple produced but it works fantastic...Also a very good tune is Stefano'
Libelles - Mix of Shanes too late.... very, very nice

T.nu: Lots of clubs have dress codes; do you think that the whole idea should be ditched and let people give loose however they might look?

PA: I donít know why more and more clubs have this dress code. Sometimes itís unbelievable
why people cant enter the party because of their clothes.. Sure if someone wants to
to go to rave but is dressed like a heavy-metal freak or like a business-man I wouldnít
let him in too... I think dress code is a wrong way to keep the scene alive..

T.nu: How will you spend your new-years eve this year?

PA: We got an offer to play in Eilat (Isarel) on New Years Eve. But itís a hard decision for us to play there
Because of the problems in their country. Anyway we think we will play.

T.nu: What music-related gadget is the first wish on your Christmas-list?

PA: Nordlead 3! happy Itís so expensive...

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