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Thursday 28th, October 2004
Ozgur Can

Özgür Can was born in Stockholm Sweden 1982 and grew up in a family where music was present at all times. Ever since then a large part of his life has evolved around beats, tones and grooves of all shapes. Right now, Özgür Can is getting a lot of attention worldwide with his music. His storming productions and explosive DJ sets have already made him one of the most respected figures on the scene. From being one of the many bedroom producers, Özgür has now turned into being one of the biggest talents hailing from the Swedish progressive scene, both as a DJ and a producer! He's been spinning records at major events and venues as well he has produced tracks that are being hyped by top labels and DJs around the globe! His true and deep love for music has made him a versatile DJ and producer with a focus on progressive music with an energetic flow, but still with an open mind for other styles such as trance, breaks and house. His interest for sounds, tones and beats developed during the years as he spent his time listening to everything from trance, house and techno to pop, hip hop and alternative music. His wide musical background is also clearly reflected in his current sound; he has an open mind and is not afraid to cross boundaries and take new paths. His unique and diverse style has resulted in releases on labels like Precinct, Electronic Elements, Lost Language, Plastica Red and CPR. As well it has given him fans such as Paul Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo, James Holden, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Markus Schulz, Max Graham and many more. Alongside his stunning career as a producer, Özgür is also making it big behind the wheels of steel and with a large number of storming DJ gigs around Europe, things are set for success.

Hi Özgür! How's life in Stockholm treating you, had a nice summer and looking forward to the winter?

Life is good! Yeah, this summer has been really nice! Well, the weather in Sweden has been pretty shitty but I'm used to it. I'm actually looking forward to the winter this year, some interesting gigs coming up, and more tracks to be released, so its gonna be a nice winter for a change!

Obviously your name isn't typical Swedish, tell us a little bit about your background..who's Özgür, and how did he end up where he is today?

No, it's not typical Swedish, i get that question quite often! My parents are originally from Turkey, but I'm born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden! well it started around 96 when i was hanging out in the youth center here in my neighborhood a few older guys where into psytrance and techno and they where always playing records in the little dj room, of course i was very interested in what they were doing so i was always in there listening to them playing records and then eventually they started to teach me how to mix 2 records together and then i started buying my own records. and these guys also installed Fasttracker 2 on the computer at the youth center so i was always sitting there and learning stuff from them and eventually i got my own first computer, then around 98 i discovered Fruityloops and i fell inlove with it and im still using it!

You're tracks and remixes have been hammered by every top jock out there, how did you go about sending out tracks, and what's the coolest feedback you've received so far?

yeah its been amazing! never expected this kind of support really when i started getting my tracks out there, it started off last summer when my dear friend Rouzbeh had a gig in UK and i gave him a few CDs to give out to people that could maybe help me out with getting the tracks out, luckily Rouzbeh ended up in the plastic fantastic record shop and dropped a cd of to them and a few days later they mailed back and wanted to sign my track "Weightless" nowadays i dont really think people send out so much cds anymore, i think its much easier for everyone through the internet but then ofcourse the tracks can get in the wrong hands sometimes and then your tracks will be all over the net and that sucks! but the coolest thing is when your favourite dj/producer says nice things about your music!

You have an unique sound, what's your studio setup, and for how long have you been producing? Besides releasing under your original name, which aliases do you use?

ive been producing since late 96 but that doesnt really count cuz i was only playing around in fasttracker 2 for a few years trying to make music. around 98 i got introduced to Fruityloops, and my Dad had got me a sample cd with loads of WAV samples i have no idea where he got it from he just though it could be usefull to me so i checked it out and voila! WAV samples to use in fruityloops! but it got a bit more serious around 2001 when i started finding my sound. my "studio" setup is pretty simple : i still use fruityloops + loads of vsts and plugins, soundforge for editing stuff and i use cubase sometimes for small things like timestretching vocals and stuff like that.
well besides my real name that ive been using on all my releases so far but i have track coming out called "Tangerine" on Remark Records under the name Calmec that i got from a character from a old cartoon series i used to watch when i was young called "the mysterious cities of gold" i thought it sounded cool so i went with that! and ofcourse Furry Nipples with my friend Stian Klo!

Speaking of Furry Nipples, do you have a pair? Rumours has it that you just purchased a webcamera, with the only purpose being showing off your chest ..flash us baby!?

haha! lets just say it would be boring to have a project called Furry Nipples is none of us had furry nipples wink and those rumours are false! i dont have a webcam, yet!

Besides being one of the most hyped producers at the moment, you're also DJing more and more. What can people expect to hear when attending a Özze-party, and do you have any big gigs lined up for the fall?

yeah its been more and more lately and i am enjoying every second of it! ive been to Poland twice already, i really love Poland its great over there! also been in Turkey 2 times for gigs, first time i played i got to play with Yunus & Subsky it was really amazing! yeah some really exciting stuff lined up for the fall, i just got back from Holland was there for over a week and was planned to play 1 gig but ended up playing 4 so it was really really crazy! going back to holland in december, already looking forward to that, and slovakia in december also which im also really looking forward to because ive never been to slovakia before!

How would you define the Özgür sound?

"blippyprogtrancetechnoravehouse?" well something like that, i try to mix a little bit of everything from trance to techno to house, i don´t really like to be pigeonholed even if that always happens anyway but i always try to keep my stuff groovy and pumping but still with melodies and melancholy. basicly music for the dancefloors. but i don´t think i will be doing these things forever i mean you always want to take on new challenges and move in other directions. i listen to so much different kinds of music and get inspired from it so you never know what kinds of stuff i will be making in the future! when i play out i try to mix abit of everything i like, some progtrance, tech-house, techno basicly whatever i find interesting!

You're friends with the elite of Swedish producers, Rouzbeh Delavari, Petter, Eric Prydz, David West etc. What's it like working with such talented musicians? Do you have any funny stories to share, studio episodes, wet nights out on the town. Come on son, tell us!

well ive only been working with Rouzbeh and David music wise, me and Petter used to make music together years back we got into producing at around the same time, but we are too lazy nowadays. working with David is like a dream come true for me since i used to be a big Antiloop fan (still am). he really is a true musical genius, they are working on a new Antiloop album and all i can say is that its going to be MAD! stockholm is pretty small we always bump into eachother in clubs but i dont have any funny stories or gossip to tell, i keep that to myself!

Are you, as pretty much every man living in Sweden, fascinated by busty Norwegian birds? What's your favorite XXX movie actress of all time, and why?

yes thats a thing with us here in sweden we like norwegian girls and norwegian guys like swedish girls! haha to be honest i really don´t know the names of any XXX movies stars so ill be boring and say Jenna Jameson!

There's been talk about a label being launched this fall/winter. Can you shed some light on this perhaps? What's the status on this, paperwork done, tracks being signed ..we want to know!

yeah me and Stian are working very hard on it! we got some really exciting tracks that we are going to sign! thats all i can say for now but you will notice and see in time whats going on. hopefully first release will be out within a few months!

You just released an EP on Precinct in the UK, what's in the pipeline, any new tracks we should be on the lookout for?

yeah i am very happy with the EP! i am always working on new tracks as people may have noticed! ive been doing alot of remixes lately, just finishing up a remix for Gabriel & Dresden on their new single called "Arcadia" we just did two Furry Nipples remixes on the new Space Manouevres track that will be out on Lost Language later this year! and Furry Nipples debut single Surroundings has been signed to Precinct and comes with a AWESOME remix from swedish techno producer Hertz! just finished up a remix for Deep Records watch out for that, and my remixes of Tilt - the world doesnt know just came out and has been getting good responce so far im very happy about that. latest track i finished is called "changed" that has been snapped up by Gabriel & Dresden for their new label and they are gonna remix it aswell so i cant wait for that! my first proper vocal track with Nick Beman "not even winds" will be on my 3 track EP on Electronic Elements together with "illusions" and "questions" under the name "O.C." also watch out for a remix i did with my friend Yilmaz Altanhan on Perry O ´Neil - Wave Force, think that will be out sometime early next year. i am also doing a EP for Deep Records with 3 or 4 tracks really excited about that but it will take some time as i only got 1 track finished for that EP so far!

Out of all your productions, which are you the most proud of and why?

oooohhhh i cant pick just one they are all like my babies!

What's your most succesful pick-up line, if any? hehe

hey baby wanna go back to my place for some milk and cokies? haha

The music scene is exploding with new talents every day, who do you reckon will be the next big star?

hard one, but after seeing Nathan Fake play live on his laptop i can honestly say it was one of the best things ive ever heard so i think he will be really really big!

What do you like to do when you're not producing, any hobbies?

when im not producing or playing records i spend lots of time with my friends doing all sorts of normal and un-normal things!

Name your top 5 tracks and/or albums of all time?

fugees - the score
metallica - black album
etnica - alien protein
cari lekebusch - det jag vet
mustafa sandal - göldede ayni

i just have to mention the new Blue Foundation album called Sweep of Days! it came out this year and its the best album i have heard in years! im gonna skip the 5 tracks thats impossible to list just 5 tracks!

How can promoters book you for future events?

i just signed with a agency from Holland called Exposure so they will be taking care of my bookings from now on!

Alright, that wraps up this interview. Big thanks to Özgür for taking the time ...ciao!

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