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Thursday 18th, April 2002
Nic Vegter

Finally the Nic Vegter interview is ready. One of the most promising producers out there at the moment has taken his time to speak with trance.nu

What made you become a producer / DJ, and when did you?

About 12 years ago I started making music when I visited a friend who had all this equipment. Got a loan and started myself right away! Half year later, I got my first deal with rapper Stay-c from hit-artist 24/7.

Which other artists and DJs inspire you ?

Dj's internationally:
Sasha, for making those perfect blends. The man can tell a story. Josh Wink...wow. I saw him twice, swept me of my feet.
Dj's nationally:
Remy, for that good old evening of pumping trance / techno
Dimitri, blending different styles in one set. From House to trance and techno to breakbeats. Excellent!
Chicane, for perfect admospheres. I love admospheres!! Underworld. Pure energy! Bedrock and Sasha are always interesting to listen too. Excellent productions!

What's your goal for 2002, what do you want to achieve ?

Make beautiful music, have fun with my new girl and set my name in more countries with my solo project Nic Vegter and Classified Project.

What do you have lined up for 2002?

New Classified Project release 'Spatial Enhancer'. New Nic Vegter release 'Amazone' 12 minutes of trance! Re-release of 'The Infernal Machine' with a remix from a very special DJ! Beware!!! Nicolas Freeman release 'Renaissance' on Limbo records. And some new remixes!!

What about DJing?

I'm not a DJ! Of course I can spin some, but I do not play professionally. That could be a goal for a few years from now. For now, making music is time-consuming enough.

If you had the possibility to choose 3 fellow producers to join you in the studio, who would you choose and why ?

Well, still Chicane, that would be a blast. His sound and mine into one record! But I don't think I'll fit in his agenda though. Tiesto would be nice, as we did already had the plan to do so, but time was not on our side (or lets say, his side), and Remy. Very nice, simple but effective productions! I would like to try out somethings with him.

What's are your favourite record labels?

As I'm not a DJ, I'm not that into labels, but still, I can mention Bedrock, Xtravaganza, Endrecordings, Sadie, CC. They all release very good, original tracks, never any shit.

Which record stores would you recommend for buying the latest tracks?

Outland records in Amsterdam. Nice surrounding, nice people.

What tracks are hot for you at the moment?

I like the Kismet things very much 'Earth' 'Wind', now 'Fire'...excellent stuff. Berry van Gardingen 'Resolution' on Sadie. Way out west 'Mindcircus' is a beautiful song, and beautiful voice. Already a bit old, but still Funk dvoid 'Diabla'. Excellent! My own remix of Viridian 'Sunhumb' too, I cant get enough of that melody!

Where do you like to spend time?

Most of the time Im at the bar, drinking some, listening to the music, and some dancing. In the Netherland the Escape is still nice to go to after so many years. 'The winkel van Sinkel' in Utrecht is a very nice atmosphere. First you eat, then they put tables on the side, and you go dance! My favourite at the moment would be 'Panama' in Amsterdam. They play a lot Brazilian house things. I love that stuff. Happy vibes, nice girls, good admosphere...excellent. For the rest of europe...mmm...last summer I went to Ibiza and 'Privilege' was quite a thing! Of course Ibiza was quite a thing too, and I will do the same this year!

Do you go under any other guises besides the well known Classified Project, The Infernal Machine and Nic V?

Nic Vegter

Nic V.


Nicolas Freeman

Classified Project



Cosmic Blueprint


The Infernal Machine

I probably missed some, but these are most recent.

Any final words for all your fans at Trance.Nu?

A very nice, professional site with, well.....every bit of info youd need to know. Very good also for guys like me to get the message out! Excellent, keep up the good work!!

- Releases

Classified Project - Resurrection

Classified Project - Sub Culture

Classified Project - Electrostatic Discharge

Classified Project - Phenomenon

Classified Project - Sunset Boulevard

Classified Project - Eyecatcher

Classified Project - Spatial Enhancer

Cyclone - Salobre

Cosmic Blueprint - Follow us to the Cocaine Bar

Cm3 - Solar Flame

Ground Zero - It's Over

Infinit - Play the Music

Monkeyheads - Unidentified

Monkeyheads - Hawai

Monkeyheads - Octane

Metaphor - Sound of Nature

Nickelson - Aquaphonic

Nickelson - World of Love

Nicolas Freeman - Shiver

Nicolas Freeman - Renaissance

Nic Vegter - Artificial Intelligence

The Infernal Machine - Losing Control

The Infernal Machine - Realistic

- Remixes

Viridian - Sunhump (Classified Project Remix)

S.O.L.I.S. - Dolphins (Classified Project Remix)

Luna Mora - I Can Feel It (Classified Project Remix)

Marco V. - Superlative (Classified Project Remix)

Solar System - Orient Express (Nic Vegter Remix)

Poison Club - IBeatZa (Nicolas Freeman Remix)

- Studio Equipment

Yamaha O2R with ADAT and Analog expansions

Roland TR-909

Akai S-6000

Roland JP-8080

Roland XV-5080 with expansions

Access Virus KB

Yamaha AN1X

Korg Trinity rack

Novation Supernova 2 rack

Clavia Micro Modular

TLAudio Fatman Compressors 2X

TC Electronic M-One Multi-effects

TC Electronic D-Two Rhythm Delay

Apple Cube 450 Mhz running Cubase for sequencing

Pentium II 400Mhz running Soundforge for sound-editing

Creamware Pulsar II

Emagic AMT8

Spirit Absolute 4P (actives)

Technics SL 1210 Mk2

Sony DAT

Philips CD-burner (in PC)

Iomega ZipCD-burner

And a lot of cables!!!

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