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Monday 01st, April 2002
Oliver Lieb

The dance music scene has talent floating all around: we see and hear about fresh artists making it big all the time. We experience hypes in this business more than (perhaps) anywhere else. There are more “one time wonders” in this scene than any other place, some may claim that this is because the dance scene is in fact less cynical than the rest of the music business, not the other way around.

Born in Frankfurt 1969, Oliver fell in love with electronic music from an early
age. Electronic pioneerss such as Kraftwerk and Jean-Michelle Jarre was a huge
inspiration to Lieb as well as acts like Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel and Tangerine

-Do you think that it was good timing that set off your career? Hard work? Good
timing? -I´m not a Popstar… I see myself as quite “underground” even though
I´m not doing the most underground music. I really don´t aim for the charts or
the big money that comes with it…when I see that some people become really big
and how soon they disappear again…I think that each day of the last 12 years of
doing this is what you call hard work…but to me it´s a passion... maybe obsession.

- Which release are you most pleased with so far? - I´m never pleased with
anything I release…the very next minute I might do it different…so to me the music
is a moment of the production that gets to the public. This can very well be seen
in Oliver’s variety of style, always changing, unpredictable even. For him music
is not about sticking to a certain style, rather evolving than anything else.

-How did producing in the early days differ from producing at present (technique
and style wise)? -My productions was just on two machines and a hardware seqencer…I
could never do what I want…today I can´t do everything I want because I don´t
have enough time…

-Do you use a lot of software synthesizers / samplers, and do you think they
are as good as their hardware equivalents? -If you want the original sound…they
are close but most of them are not as good…but if you want to do something new
they are as good or maybe better because they are easier to work with.

-How much of your work is done on hardware, and how much on software? -I
would say all my work is done on software, since I record into logic the one or
other way…but equipment wise it depends on the project or the particullar track…but
roughly 50/50.

Trance.nu user Beman wants to know: -If an unsigned producer would like to make
a remix on one of your songs, what should he do (asking the record labels never
seem to work) ? -Unfortunately you have to ask the label…and I think that it
is ok this way! A record label wants to have a remix for a track to become bigger
or re-release it. So they always try to get a big name to push the track. I can
fully understand that. Somebody should do his OWN music and send it to the labels,
then you get a bigger reaction, because doing a remix is not that hard .Doing
you own music is the thing and the labels are looking for good new people, not
the ones who try to sound like somebody or that produce stuff that they already
have. But if you just want to do it because you really like that track then just
do it for yourself and don´t even think about releasing or selling it - because
it will end in a big court situation. In general you should respect the labels
or artists decision. I´ve been in the same position before.

Oliver answers most of our users questions in a really serious matter. A funny
reply is this one:

-if you could only ever release ONE more song, what would he do to make it
extra special? -I would record 6 mins of silence and do a clubmix on the b-side!

And then ofcourse there are serious issues that needs serious answers:

-how do you feel about the way trance is developing in general the last years?
It gotten too commercial…like everything that becomes big…nothing new is getting
big since the people are focused on just one sound…nobody is pushing or supporting
new sounds. To me Robert Miles”Children” was the beginning of the end of trance
as it was known as something good and inspiring. What they call “Progressive”
now - to me sounds pretty much like some minimal Goa Trance…I like to think of
more Techno orientated “Trance” which is lately developing and once again is not
something completely new, but a good mix of styles that I like…far away from the

-How do you think your sound will develop in the years to come? -I want
to go in all kind of directions…you never know…maybe one day I might even do a
movie score.

-What do you feel about drugs in the music? Media often say that “trance
music is drug music”, do you agree? -Every music is drug music to some people
and each music has it´s different drugs…to me it´s not directly connected.

-If you could pick from any producers in the world, who would you pick to remix
one of your songs, and what song? -I´d pick the Chemical Brothers for my first
track “System” and complain if it´s not old school chemical beats style!

-What do you think about people downloading music from the internet instead
of buying it? -My stuff is mostly on vinyl and the amount of people that download
instead of buy is quite small - because the vinyl freaks want to have it on vinyl…not
on cd…I think a big artist that sells a few million copies might loose a few thousend
buyers, but you can copy a CD as well and tapes were copied before….whatever that´s
nothing new…If the musik is good enough…somebody wants to have it on the real
cd with the realy cover and the original CD…that´s still something special to
me and there´s some records/cd´s I have that I don´t want to have just on my hard
drive…or a copied cd.

Could you give any tips to people producing hard-trance? -Yes…produce something
else! He,he…no I mean why hard trance? Doing music is about doing whatever you
like…don´t accept other peoples reactions and borders…first do what you want…then
make small compromises…and don´t expect anything…just do it for the music….if
you´re in there long enough you should be able to make it.

-Do you have any plans about making a follow-up on the "Phuturistic Tech-Trance"-album?
-There might be a “Phuture tech Trance Vol2” end of the year…we´ll see!

-How do you come up with all those songnames? (Can you see the yellow turtle,go
fishing,Spy vs.Spice, etc etc...)
I don´t know…since 2 years back it´s been
getting really hard for me with the names…when I ever get my internetsite - I
want to make a contest for songnames…this would be a big help..!

-Many people on trance.nu have said that they would love to see you work with
MIKE (push) or Laurent Veronnez, what are your thoughts on this?
but I don´t know Laurant…hmmm…Mike….why not…

Be sure to check out Oliver Liebs new tunes “the hive” and “goddess” both out
on Superstition records!

Oh, and for all you gadget freaks, Oliver also gave us his studio gearlist...

Mixer :

2x Yamaha 02R


Digidesign: Pro Tools IV

Software: Emagic Logic Platinum Macintosh, Reaktor / Absynth / FM7 / Spectral
Delay / Attack….


Akai S-1100 / 32 Mbyte

Akai MPC 2000

EMU E-IV / 104 Mbyte; Proteus 2000

Ensoniq VFX-SD

Korg Wavestation A/D

Roland JD-990; JD800; 2x JV-1080 ; R-70 ; JX-8P; 2xJuno-106; Jupiter 8; MKS-30
; MKS-50

Roland JV-2080; SH-2 ; SH-101, System 100

Yamaha TX-802; 2x EX5R; FS1R

Bit one

Oberheim Matrix 6 ; OBXa ; OBMx ; Matrix 1000 ; OB 12

Korg Mono/Poly ; EX-8000 ; MS-20 ; MS-50 ; SQ-10

Teisco 607

Sequential Pro-1 ;

Drumtraks Novation Basstation ; Drumstation, Supernova

Moog Memorymoog/Advanced

EMS/Rehberg AKS-80 Döpfer MS-404 ; A-100 ;

Pearl Syncussion - SY1

Clavia Nordrack, 2x NordModular

Waldorf MicroQ; Micro Wave XT

Effect Units :

Ensoniq DP-4

Digitech TSR-24 ; DSP 256 XL

Lexicon 960 L,480 L

Yamaha SPX-90 II

Alesis Multiverb

Eventide HS3000 D/SE ; DSP 4000

Tubetech CL-1B Tubecompressor

Recording :

Dat Fostex D-10

Mastering :

TC. Finalizer

Roland SN550 Denoiser


Höf Mastercompressor

Monitors :

small : EMES white

med : EMES Blue

main : Genelec 1039A

Name: Oliver Lieb

Age: 32

Lives: Frankfurt

Style: “electronic”

Favorite producer: no one

Favorite label: changes every month

Favorite food: anything but fast food

Favorite drink: coca cola/vodka lemon

Favorite tune: hmmm, many

Favorite movie: Alien 1 / Bladerunner / The thing / Brazil / Dune

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