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Thursday 18th, November 2004

Finne Jager, aka Phynn, was born 6th of December 1984. Still young but one of the rising stars in the Dutch trancescene. His remixes and tracks are picked up by the best jocks and he releases on the legendary Black Hole Recordings, owned by DJ TiŽsto. Tracks like "Escape", "Exotica" & "High Tide" impressed jocks as well as the dancefloor. Also his remix of Ernesto vs Bastian - Stop 9.5 was hailed as one of the massive trance remixes this year. With upcoming releases on Earth and a new single Lucid being caned by TiŽsto on his concert, it was time to have a talk with this producer.

Trance.nu: Hi Phynn, with the current bad Dutch weather outside, are you extra motivated to get a DJ residency in a sunny country?
Phynn: Haha. I don't mind the weather really, I like both winter and summer seasons. Around Christmas time I usually get an inspiration boost which is great.

Trance.nu Why do you get an inspiration boost around Christmas time, any explanation?
Phynn: I don't know, probably because of the snow and the christmas lights, etc..

Trance.nu: Your DJ Career is still up and running. Tell us something about your gigs from the past months!
Phynn: In the last months i've performed at the Lake Parade in Switzerland (400.000 people!), three times in Vancouver, and some dutch parties (ofcourse not to forget the Trance.nu party in Bloemendaal).

Trance.nu: Sounds like alot of fun. Do you approach crowds different depending from the country?
Phynn: Not really, I always try to get the crowd enthousiastic during my set, and usually it works. You can sense theres a difference in mentality in different countries though, in some countries people are very jumpy and excited and in other countries people enjoy your music in a more relaxed way. Either way I'm happy!

Trance.nu: Relaxed is a word that does not really apply to your energetic style of producting! Your recent release on Black Hole, Exotica, was again well-received.. What's more coming out of the Phynn factory these days? Releases, remixes?
Phynn: I have a new track called 'Lucid' which I finished 3 weeks ago. This will be released on Blackhole's In Trance We Trust imprint (I don't have a releasedate yet) and the Tiesto in Concert DVD. Furthermore, my remix of 4 Rising Stars - Feelin' Me was recently released on Nukleuz Recordings. I also have a house release coming up which I produced with a friend of mine, Cor Marijs. The track is called
'Finor - Dilemma' and will be released on the new found EarthAudio label based in the Netherlands.

Trance.nu: Must be cool to feature on TiŽsto's Concert DVD. How is it to work with Black Hole Recordings?
Phynn: Yeah, I was really excited when I heard he had played my tracks at the concert. The Blackhole crew are really nice people and very professional as well. I like working with them.

Trance.nu: On one hand it must be cool that you can release on the label of such a big artist. On the other hand, don't you have the feeling that the mass that love trance is not inventive enough anymore, so that young producers get not enough attention, while the big boys Armin, Tijs and Corsten claim all the attention?
Phynn: In my opinion, young and upcoming artists will get their attention if they deserve it. If they produce quality tracks, the masses won't care if the artist isn't very famous yet, they'll respect the artist and his music anyway. The DJ's you mention have been in the scene from the beginning so everybody knows them. Upcoming artists can get lots of exposure by sending their stuff to them and have their music played by the biggest jocks of the world.

Trance.nu: Let's get back to the house thing. You experiment with other styles now at the moment? Will you vary your sound?
Phynn: I'm actually experimenting with a lot of styles at the moment, not just trance. I want to be able to make a living as a music producer some day so I'm really exploring all kinds of music. For example, I've been producing some rock music (using my electric guitar), cinematic film/game music, breakbeats, funky house, drum 'n bass, etc..

Trance.nu: You are still quite young. How do you combine your education with all the music business. Do you think these two things won't interfere the coming years?
Phynn: I'm turning 20 next month, so you could say that I'm still quite young, yes. I am currently in between studies at the moment. Next year I will start with a music related study here in the Netherlands. I haven't had any problems combining business and edcation yet, but if there would be any, education will always come first..

Trance.nu: Do you feel that you are evolving in producing? And on which aspect do you feel that you really progressed the past year?
Phynn: Yeah, I think i've evolved, especially in terms of production quality. I have more experience with certain production processes and I'm not only focusing on the dance genre (like I was a while ago). So I have more influences from other musical genres which reflects in my (yet to be released) music.

Trance.nu: What records are your favourite at the moment?
Phynn: I'm really digging 'Your Eyes' from Dogzilla right now, it's a very good track. Also 'Jump The Next Train' from Young Parisians has been in my playlist a lot recently.

Trance.nu: What are your dreams for the future, regarding your musical career?
Phynn: Like I said before my goal is to be able to make a living from doing what I like; producing music. It is not easy though, especially with the current state of the music industry. But I will work hard and won't rest until I've achieved my goal..

Trance.nu: What's your view on the internet? You are one of the producers that has grown up with the Internet. What did it mean for you as a producer and DJ?
Phynn: The internet has been a huge help for me when I was starting out as a musician. It's a huge database of information waiting to be found. It also gives artists the oppurtunity to share their creations with other musicians and get feedback on it, or to promote their music through their website. This has been a great help for me, I got a lot of useful feedback from people on the internet on my music which eventually improved my music a lot.

Trance.nu: So you actually listen alot to feedback from the fans?
Phynn: Definately, I always want to know how people feel about my music.

Trance.nu: I think it's shit! Are you hurt now? wink
Phynn: Not quite, considering your bad taste in music. *lol*

Trance.nu: Is there any artist you really admire and want to co-operate with?
Phynn: I really like the work of Richy Kayvan and Simon Patterson under their Dogzilla guise. They keep on spittin' out awesome productions. However, I'm more of a solo artist, I don't do co-ops very often.

Trance.nu: So that Fictivision vs Phynn thing was a once in a lifetime project?
Phynn: I said I don't do co-ops very often, I didn't say never . No concrete plans for a new Fictivision vs. Phynn at the moment though.

Trance.nu: It takes a lot of time and patience to break through in the music. Do you have any tips for bedroom producers that are trying to improve their sound and want to get released?
Phynn: Yeah, just constantly keep trying to improve your music, ask feedback from label bosses or other artists, and most important: don't give up. Eventually it will happen, you just need to have a lot of patience and determination.

Trance.nu: What is your highlight in your career this far?
Phynn: Tough question, I don't think I have one particular thing that stands out, although Tiesto playing my music at his concerts last month is quite high on my list.

Trance.nu: Well let's hope the highlights will be even bigger the coming years. Thanks for this interview, it was quite fun!
Phynn: Fun indeed, thanks! Good luck with the website.


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