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Wednesday 15th, December 2004
Only Records: Adi Dumitra, Jay Wave and Kaan Duzarat

Every now and then a new label comes along, and they tend to be from Holland or the UK. The superpowers of electronic music are responsible for the neverending flow of quality music in any electronic genre. Only Records from Romania is the new kid on the block. They are that exciting exotic and immensily talented striker any major soccer club would want on their team. They are Adrian Ilie or Gheorghe Hagi in our world. The outfit. The one that hits you right out of nowhere and becomes the center of attention because he is so damn talented. We has a quick talk with Adi Dumitra, founder and owner, plus some of his upcoming acts, read on!

Hi there Adi! How is life for you these days, still busy as always?

Hey Lars, everything is going well right now actually….since a lot happened lately, I’m confronted with a lot of challenges which keeps me pretty busy indeed!

Tell us a little bit about Only Records. The name “only” just shot out of nowhere, and now it seems like one of the more exciting new labels around. How did it start, where are you now, and where would you like to go with the label?

The whole idea started basically at the beginning of this year when I realized there’s so much amazing stuff going on out there….so much good music and so many outstanding producers pushing the limits. That’s was when I decided to go further and start my own label .Ha ha…yeah, the name Only…well, I didn’t spend much when choosing it, there are so many sophisticated names right now so I decided to use this name , meaning we’re not doing anything special just trying to get out as much quality music as we can.Right now we’re just facing our 1st release, out in stores starting this week, so to be honest I’m feeling pretty much excited about it, there’s a lot of support on it already, biggest surprise came from no other than John Digweed , when he played this track ( Kaan Duzarat – Organic Intellectual) on his Kiss100 Show in June ! After that , we got a lot of positive feedback on it, which made me go further Another amazing forthcoming releases are expecting to come out, Jose Zamora, Sjunkes – a project coming out of Mexico, very talented guys, Christian Cambas is also involved, and Jay Wave, a Romanian producer/DJ who’s going to deliver some quality stuff pretty soon, so keep an eye up!

The scene in Romania is not very well-known and well represented I feel, can you tell us a little bit about the scene in your home country? What style of electronic music do clubbers prefer over there, and what do you feel is the biggest challenge for you promoting your type of music?

I really don’t know what to say about the scene here….first of all it developed pretty fast in last past years, a lot of new clubs got opened mainly in Bucharest and the Black Sea Beach, many big names are playing on regular basis here which can only be a good thing . Unfortunately, all this events are taking place in same venues ( Bucharest mainly) which doesn’t leave fair chances for all of us to attend. But, I’d say a lot of positive things happened lately. Also, there’s a lack of promotion and advertising on this kind of music , but eventually it will all reach a higher level, I’m sure about that. I think Romanian crowds have learned to get used to mostly every genre of music starting from progressive house & trance to break-beats, drum and bass, techno… As about me, I think the most challenging thing would be having Only records represent Romania, as I think there’s a lot of talent on our side as well, so its time to let it out!

4. You do not only run a label, but also a club. Tell us a little bit about the club, what DJs have been playing there and how the audience is welcoming your sound?

I was always thinking about running my own place, and this became true 5 months ago, more precisely on the 23rd of July when we had the Grand Opening with a very special guest mixing things up – Christian Cambas out of Greece. Had James Wilson (Label Manager Climax Recordings, UK) playing for 2 nights, also a very special TWISTED MELON show over a whole weekend with 3 DJ’s playing 3 different styles of music ( Ben Clarke , Francis Mallinson – Twisted Melon residents – and Steve Marx out of Australia) and Jose Zamora of course ! In a few words, the place is right in the centre of the city ( Sibiu, Romania), a very old place dated since 1200 , also used to be the city jail in that period of times, which makes it more attractive for a lot of visitors. The most important thing though – and I’m very proud of it – is that there’s an impressive sound-system down here!

“Kaan Duzaraat – Organic Intellectual” is the first release out on Only. How is feedback on the track, any major players supporting it?

Oh yes….. like I previously mentioned, John Digweed was among the first ones who started playing it, the track was include in his Kiss100 Show. Respected DJ’s such as Hernan Cattaneo, Moshic, Thomas Penton, Sander Kleinenberg ,Shiloh, Pole Folder, Kasey Taylor etc played it as well and their feedback was amazing – thanks for it guys!

Your artist roster includes names like Kaan Duzarat, Jay Wave, Jose Zamora, Christian Cambas etc, what can we expect from these guys in the future? Any upcoming stuff on Only?

Seems like a lot of projects started already from all of these brilliant producers. Jay Wave is currently signed under my own management as well, one of his latest tracks “ Samsara “ signed here with Only records got licensed for SOG Records alongside with an awesome remix of Christian Cambas which comes on the flipside, will hit the shops around March 2005, it’s a beauty!
Jose Zamora just finished his work for the label , his remix on Sjunkes – If you Stay is being planned as the 3rd release on Only records, he’s also very busy travelling around for gigs, actually I had him in my club as well, have to say he’s a very good DJ’s as too, we had a lot of fun!
And Kaan, of course after this huge success will definitely come up with some more great stuff, I was really pleased to work with all of these artists so far, great people!

Question for Jay Wave: I’ve heard some of your stuff lately, and must admit that I am truly impressed, can you enlighten us a bit on who you are, where you come from, and how you started to produce?

I'm from Sibiu, Romania and I'm 27 years old. I started mixing in 96 in a tourist resort, at a small club where I actually learned a lot about what it means to be a DJ. One year later I left for Germany, where I tried for three months to learn more, and I met Tony T from Beat System, who was the first I saw mixing on turntables. I started out by mixing as a back-up DJ in a German club (actually a discotheque named something like Tantzstern Kosmos). I never managed to become familiar with the German lifestyle though, even if my parents live there even now, so I returned to Romania, where I started mixing at several clubs in several cities. Later I managed to sign a contract with a record label in Romania (Roton), I produced a video with a Romanian song and that song hangs on even now in the clubs at the Black Sea sea-side; the song's name is "In valuri" (In waves), signed by DJ Wave. Several other songs on compilations followed. I even appeared about 3 times on the "Mouse in House" compilation, and then I worked with several Romanian bands for which I made negatives, then one vinyl (DJ Wave - Heart Beat) with three other DJ's from Romania. I've wandered through several other clubs for a while, before returning to my home city, where I started mixing in a house-exclusive club. Here I got to know everything about house, progressive, break-beat, techno and all electronic music in general. Also here I've met Adi Dumitra, with whom I became friends and co-workers. Adi recently founded a label, Only Records, and then a club, Club Inside, I also signed under his management, and we got to work hoping to make waves in the quality music world happy and I hope the world will hear a lot about Jay Wave.

Question for Kaan: Seeing your sudden success with “Organic”, can we expect more releases from you in the future, and how did you go about creating such an awesome piece of music?

Kaan : Organic Intellectual was really a great start for both me and Only Records. I would like to thank Adrian from Only Records cause he is a great person and he trusted me and got my music released. I had always music playing in my mind and with the development of computers I had the chance to create them. Soon you will be hearing more about my music. I have some productions that will be released in 2005. I listen to music and working on some sounds, loops, melodies all the time. I feel lucky cause since the day I have started working for Istanbul's electronic music station Dinamo 103.8, I had chance to spend my time together with music lovers at the station and had chance to let people hear my music. Thanks a lot...

Adi, you have told me you are not a DJ, but we had the pleasure of having you on as a guest mixer for Oslo Nights in September, and your set was truly spectacular, what is the future for you DJ and production-wise?

Haha….you got me here….to be honest its simply amazing what’s happening right now, I never thought about myself like being a DJ, at least a professional one, of course I love to play music always, but seems like lately I got invited to a lot of big radio shows also a few gigs for the next year which is pretty great, have to admit I never thought I will reach this point ! 
About production….hard question , I had music around since I was born, as all my family loved the music, I played the piano since I was 5 years old and attended the Music School for 8 years ( classical piano), so I always wanted to express my feelings with music….unfortunately my time is very limited, so I guess I’ll have to wait a bit more. What’s going to happen though, is a project I’m going to start with Jay Wave at the beginning of next year, so expect some new sounds from Romania!

Who has made the greatest impact on the Romanian scene as a producer and DJ? How did electronic music first find it’s roots in Romania?

Unfortunately no one so far….but I’m sure there are a lot of ‘hidden” treasures somewhere ! And I think it all started with the underground you know…..a few people who started very small nights promoting new sounds….and it all evolved into the actual clubbing scene which we all know got its most fast growth over the history in the last 3 years.

When you are not busy with music, what do you do?

I guess too many things……I have to take care of the club (which is such a hard thing), I’m also running 2 smaller companies need to earn a living after all) and spending time with my little daughter and family…. I wish I’d have a lot more time though!

Thank you for doing this interview mate!

Thank you for having me invited!

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