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Thursday 23rd, October 2008
Řrjan Nilsen interview

: He got his first keyboard at age 7 and his first synthesizer at age 16! Now this young Norwegian talent is storming into the elite trance talent realms with his electric productions regularly finding their way into the sets of the biggest names in trance such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and more.

It was under the guise of DJ Govnernor that this young talent first made his real breakthrough onto the scene with his brilliant trancer track ‘Red Woods’. Since then his musical talents and productions have grown hugely and Orjan Nilsen will agree that 2008 has been one of his biggest years yet!

Trance.nu: Hi Orjan, hope I find you well and smiling?
Orjan Nilsen: Haha! Yea thanks, doing well and always smiling!

Trance.nu: A new website. 9 new singles, although with 20 hours of sunlight a day in Norway I’m not surprised! Your tracks being included in 7 new compilations and you’re currently number one on Beatport’s trance chart. In my opinion I think you’ve had one of the biggest years of any trance talent out there this year!

Orjan Nilsen: Thank you, yea it's been a fantastic year for me so far, really outgrew all of my expectations. And yea, I spend a lot of time in the studio nowadays, either if its remixes or originals I just can’t seem to stop these days, I wanna make music all the time! And when people still supporting me I can't keep myself from smiling

Trance.nu: Guess that just leaves the DJ Mag Top 100, any expectations?
Orjan Nilsen: Haha! I’ve heard that question a few times now from friends and colleagues, but to be honest, I think it takes more then one good year and a few gigs to get on that list. So what are my expectations? Well, a bit low to be honest, but then again, if it would happen, I'd be even happier, right? I'll have to wait and see happy

Trance.nu: Well good luck then! Who would be in your Top 5 DJ list?
Orjan Nilsen: Oi! Way too tough question to ask nowadays! Armin, Tijs and Ferry never disappoints of course, but that's a given isn’t it? So I think we pull a 'no comment' trick on that one

Trance.nu: After being a regular in the sets of the biggest names in trance music is there any producer in particular that you’d like to collaborate with?
Orjan Nilsen: Well, I've always been a fan of Marco V's and Rank 1's productions, always so clean and brilliant to play for a crowd. I think that'd be wicked, might have come something good out of that. And Darren Tate as well, hypnotic tracks, always makes me smile.
For a collab with someone non-trancey I think Keane or Coldplay would be interesting.

Trance.nu: Play back to back with?
Orjan Nilsen: I loved playing back-to-back with Lars from the Blizzard last weekend, as we have two different styles. Playing back-to-back with Nic Chagall or Marco V wouldn't have been too bad either!

Trance.nu: Remix their productions?
Orjan Nilsen: Would be fun to remix one of Delerium's tracks or Darren Tate, I think my style is different enough to make something completely different with an already great track.

Trance.nu: Have them remix your productions?
Orjan Nilsen: Joris Voorn has done great stuff lately, and like I said, Rank 1's productions are always great.

Trance.nu: I also love the Rank 1 productions, very clean, good quality trance music! And as for Marco V – he’s just got a style of his own! He’s one of my favourite DJ’s! How would you describe the sound of Orjan Nilsen?
Orjan Nilsen: Hmm... tough question that one, melodic with a big beat I would say, as I always try to make tracks that can both hit well on a dance floor and in headphones…and hopefully be a bit fresh too!

Trance.nu: After your defining moment into the big leagues of trance producers with the track ‘Red Woods’ can we expect any more productions under the DJ Governor guise or has the musical personality of Orjan Nilsen outgrown him?
Orjan Nilsen: So glad you asked that question mate!! Well, most of my stuff these days are under my own name, as I have changed a bit musically, BUT!!! and there's a big but I somewhat miss abit making melodic trance with a more hypnotic sound and what better way to re-introduce that with the name that got me into the scene so I can reveal that yes, you can expect more from 'DJ Governor'!

Trance.nu: Great news! I’m sure the DJ Governor fans will be happy to hear that! Do you think the trance scene is getting an injection of new life into it’s musical pulse with the hard work of exciting new producers and DJ’s like yourself, Sander Van Doorn, Sied Van Riel, Chris de Seed, etc?
Orjan Nilsen: Definitely yea, the trance scene is rising again like never before, even here in Norway! Tiesto is here every year now and Paul van Dyk just visited us! 4 years ago that'd never happen, but now? Who knows, maybe we're all a part of a musical revolution

Trance.nu: I agree, I think that increasing improvements in technology are also helping to bring the trance community closer together and create new fans rapidly! One such technology is that of Air Travel! Have you done a lot of touring this year? Any places that stood out during your visits? Any places of particular beauty or with a special feel to them?
Orjan Nilsen: This year has been amazing gig and tour wise!! Had a lot of gigs since the end of July and still going strong. Poland has a strong scene at the moment, so it’s always fun to play there, but I have to admit, playing in the homeland of trance, Holland... it was something special Also the gig I did in Czech Republic two weeks ago was amazing. Great club, great audience and absolutely STUNNING scenery!

Trance.nu: After a massive 2008 what are the plans for next year? With all your new releases this year do I sense an artist album looming in the near future?
Orjan Nilsen: Hahaha, well I might have something planned, but too soon to discuss yet!

Trance.nu: Okay, well we’ll just have to wait in anticipation!
Orjan Nilsen: Wish I could have answered that one, but cant yet!

Trance.nu: My condolences on the passing of your brother Ernst at the end of last year, you said he was a massive inspiration to you and your music. You even dedicated ‘La Guitarra’ in his memory. Would you say your brother’s memory has continued to inspire and be with you during this year’s success story?
Orjan Nilsen: Thank you. I don't think it will ever stop doing that to be honest, ‘La Guitarra’ was a direct result of his passing, but now I always seem to think a lot more before making tracks...to get a feeling that I can import into a track. I've always worked like that, but never as profoundly as I do now.

Trance.nu: Thanks for your time Orjan, it was great to catch up with you! Have a great trip tomorrow, hope your Russian tour is a rocking one!
Orjan Nilsen: Thank you! And thanks for this interview as well, enjoyed it!! Gotta love Trance.nu.

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