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Wednesday 19th, November 2003
Nils Noa (Bermuda Triangle)

[b]Nils Noa Bio – Oct 24th 2003[/b] It’s close to 2AM on a cold November night in Oslo, Norway. Nils Noa is on the decks, playing the closing set at his burgeoning legendary Monkey Business event at the intimate Sikamikanico venue. With Oslo’s coolest cognoscenti losing the plot, the atmosphere could give any club in the world a run for their money, but then this isn’t any normal closing set by any normal DJ, this is their local hero, Nils Noa. To speak to the various promoters, past and present in Oslo about Nils, you always get the same response. It’s that he’s something a little bit special, not only as a DJ, but as producer, promoter and as a person, for despite all of the attraction that follows him, he’s renowned as one of the humblest guys you’ll ever meet. Nils is held in high esteem for many reasons - Whether this has to do with Nils deciding to turn Norwegian clubbing on its head when he was just 16 by establishing Bla Vega, a club name that is uttered with the utmost respect by all of the house and techno lunatics that frequented those special nights, and by those that wished they had! Or maybe it was because he was touring on the renowned Telle Konovi tour with his idols, Royksopp, Ralph Mayerz and the Jack Herren Band before he’d hit his twenties. At that time Nils was playing football in the Norwegian Premier League for Alesund, and still continuing his studies. These days he juggles his Monkey Business residency with select dates across the country, sharing stages with the cream of international talent at events as large as the Quant festival, this year headlined by Coldplay. He has started to tour internationally, with regular guest spots at Back to Basics and Circus in the UK alongside longtime idol, friend and now mentor Yousef. The upcoming year will see Nils return to the UK with proposed residencies already in talks following the huge response from his Essential Mix broadcast on BBC Radio One; alongside plans to tour as far a field as his name will take him. His DJ style has been described as something between Sasha and Yousef, which is a little hard to comprehend, but Nils’ reading of a dance floor gives rise to a dirty, energetic, funky House sound that is as fresh as Nils’ boyish looks. Alongside Jan Torre Diesen and DJ Ariane, Nils is part of the Trio that heads Bermuda Triangle. The debut album “Mooger Fooger” is a unique, groundbreaking slice of Norwegian House and Breaks which sounds equally as good on the floor at Monkey Business, as it does when the Triangle roadshow hits town with all 9 band members in tow. Live, their act is like no other, fitting somewhere between early Tricky, Bjork and any current alternative rock band of your choice. There is energy, there is anger, there is desire, and it leaves you breathless. Recent performances throughout most of Europe, and live spots on Norwegian TV have catapulted the band into the spotlight in their native homeland, and with current plans for the international release of the album in the pipeline, it won’t be long until the band go large. There is something for everyone in this debut masterpiece, whether it’s the haunting chilled breaks of “Tay Do 22” or the vocal crazed anthem “This is Just (Another Song).” The album walks a fine line between dancefloor credibility and acceptance of the masses, Bermuda Triangle have as many fans in the mainstream press as on the club circuit with John Digweed, James Zabiela, and the Hed Kandi crew all licensing tracks to their respective compilations. Not content with just the Bermuda Triangle production project, Nils is busy working away on his first solo productions, to be based more around his dance floor sensibilities. He continues to develop his Monkey Business night, concentrating on booking the less obvious international guests, something the Monkey Business regulars respect Nils for, and a new night called Rotation which will see Nils appear alongside some of the biggest names in the business.....

Name: Nils Noa
Aliases: Bermuda Triangle
Age: 23
Website: http://www.imprintdjs.com
Nationality: Norwegian
Favorite DJs: James Zabiela, Yousef and DJ Andre
Favorite Producers: Too many to mention
Favorite Tunes: Too many to mention
Favorite Labels: Too many to mention
Favorite Clubs: Back To Basics and Monkey Business

Hi Nils! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. How’s the winter in Oslo treating you ?
Pleasure is all mine. I love the winter, because then it’s so cold, and we can be in the studio all the time.

Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Nils Noa ? For people not knowing your sound, how would you portray a typical DJ set? What genres can one expect to hear?
I’m a DJ living in Oslo for the last 3 years. I’m originally from the west coast of Norway. I started DJing ten years ago. I play dance music with influences from house, breakbeat and melodic techno. All with a funky edge to it.

You grew up in Aalesund, where there was (is?) no house-scene whatsoever. As a 16 y/o you were DJing at local clubs, but as you put it on your website; loudmouthed eurodancers ruined every club nights. What triggered your decision to pursue a career in this business ?
I have always loved playing records, and it has just been a natural thing for me really. Was lucky to start playing out on a early stage, and got loads of experience.

You were a part of the notorious Konvoi tour by Mikal Telle, where you found yourself amongst critically acclaimed acts such as Röyksopp, Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herren Band. How did all this come about, and how did it affect you as a person ?
Erot picked me up when I was 18 and took me down to Bergen and I started playing with him and Bjørn Torske at their club Kennel. And when the Telle compilation was going to be released they asked me to join in on the tour as a DJ. I think it just made me even more inspired. Hearing “Eple” and “Poor leno” before everyone else is something I look back on with a big smile.

Over the last couple of years you’ve spinned at all the major events in Norway. Residencies at Headon (Atomic Soul), your own clubnights (Klubb Kråkebolle and Monkey Business), various performances for Renaissance, Ministry Of Sound, Subcity, Quart-festival, the annual summer parade in Oslo and lots more. What has been the best experience so far? Any particular events?
I have been so fortunate to play at almost all there is in Norway. For me being a DJ is the best experience. It’s always about the next gig, the new records, practice new tricks and all that stuff. I love it!

Besides playing at a lot of domestic events, you’ve also graced the decks in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Eindhoven and quite a few in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. You were also the first Norwegian in history to do an “Essential Mix” for BBC Radio 1. Now that you’ve signed with Imprint DJs (together with high profile names such as Chris Fortier, Matthew Dekay, James Holden etc) can we expect to see you spin more sets abroad? Any gigs already scheduled perhaps?
I was going to do a central-american tour in December, but it’s been delayed for next year. But I will tour around Europe in the beginning of next year. James Zabiela and I are going on a small tour in Russia. I will be doing a more gigs in the UK, and I’m going back to the UK - there I have some proposed residencies.

Are there any plans to do a 3rd instalment of Prima Norsk, or any other mix compilation for that matter? Any special treats in the pipeline?
I have some options, but I don’t think I’m doing a Prima Norsk 3. But I will probably do a new mix compilation next year, probably after the summer.

You are also 1/3 of the renowned Bermuda Triangle act together with Jan-Tore Diesen and DJ Ariane. Having just released the debut album entitled “Mooger Fooger”, which’s single release was signed to legendary Hooj Choons in the UK, and saw support from the likes of John Digweed, Deep Dish, James Zabiela, Ralph Lawson, Yousef and many more. What has the feedback been like so far? The track “This Is Just” is currently flying high on the Norwegian charts, you even did a video for it. Did this come a pleasant surprise or did you anticipate the critics in Norway to support the act ?
If u told me a few years back I was going to do a music video, I wouldn’t believe u. But it’s a step further and a good experience. It’s impossible to know what the critics will write and mean. But I’m more excited about the international release in January. So fingers crossed!

Tay Do 22 is a track on the Bermuda Triangle album. Rumour has it it’s set for a single release sometime later this year with some rather tasty remixes? Can you tell us more about this, and why (how?) you came up with the title ?
The “Tay do 22” will be out in late Januray with remixes from D:Facto, The Glitch, Spazmodic and Nils Noa & Mudman. So there will be everything from dirty breaks, to floating house to more progressive stuff. The title is from the restaurant over our studio, and I always eat the tay do 22. he he he he!

You’re part of the trendy Planet Noise virtual artist pool in Norway. How did all this start, and what do you have in store for us in the future ? Any new talents we should look out for ?
It was two ladies with a marketing background who wanted to create a alternative recordlabel. They contacted with Ariane who contacted me, and then it all just got bigger. There is loads of stuff coming next year on Planet Noise. You should all check out singles from Spazmodic, Laminim & Cottonhead and Gork. Really good stuff! There will also be some good remixes on there as well.

Monkey Business is the name of your current highly popular club night at Sikamikanico in Oslo. You’ve brought in guest DJs from all over the world, James Zabiela, Jon Lisle, and Paolo Mojo to name but a few. What are the plans for the coming months, can you reveal which DJs you have booked for future events ?
In December we have Paolo Mojo back. He is such a great DJ. He will be playing on the 13th of December. In January we have two live gigs from The Glitch (Looq Rec) and Chillinuts. In February we have Mixmag’s future hero Mr. Nic Fanciulli. We have some good stuff for March and April too, but it’s not confirmed yet. I love playing at Monkey Business, always such a happy crowd down there.

Speaking about Oslo, what do you think of the current scene here and in Scandinavia in general, both event and music wise ? There aren’t many recordshops left, and the promoters are few and far in between ..what’s your view upon this ?
I don’t know much about the rest of Scandinavia, but here in Oslo there is a lot of stuff happening. Everything from house, breakbeat, techno, drum’n bass to progressive nights every weekend. And there is DJs from around the globe visiting every weekend as well. The only scene that’s not good is the trance scene. I just hope they get a good weekly night somewhere with proper guests. It’s almost too much going on actually, and there is also a lot of people making good music too.

What are the biggest tracks in your bag at the moment? Any cheeky whites we should look out for ?
That has to be UNKLE “In A State” (Meat Katie & Elite Force Remix) on MoWax and Underworld “Born Slippy” (Atomic Hooligan Remix), they are both tearing up the place everywhere I play.

Any final words to your fans and to the members of trance.nu?
Hope to see u all at Monkey Business 13th of December at Sikamikanico in Oslo!

Alright, that wraps it up Nils! Thanks again, and the best of luck to you and yours with upcoming projects and work.
Thanks to u guys! Keep up the good work!


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