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Monday 07th, April 2003
Paul van Dyk (Australia)

Catching up with Paul van Dyk in Melbourne

Trance.nu's Australian contributor Helen and trance.nu user Cameron caught up with Paul in Melbourne for a few minutes right before his epic 3 hour set at club QBH in Melbourne Australia, Friday, 28 March 2003

2.20am, Club QBH

Cameron: Hi Paul how u doing?
Paul: Yeah ok... im fine....
Helen: How was your trip.
Paul: ..yeh, exhausting!
Helen: heh, exhausting i bet. You came from straight from Miami (WMC) didnt you?
Paul: Yeah, from Miami then San Francisco and so on.

Paul's 'Globa'l DVD...

Cameron: So your here to promote your CD/DVD Global, can you tell us more about it?

Paul: Well the only thing thatís not on there is Australia (laughter)
Helen: Yeah i know!. I was at 'One Perfect Day' last year (in Melbourne)
Paul: Yeah, we were not filming there, but everywhere else pretty much we went to...
So.. You probably have all the informationís about the DVD. It was recorded on 5.1, we were touring around and filming everything and putting everything together on film.

On his forthcoming artist album, which is due out later this year...

Helen: We have heard that your new artist album is coming out shortly, can you tell us what we can expect from it?

Paul: uhmm...well. (pause)
Helen: Like what kind of style and would it be anything similar to out there and back,
or would it be mixed?

Paul: Well obviously its more like a progression further on so uhm... it is getting more kinda intense, hmm well it is intense...
Helen: The same style or.....
Paul: Ermm, well it has some more direct vocal things on it. For example there is song called "Like a Friend" and i wrote that track when i came back from India. There was all this poverty over there and so it was like i had todo something. So Akanksha ... <a href="http://www.akanksha.org">http://www.akanksha.org</a> is an organisation where you can help Indian kids get food and education.

The mp3 issue..

Cameron: What are your views on the internet and mp3 issues facing dance music today?

Paul: well it kinda...(pause)
Helen: Are you for or against it? I mean your against it in some respect, but are u for it because it may promote the music more worldwide?..
Paul: I donít think that it promotes the music more widely, well maybe in the short term because the thing is that obviously you know if
Robbie Williams for example tells the people to download his album, probably doesnt matter cause he already signed a deal for 100 million US dollars.
Uhmm..so people making electronic they actually have to live off every single fucking record they sell..
Helen: Yeah thatís right...

Paul: Therefore if its getting illegally downloaded, obviously they are not earning any money and that basically means that at some point they are not able to make music anymore and therefore this music is dying..

Helen: ..like Bonzai records...and Lightning Records...

Paul: Yeah...Its like very old and well established record labels went out of business because of bullshit like this. And you know, every single person who is downloading music illegally is responsible for actually killing the music and basically bringing big record labels like Bonzai down...which obviously is very...yeah.... fucked up.
Helen / Cameron: yeah...it is...

Pauls thoughts on The War in Iraq...

Helen: Your website displays messages such as 'Stop the War' and 'Peace'. You obviously are strongly against the war in Iraq,
what are you views on it?

Paul: Well i donít think it makes any sense what is going on over there, you know...because like all the reasons they actually claim they have to attack Iraq are unreal because they cannot have any biological weapons cause when the weapons inspectors left, they didnt have any.. Those biological weapons they should of had actually expire after 5 years...The same with the chemical stuff they had...actually, anthrax expires after 3 years so they cannot have any of these stuff.

They donít have any ability of making anything nuclear...If they would have done so, they would have actually been able to be detected by those radiation systems they have. They donít have any rockets going further on, because of the pure fact they didnít do any rocket tests so therefore they cannot have it. In terms of installing a democratic system over there, it will never be democratic because of the pure fact that that 73% of the people living in Iraq are very extreme Muslims. They are coming from the Wahhabism faith, Which is the same belief as Osama Bin Laden is, so they will never, ever be able to install a democracy because of the fact of what they believe in...They will never have that happen, so whatever is going to happen after Saddam Hussein is never going to be Democracy anyway..So there is definitely no reason other than getting their hands on the Oil
(in Iraq)

Pauls advice to young producers and dj's..

Cameron: Can you give advice to people like myself who are aspiring dj's and producers?

Paul: (pause)... Learn something else decent to do! (laughter......)
No, No....hehe...well you have to really do the thing that you believe in, because thatís the only thing you can bring across to other people and that is really important. It doesnít make any sense trying to copy this or that person, that doesnít work.

A stop to all 'rumours'....Loveparade in Berlin will go on!

Helen: So finally...what about the loveparade in Berlin. Is that still going ahead this year?

Paul: I think so..i dont know anything else.
Helen: Good, because there where various rumours about it not going ahead due to lack of sponsors and so on...
Paul: Well these rumours are on every year...
Helen: so its all bullshit?
Paul: yeah...i guess so..
Helen / Cameron: Thanks for you time Paul..

Paul: Thank You..

Paul van Dyk with his very own copy of Trance.nu "Surviving the Chills", mixed by Dj Stigma and Elusive..

*Click here for photo*

The "Fast Five" :

Amsterdam or Berlin:
Berlin of course! (laughter)

Vodka or Beer:

BMW or Mercedes:

CD-R's or 12"s:

Sydney or Melbourne:
(long pause)...Australia!

Top 5 records in your box:
(laughter) i dont know..!

*Special thanks to Paul for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat to trance.nu

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