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Sunday 13th, October 2002
Paul Mendez

Paul Mendez is maybe best known for his part in the well-known duo ”Jacob & Mendez”. This summer they really stunned us with the magical “kabul”! Speaking of magic, how about his collaboration with trance superstar MIKE as Exposure – magic impulse?!? True masterpieces are seldom today, but Paul seems to be in the limelight at the moment, jumping from one top production to the other. Trance.nu caught up with the scottish trance reprasentative!

Wat was the best tune this summer according to you?

Shakedown – “at night” and Exposure – “Magic Impuls”

Who/what are/is you're main influences in music?

Dr Dre, Bonzai records, Notorius B.I.G., U2, Michael Jackson, Pet Shop Boys and all forms of electronic music which have become part of my life.

In what countries have you've been spinning this summer?

Spain (Ibiza & Majorca), Belgium, Denmark, USA, UK and Croatia.

Can we expect another colab beetween you and M.I.K.E in the future?

Yes we have plans to do the follow up to “Magic Impuls” very soon.

Do you have any plans to team up with other producers for future productions
or remixes?

I will be working with a lot of producers next year including “John Johnson”, “Lost Witness” , “The Thrillseekers” & “Armin Van Buuren” (if we get the time)

If you could team-up with any producer in the world, who would it be, and why?

Dr Dre as that man makes hits like no one else and he is a legend to me

Why did you choose the name "Kabul" for your latest single?

The track was finished the same night as the Allied forces started their campaign against the Taliban and it was a gesture to the innocent people of Kabul who get caught up in the war

What's your favourite trance track?

Humate – “Love stimulation” or Age of love – “Age of love”

Can you tell, for the people who don't know, who Jacob is?

David “Cicero” Jacob has been my production partner for 5 years now, he was signed to the Pet shop boys in the early 90’s and had 3 top 20 UK singles, 1 top 10 album and he wrote the theme track to the oscar winning movie “The crying game”, he learned his production skills from the Pet shop boys main man “Chris Lowe” at the famous London “ABBEY ROAD” studios.

What kinda gear do you use to produce?

We actually got rid of most of our hands on gear and now we use PC software which is a lot quicker, programs such as “Reason” and “Cubase VST” work very well combined alongside our trusty “Novation Supernova”

What do you think about the RIAA suing and shutting down various mp3 sharing
clients? (such as Napster and Audiogalaxy)

at first I was pleased people were using my music as it was getting some exposure but the more people who download your tracks the less people will actually go out to the shops and buy it so I suppose there could be a middle ground reached that would benefit both the producer and the customer.

Do u produce/dj fulltime or do u have a daytime job too?

I produce 5 days a week, i DJ 2 nights per week, I have a 3 hour Radio show on Friday nights from Midnight on Scotland’s biggest dance station “Beat 106” and I am also Director of music at Scotland’s biggest club “Room at the top” which takes up around 30 hours per week.

What new productions can we expect to hear from you and Jacob over the coming
months (Moondust / Deception, will we expect something similar to Kabul??)

”Moondust” is coming soon on “Alphabet City” with a remix from Futurebreeze, the track is pretty deep Trance with a break to die for, “Deception” is coming before the end of the year on “ID&T” and it’s a very melodic trance track with excellent key changes. Expect 3 “Jacob & Mendez” releases on ID&T next year alongside 2 exclusive “PAUL MENDEZ” tracks.

What are your top 3 albums that you listen to and why?

1.Dr Dre – “The chronic 2001” (Rap music was my first love and its my chilling music when I get a sore head from the Boom Boom).

2. U2 – “The Joshua Tree” (simply the best band in the world doing what they do best)

The Stone Roses – “the stone roses” (a classic album with some exceptional tracks that will still be around in years to come)

How did you get your first record-deal?

I used to produce happy harcore tracks around 9 years ago and I done a track with a well known Scottish producer who just happened to own a label as well so it worked out pretty well, he didn’t pay me though…

With the amount of good Scottish DJ talent, no one has really broke it in England
big time. Do you feel Scottish DJ's are unfairly judged by English promoters and
if so why?

My answer is YES in capital letters and I really don’t know the answer but its always been that way from what I can remember, I have only played in England about 6 times and really that’s not anywhere near enough, it doesn’t matter though because I play in the biggest club in my country to the best crowd in the UK without doubt for atmosphere and that is F.A.C.T.

If you could remix any tune in the world, what would it be?

Probably U2 – “with or without you”, I’m sure if we had Bono’s accapella we would turn it into a modern day classic.

What is “Ratt”?

RATT is my home from home “Room at the top”, Scotland’s biggest club with a massive 3000 capacity and it rocks.

What is your favorite equipment to mix with?

Pioneer 600 mixer, 3 technics dex and 2 massive LOUD monitors.

What do you think when you hear the word “trance”?

I think REAL trance such as releases on Bonzai, Platipus etc… not this chart stuff that takes 1 hour to produce, I have nothing against these artists but its pop music and should be classed as POP not the greatest genre in dance music.

If you had 3 wishes that would come true, what would it be?

1. To be known worldwide for my music as a producer or DJ.

2. For all the people I care about to have a good & SAFE life.

3. that’s a wish I will keep to myself but I will let you know if it comes true.

Any final words for all your fans at trance.nu?

I want to thank every single person that buys my music and enjoys it as much as I do, i make records which i like and its good that other people all around the globe like it as well and that my friends is the power or TRANCE music as it really does bring people together in a special way.

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