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Friday 17th, May 2002
Paul Van Dyk (Australia Interview)

Trance.nu's Helen K sat down with Paul Van Dyk during his visit in Australia and got this exclusive interview.


Do you have any tips for starting producers?</font>


You know.....Learn to use your gear! [laughs] Its not about having this big
major studio and stuff like this.

I remember...as an example, Flaming June [BT] Was just done on a very sort of
small basic set up.

So he didnt use alot of hardware?

Yeah...no....It was just like, really easy going...If you know your machines,
you know what sounds to get out of them.



What is Youre favourite record at the moment?</font>


[thinking]......Ummm,...i dont know. There are alot..Well the new Three Drives
on a vinyl is absolutely amazing.

What is that one called?

Umm....Its on a whitelabel. and um...another thing we are just about to sign
for VANDIT is M Factor - Mother.

Eventually i forgot all these records in berlin [laughs] and i wanted to play
them tonight!


</font> Who's
your favorite producer at this time?</font>


...I dont really have one favourite producer. I have alot of favourites all
over the place.[laughs]</font>

What do you think was the best set you ever played so
far?..Your most memorable one?</font>


Well you know....A special gig.... i dont know if that was like an extremely
good set or just like a really special gig for me was like my

last night at the old famous Ewerk club in berlin before it closed down. Obviously
that was like somthing so intense...

which is really rare to experience, cause that was just like a big temple for
electronic music here in Berlin.


</font> Where
do you see yourself in 5-10 years? still producing and Dj'ing? or concentrating
more on personal life (like family etc) </font>


Well im always a family man ..always [laughs]..so....im maybe trying to combine
both on a healthy level.</font>


What are your goals for 2002?</font>


It might sound a bit pathetic [laughs]...... and a bit over the top..but if
i could just kinda bring...a little bit of peace into this sort of bullshit
the world is in right now..with everything that going on in Pakistan, Afganistan....Israel
and Palestine..all these things...[pause]....that would be good...

Thats probably rather difficult for me to do that [laughs]...So im just focusing
on giving people a good time when they are going out and....staying healthy...staying
fine..and stuff like that....</font>
for your time Paul</font>

Thank You...</font>

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