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Tuesday 27th, June 2006
Paul Moelands
Updated: Thursday 28th, May 2009

We are here in Breda, in Paul Moelands’ studio. Paul is A&R manager of Intuition Recordings, webmaster, graphical designer, resident DJ on the Intuition Radio Show and producer of projects like ‘Re:Locate’ and ‘Octagen’. Furthermore he did remixes for Blank & Jones, Solid Globe, Randy Katana, Ron van den Beuken, Yahel & A-Force, Ronski Speed and the list goes on ...

T.nu: When did you actually start producing music?
Paul That was in middleschool, where I met a good friend of mine Jan Waterman (Yanavé). Together with him I rolled into the whole musicproduction. After having tried a couple of musical things together, things started. Through Trance.nu at that time I came into contact with other people on the forums. Stian (Likwit) helped me out quite a bunch, by sending my stuff to Raz Nitzan (Fundamental Recordings); and from there on the ball got rolling.

T.nu: How old were you then?
Paul: I was 15 when we started experimenting, and the first release came when I was 19.

T.nu: Who inspired you at that time?
Paul: The big inspiration was, for me, Tiësto. He is also from Breda, and in his ‘Magik’ recordstore I got into the real trance-music, by picking out the stuff that I liked. Also producers like Signum, Ralphie B and such, but also Jan and me inspired eachother to make music!

T.nu: What was your first ever release?
Paul: The first ever release was a feature on a CD of Trance.nu: ‘.Nu Trance Generation’ with the track ‘Octagen - Walk Away’. That track was never released separately, so actually the first ever vinyl release was ‘Re:Locate - Waterfall’. By coincidence on the same date my project with Thomas Bronzwaer ‘Octagen & Arizona - Starburst / Profound’ was released. They were both released in December 2003.

T.nu: And did they get picked up by the big names?
Paul: Actually, that was quite a surprise, I recall myself listening to the radio December 2003 to Innercity, where I tuned in 2 tracks before Tiësto dropped ‘Waterfall’. I remember getting a few sms’s of friends that he played it. I was blown away! That was a real honor!

T.nu: ‘Waterfall’ is released on the label Galactive Sounds at Fundamental Recordings, the label of Raz Nitzan. What has been Raz Nitzan’s influence in your productions?
Paul: Raz quickly became some sort of a mentor for me, he was always willing to share his opinion and his vision. And I think he really helped me improve and look forward! Especially in the Galactive area, whereas I’ve released my big project there and have had 5 tunes out and my album to come, it has been quite the influence, in a positive way.

T.nu: If you produce, how long does it take for you to finish a track or remix?
Paul: There is not really an average. Some tracks are totally done within 4 hours, others take a few nights or days in a way to complete. Sometimes it really doesn’t work and then I play around with 5 or 10 versions before being satisfied with a product. Sometimes it really works spontaneously and other times it’s a real pain. Also collaborations are a good example, some days we can finish 2 or 3 tracks in a day and other times we need 4 appointments to finally finish a track…

T.nu: How would you describe your own musical sound? Is there a real ‘Paul Moelands’ sound?
Paul: Personally I would describe it as energetic, uplifting and dance floor minded. I do really like the tougher trance.

T.nu: How does your own sound differ from that of other producers?
Paul: Quite some people tell me my signature is that energy that I try to put in my tracks, and I think that’s one of the best features, personally. People tell me tracks work quite well on the dance floor, so I think that shows grabbing the energy does work.

T.nu: Is there a difference between your projects? Does a ‘Re:Locate’ track differ from an ‘Octagen’ one?
Paul: Octagen has been always my ‘free’ project. I’ve collaborated with the name with people such as Thomas Bronzwaer, MIDOR, Filo & Peri (Whirlpool). Also for remixes it has been the free name. ‘Re:Locate’ was more the exclusive project of Fundamental Recordings. And so it became the main project, which I started focusing at. Also I did some more exclusive remixes with the ‘Re:Locate’ name. It has been kept exclusive since I worked and built on it together with Fundamental. If there is a difference between the sound of both, I wouldn’t really know. Off course there are similarities, yet I think there is a bit of a difference.

T.nu: Can we expect new upcoming releases on the ‘Octagen’ project or one of your others?
Paul: The new track from the collaboration with Rutger van Bostelen, ‘Octagen & MIDOR - Metropolitan’, will be released on Monster Tunes probably in august or september. Also together with Hydroid (Itay Steinberg) from Israel, I’ve finished some new tunes, one of which will be released on Motion Music in Engeland with a very exciting upcoming ‘T4L’ remix. Also with Cliff Coenraad (Astatic) I’m working on something spicy. And with Jonas Steur I’m working on various new things! For the ‘Octagen’ project there was an EP upcoming, but due to various reasons it was never actually released. Luckily enough Jon O’Bir’s label Conspiracy offered to release it, so that is quite a relief and it should see daylight sooner or later.

T.nu: Can we expect other styles of music from you in the future?
Paul: Yes, absolutely! I’m working on some pop music stuff at the moment and I’m experimenting in that sound a lot. Together with two other guys I’m working on some upcoming pop projects, and that is very cool to do. A nice challenge that is, where it’s totally different from my other stuff. But if I will make it all public, I’ll leave that to myself to decide.

T.nu: Who are your current favourite producers at the moment and why?
Paul: Ralphie B has, always had, a very nice sound. Signum has always been a favorite, since they seem to put the same kind of energy into the tracks that I like myself. Jonas Steur, off course, for me man-of-the-moment, always seems to impress and surprise me with new stuff and seems always thinking one step ahead. Rutger (MIDOR) seems to do very nice techy stuff at the moment. Thomas Bronzwaer, John O’Callaghan both have a very distinct and nice sound.

T.nu: As you already said Breda is known for its producers like Cor Fijneman, DJ Dazzle, Montana and off course Tiësto. What is it with Breda that it shows so much talent?
Paul: I wouldn’t know, something in the soil maybe? A lot of people tend to claim that the sound of the south dominates the scene, but I wouldn’t know why they would say that. For me personally the other guys have been inspiring for me, the Tiësto sound, the Black Hole sound. But why that, no idea!

T.nu: You just finished your debut album for your ‘Re:Locate’ project, but why not for the ‘Octagen’ project or just a ‘Paul Moelands’ album?
Paul: ‘Re:Locate’ is my main project, together with Fundamental. Why not an ‘Octagen’ album? I think that my ‘Re:Locate’ project was ready for it, having a couple of releases of singles for it already, it just felt right to do it, it made sense. Together with Raz, I cooked up the idea and started working on it I think a year ago.

T.nu: Will you ever produce a track that you will release as a ‘Paul Moelands’ track?
Paul: It depends. If I find an amazing sound which would fit my own name perfectly, one day, I might go for it, but I didn’t really think of it yet. Yet again, not DJ-ing out and not standing in front of crowds is a point for not releasing tracks with your own name. How could I connect the sound to the name, if there’s no face to match it?

T.nu: Are you solely focusing on the ‘Re:Locate’ project now or can we also expect new tracks of other aliases, such as ‘Palanya’ or ‘Octagen’?
Paul: ‘Palanya’ was more of a side project, and I am not planning new tracks for that project. The ‘Octagen’ project is still alive and kicking, there are a few new tracks and collaborations coming.

T.nu: The title of your upcoming album is ‘Rogue’. How did you think of that name?
Paul: It has not been inspired on the X-Men character called ‘Rogue’, but it just felt right as a name. It felt close to sounding rough and dark, next to sounding nice as a title as well. And I think it reflected the album stylewise.

T.nu: What can you tell us about the album? Release date, tracks, format, collaborations, vocal tunes? Tell us all about it!
Paul: The album is going to be released on Galactive Sounds probably the 17th of July 2006. It’s going to be a combined package, where the CD is included with the first album sampler vinyl, which features ‘Rogue’ and ‘Sobre Saliente feat. Jonas Steur’. The CD holds 14 tracks, which features collaborations with Jonas Steur, Rutger van Bostelen, Kimito Lopez, Menno de Jong and Thomas Bronzwaer. Also there are 2 vocal tracks, with the vocalists Rebekka and Susana (known from Armin van Buuren’s ‘Shivers’ and Ernesto vs Bastian’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’). I chose to not include down tempo tracks specifically, as I feel it’s totally a reflection of my energetic trance feeling. It’s a blend of trance and some techno sounds, a bit rougher as I said, a real evolution that started at ‘Waterfall’ and now through a couple of singles, results in the album. Also the collaborations are very fun to do, since you can share each others sounds in one product, which always results in nice tracks!

T.nu: As you said, the combination of the CD and the vinyl is something special. Can you tell us some more about it?
Paul: It’s going to be released in a big album fold cover, where the first 12” is put in, combined with the CD. Later to be released album samplers can be included in the same sleeve as well. For all you collectors it’s a nice opportunity to combine it all into one real collector’s item. The combination of CD and 12” in one pack is a very exclusive thing. In Holland I believe its one of the very first ever, so that’s a big honor.

T.nu: Is there a release party planned for the ‘Rogue’ album?
Paul: It didn’t feel logical to throw a release party. I’m not a gig-DJ outside of my own studio, and I don’t think it’s a real must for me as a producer. The Album feels as a producers-album rather than a DJ-album. If a Tiësto releases a new album, I understand why they throw release parties, but for myself its not a logical thing.

T.nu: You have collaborated with quite a lot of people already. For instance Thomas Bronzwaer, Filo & Peri, Jonas Steur, MIDOR, Menno de Jong and Kimito Lopez. Are there more new collaborations planned?
Paul: Yes. I’m working on a small project together with Itay (Hydroid) from Israel. Also with Cliff Coenraad I’m working on a new project. With Rutger (MIDOR) I have worked on a few new things. And together with Jonas Steur I’ve started a techno project next to our trance things. This is quite exciting, since it’s new for us, a new exciting sound with a techno vibe. Working on something else is very interesting, for it gives new inspiration for all other sounding projects. Quite a few other collaborations are planned for the future, but they aren’t really put to reality yet.

T.nu: With who would you like to collaborate one day?
Paul: For example Gareth Emery, would be a nice choice, since he would fit the style we both like. Signum, Rank 1 or U2 or Coldplay are collaborations you can only dream of!

T.nu: Together with Menno de Jong you run Intuition Recordings. How did you guys meet?
Paul: We met, like everybody nowadays, on the internet, chatting on MSN and such. We became friends and so slowly started to hang out. We were both quite interested in starting a label, and when we found out about each others ideas, we thought, why not combine them? And together you are stronger than alone. So we went to Raz Nitzan, and found out he was quite interested in giving us the opportunity of starting Intuition together with Fundamental. And it all happened quite fast. I met Menno around 1 year before we started sharing the ideas of the label.

T.nu: Who does what within Intuition Recordings?
Paul: Menno is the boss! I work on A&R, but more so label design, press work, flyers for parties and the website and keeping it all up to date. Menno is the organizing guy, although we’ve hired 2 new people to help out with that. Also Menno set up the radio show, where I’m featured monthly as a resident. And that said, Menno spends a lot of time spinning around the globe, spreading the word and promoting the name, whereas I’m more behind the scenes.

T.nu: Who came up with the name ‘Intuition’ recordings?
Paul: We made a very big list of name ideas for the label, and Raz came up with the name ‘Intuition’. It also felt right and wasn’t used in a construction like ours, so that all worked out nicely.

T.nu: What new upcoming releases can we expect on the Intuition label?
Paul: Out now is the release of ‘Orjan - Arctic Globe / Prisonbreak’. After that we have the new and big Jonas Steur followup-EP ‘Second Turn / Sonrisa’, where ‘Second Turn’ was featured on Tiësto’s ‘In Search Of Sunrise 5’ compilation.

T.nu: How do you see the label in 5 years?
Paul: I hope we can continue as we like, by releasing tracks we like ourselves and hopefully the audience as well.

T.nu: As you said earlier, once a month you are the resident in the Intuition Radio Show, providing a DJ mix, but you never DJ on parties. Why is that? Will we never find you out there as a DJ?
Paul: Never say never, but it’s just not my ambition to become one of so many DJ’s out there. I really like selecting and mixing sets, but just for fun in my own studio. Not that I wouldn’t dare to go and spin out. But I see so many other people DJ-ing, I don’t see myself inbetween them and being better at it. I gladly leave that job to others.

T.nu: Are there any new remixes we can expect soon?
Paul: Remix wise, there are a few upcoming. The remix I did for ‘Wirefly (Emery & Dedross) - The Verdict’ should be out real soon on Motion Music. There is also some new work done. Especially for Monster Tunes I’ve done quite some remixes. For ‘Will B’, for ‘Nu NRG’, for ‘Genix & Chris Chambers’, there are all remixes upcoming. There is a remix coming for ‘Mesh - Aftertouch’ on Black Hole Recordings. Also together with Solid Globe I finished a remix recently for ‘Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Talla 2XLC - Full Prelude’, which should be released soon on Fundamental Recordings. Last but not least the exclusive ‘Estuera vs Re:Locate remix’ of ‘Kimito Lopez - Telepathy’! Also out on Fundamental after the summer!

T.nu: You are, next to a musician, a graphical designer and you develop websites. Did you study for this?
Paul: I did study Communication & Multimedia Design for 2 years, but I stopped that cause music was becoming quite interesting, and the study didn’t quite go the direction I hoped for. Design, also music, is running in the family. My mom is an artist and my dad is a musician, so I guess I’ve taken some inspiration from both and worked it out for myself. And I’ve just taken everything into a company recently, where I combine the music and design works into a multimedia company. Both sides are easy to combine because they are both creative, yet so different. So when I have a downside of the one, I can continue work on the other. They complement eachother.

T.nu: You seem to be combining it quite a lot!
Paul: Indeed. I did all the artwork and style design of Intuition, but also sleeves for Fundamental Recordings. Thus also the artwork for my own album! Quite a nice result if you ask me, because it’s more of a total package of all. Music and design. I’m quite satisfied.

T.nu: Do you have hobbies besides music and design?
Paul: Yes. I really like to play a bit of Xbox every now and then. Infamous Friday nights, with friends together, shooting each other virtually are a very welcome timeout. Also driving is something I really like to do. When I have to go somewhere far, I don’t mind at all. Road trips are cool. Also watching movies is quite the hobby. But actually music and design are my biggest hobbies!

T.nu: What are your plans and what can we expect from you in the future?
Paul: I’m playing with the idea of producing another album. For what project and if it would be something completely different I don’t know yet. Furthermore I’m going to concentrate more on the different musical styles, especially pop music. And for the rest just keep going with what I’m doing at the moment and hope that it will be alright!

T.nu: Thanks for your time and good luck in the future!
Paul: My pleasure! Thanks!

Link: http://www.octagen-music.com

Written by:
Twan van Loon

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