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Wednesday 02nd, June 2004
Nathan Fake Interview

Having a keen interest in piano and keyboard music, Nathan has been playing and writing music since his early teens. Describing his music as "Rock and Roll!" Nathan is a firm believer that all the best music is the stuff that crosses over boundaries, and describes it "Like rock that uses electronic elements and vice versa.". It is hard to pinpoint Nathan's sound. A mix of raw ambiance, beautiful melodies and edgy prog-tech beats, this EP is a testament that no matter how many genres you mix, good music will always come through in the end. So where did this wonder-kid come from? Like most success stories, it was a fluke really. Having just started college, Nathan sent out a demo CD to James Holden's Border Community Recordings and the rest, as they say, is history... In late 2003 'Outhouse', one track from the demo CD, became the second release on Border Community Recordings and Nathan's debut solo release, and he has since gone on to produce remixes for artists such as Avus, Perc and most recently DJ Remy. Still studying at Reading University, Nathan has enjoyed the kind of undergound success that kids and most professional producers dream of. The tracks 'Overdraft', 'Adam Edge', and 'Underberg', three previously unreleased tracks now found on the Watlington Street EP along with 'Peary Land' and 'Bored Of House', have been passed around from DJ to DJ and have been played by the likes of John Digweed, Nick Warren, and Hernan Cattaneo. Nathan's response to this was simple "I don't know where you people have heard all my music."

Name:Nathan Fake
Aliases:Nathan Fake
Favorite dj:James Holden
Favorite producer:Vincent Oliver
Favorite tune:I cant really single out one tune, I like many...
Favorite remix: who has a favourite remix?
Favorite cd: sigur růs - Šgśtis byrjun
Favorite label:border community
Favorite food:pasta
Favorite drink:tea

Hi Nathan. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview!
thatís ok.

Some might think they know all about you, and some might not know anything at all. So; Who is Nathan Fake? When did you get into electronic
music, how did it all start?

I'm a 21 year old lad from Norfolk in England. I got into electronic music when I was about 14 or 15. I was into things like orbital and aphex
twin and started writing stuff with a synth and a little drum machine. its all gone from there really.

Your debut solo release Outhouse got signed to James Holdenís label Border Community, and has created Havoc all around the world by now.
How did you get in touch with James Holden?

I sent him a demo version of outhouse, and he got back to me asking for the finished version. I sent it to him and he really liked it, and
signed it.

Fans of electronic music all over the world loves Outhouse and for me itís still one of the best tracks of 2003/2004. on top of it all itís
been hammered by most big jocks all over the world. You went from being totally unknown to becoming ďA Rising StarĒ. Must be the best feeling in the world. In what way has this success affected your personal life?

yes, its always nice to be hammered by big jocks. the whole thing felt pretty hectic at first, although you tend to calm down and get used to
it after a while. Iím still just plain old Nathan to all my friends, which
is nice. its hardly international success or anything, so my personal life hasn't changed at all really.

All positive feedback is great feedback, but when coming from this one special person it means so much more.Feedback and reactions from
djís aso must have been amazing after your first release. Have you received any feedback from this one special person that means more than any other feedback you have received?

hmm I donít know... I think the most exciting feedback Iíve had is when maryanne hobbs played outhouse on the breezeblock on radio 1. I always
thought the breezeblock was the coolest show ever so to hear my track on there was really exciting. also hearing that Darren Durham from fortdax
liked the record was really nice, to know that people outside the house/techno scene enjoyed it was great.

First a solo release at Border Community and then a whole EP at legendary SAW Recordings.
Who contacted who?

Saw's A&R got in touch with me asking what I was up to and if Iíd be up for working with them. I sent them a cd of some tracks and they signed
some of them.

Your upcoming release on SAW entitled Watlington Street EP is truly a bomb and really shows that you are one of the most innovative
artists out there today. Tell us all about it; Adamedge, Bored of House, Underberg, Overdraft, Peary Land. Where do you get inspiration for a
collection of five tracks like these?

All those tracks were written last summer, in a house on watlington street. adamedge is named after a good friend of mine. theres no direct
inspiration for the tracks really, I have tunes floating around in my head all the time so usually start with a single idea and develop it. bored of house is my favourite track on the ep I think.

This is a part of the Watlington Street EP review I did for trance.nu; ďI donít know where Nathan got the inspiration for this corker of
a tune, but I would sure like to know.
Overdraft sounds like Benny Benassi on speed; This is crazy stuff. Nathan has used a drum roll that sounds like it's picked out from a heavy metal song, and tweaked to the maxĒ. So please tell us! How DID you come up with
the idea for this crazy track. And I gotta say, I really love this one.

I was just fiddling around on my computer and came up with it. I did the track as a laugh really, I wasn't ever hoping to get it signed or
anything. It was done very quickly; the track is basically me fucking around with a loop for 3 minutes or so, thereís no solid arrangement. then I tidied it up afterwards. glad you like it.

Going from a 12Ē single to a five tracks EP is a pretty big step. Got any plans for a album release in the near future?
Iíd like to do an album; I recently made one for a college project. there are no plans for a proper one yet, though its something Iíve always
wanted to do.

Watlington Street EP on SAW Recordings will be out in june. Will we see more releases from Nathan Fake during the upcoming months? Any
releases under new monikers?
there are one or two things in the pipeline..

What about Nathan Fake as a dj. How does your schedule look this summer?
Iím not a dj. although I am putting together a live set at the moment. I would have done sooner but things have been a bit crazy with college. so hopefully you'll be seeing me wielding an axe on stage soon.

What could we expect from you during a set? Whatís firm in your box right now?
Well at the moment Iím really into an Icelandic artist called 7oi. He's unsigned, but makes really great music, the best Iíve heard in a while. I also love everything Petter does; he's one of the most consistently great artists out there.

Thank you very much for your time Nathan. The trance.nu staff wishes you the best of luck with your work and upcoming releases.


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