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Thursday 28th, October 2004
Nu NRG (Australia)

Italian trance producers Andrea Ribeca and Giuseppe Ottaviani first collaborated back in 1999 to form the project Nu NRG. Both artists come from a diverse musical background, experimenting with music from as early as 15 and 7 respectively. In 1998, Giuseppe met Andrea through the running of his own weekly radio program in Rome and so they began their first work together. The following year their debut track Energizer was released to which they received a positive response in their home country. Over time they developed their own unique sound and in 2001 they completed their most notable production – Dreamland. It was this track that led them to Paul van Dyk who was so impressed with their work that he signed them instantly to his reputable label Vandit Records. This was certainly an important turning point in their career as they exploded on to the international scene in 2002 playing at parties such as The Love From Above and the Love Parade as well as later touring throughout Europe and America. In 2003, their second Vandit release Space Flower EP hit clubs world-wide and this was followed up with their Connective EP later in the year, both of these establishing them as a major player in the international dance scene. In July 2004, they finished their long awaited debut album, Freefall and have recently embarked on a world-wide promotion tour in which Australia was their latest stop. It was here that Trance Nu caught up with Andrea and Giuseppe before their performance in Sydney to chat with them about the tour, their latest album, what they have been up to and much more..

So this is the first time you have been to Australia. Why have you waited so long to tour here and now that you are here, how do you rate the scene / country?

Yes this is the first time for us and we are really happy to be here. We haven’t seen many things in Australia yet because we have just landed. We played in Perth yesterday and it was a really good party. It was not very big but it had a very good atmosphere and energy and a really good feeling with the crowd. And now tonight we are playing here in Sydney.

You have come a long way in such a short time - since your first release “Energizer” to where you are today being signed to Vandit, releasing your first album and touring all over the world. What has been the biggest thing to come out of your fame and did you ever expect to get this far?

I think you have known us here for a short time, but we have been making music for a long time (laughs). So our response in regards to our release is we started in 1999 but we have been looking for something so good a long time before. We started in Rome and Energizer was our first production which is a bit different to what we are doing now. There has been a lot of work before and our success is a response of a lot of nights and a lot of days spent on the music (laughs). If you really put your energy, your passion, your love, into what you do I think that you will always have success. And we are making the music we like. This is also the reason we have success because we have big love and we have music just for our job.

In 2001, Paul van Dyk signed you to his label Vandit Records, one of the most respected labels in dance music today. How has things changed for you since then and how do you find working under this label?

Yes, it was a very great moment for us when we started at the label. We worked seriously for a lot of time, everyday for this and our first relation was with our track Dreamland from Paul van Dyk when he was dancing, and was very interested. And working under the label, we started playing at parties, like love parade, love from above which give us a lot of reason for our job because in Italy it is harder for us. The first time we played at Love Parade, the crowd showed lot of energy and a great response. I don’t know why, it is strange in Italy as all the producer are concentrating just in house music (laughs) so yeah Paul van Dyk and Vandit was very important for us.

Your production style is very unique compared to other trance producers around today. Where do you find the inspiration for your tracks and do you find it difficult to maintain this distinct sound?

Like we said before, we are looking discover something new and we are always experimenting, but of course the sound, simply, the sound of trance music is so similar. If an artist can be found special this can be his identity. We are working to find our identity, our music setup our music colour, and now looks like people are enjoying this but of course simply we are never happy because we are always looking for new sound, there are experiments. Now that we have good response for the live act, we like to do not just trance music, we started with trance music but we think that all dance music has great power. For example, break beat has a special power in one moment and we love all kinds of music. A good guitar can be very good for one moment and a good string can be for another moment. This is why playing live is the reason we have to do this research because we are playing just our music so Nu NRG live is like a concert. Once you play same music for more than thirty minutes it gets boring, the same song, the same sound, we like to change it (laughs).

You released your long awaited debut album “Freefall” earlier this year. How was the overall reception with this?

Yes it was a good reaction and now we say it is not really a good time for the music so fortunately was good response. But yes issues like mp3 downloading kills a lot of artist, you can become well known though the Internet but illegal mp3s is a problem.

Will we ever see a vinyl release of your older production work such as “Last Experience” or other tracks like “End Kiss”?

A lot of people ask this question (laughs). Last experience now is an old track, but we still love it and we like to use it special for our live act. At the moment we have no plans to release it, because for us it is important to keep some tracks special for the live act so if you want to hear Nu NRG Last Experience, you can listen to this only in our live set. And End Kiss is the same reason.

I heard a few years ago that the trance scene was quite small in Italy? Is this still the case now and if so, do you find it hard to get support in your own country?

Yes, as we said before Italians listen to other types of music such as house music so we don’t have a lot of space. We have collaboration with some clubs but just in the summer when there are a lot of tourists. Maybe in the future we can start working on the trance music for Italy we have a few ideas but at the moment we are looking at other projects.

You have done quite a few remixes for many producers. Is there a big demand for your remixes and do you really have to pick and choose what you would like to remix?

Yes, we made a lot of remixes and we have some plan for the future about certain mix but nothing is complete yet. Sometimes we don’t refuse because it’s great when an artist comes and wants us to remix and of course we have request because we need one month, three weeks we can plan the time. But when one artist believes that his music can be better with your style it is very positive for us. We like doing our mix for example we can do the melody with our style and we can change this melody.

Why is it that you prefer to do live appearances over DJ sets?

We were djs a few years ago. We have discovered that the live act is like a concert and the work is very hard but it is good. Of course if we dj we could get more gigs but we like to play live because you have a special feeling. And in a short time we are playing with big djs and we play our music so we can play with the big names. A lot of big djs respect our work and so they enjoy it when they play together, like in Ibiza, with guest Paul Oakenfold which was good.

Where do you see yourselves heading in the future? Will you continue on as NU NRG or perhaps you have other projects or collaborations in mind?

Nu NRG is our main project but we also have side collaborations with other artists like Jose Amnesia, in our track Visual Sonar, which we enjoy because he has a lot of experience. But we also have other collaborations with Gate 4 for example, so we don’t see just Nu NRG. Nu NRG is our main project and we also like collaboration with other guys but we don’t need another identity or project.

What are your favourite tracks at the moment?

We don’t really have any favourite tracks (laughs). Not really, because one track can be good for one reason and another can be good for better reason so there is not really one track.

How has 2004 been for you guys and what have been the highlights? What can we expect to see from you in the studio as well as in the club circuit in the future?

2004 is important for us for our first album. Of course we are looking for a new project for 2005. At the moment we are concentrating on the album promotion, with this gig, but of course we also have to spend a lot of time in the studio.

Trance Nu would like to thank Andrea and Giuseppe for taking time from their busy tour schedule to chat with us and also Vandit for organizing this interview.

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