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Wednesday 30th, April 2008
Mr Sam interview
Updated: Thursday 08th, May 2008

Mr Sam has been active in the dance music industry for over 10 years with many releases on labels like Magik Muzik and Black Hole Recordings. He is known for his epic trance productions, both as solo act and driving techno as Mojado with Dimitri Andreas. He has built on his reputation through numerous DJ performances all over the world and with his successful mix compilation called ĎOpusí and his critically acclaimed artist album "Lyteo". For 2008, Mr Sam has decided to give birth to his own label, Appia Music, compile OPUS Secondo and give us his new artist album. We caught up with the passionate Frenchman to discuss his new label and plans for the future.

What are your aims for your new label?

Mr Sam: I thought a lot before starting my own label. It must be a true calling. I want Appia Music to be a label without any boundaries. My aim is to focus on the quality of the music rather than following the trends. Appia Music will release all styles of electronic dance music: techno, trance, house, ambient, electro and down tempo. Itís the quality that counts.

The main objective is also to bring new talents to the scene and to release all my new releases from now, including my forthcoming solo artist album and the new OPUS Secundo mix compilation. This way, everyone knows that my music will be on Appia Music from now, it makes it easier as well.

Can you translate the Latin for us on the logo?

Mr Sam: Sure, it means ďAll roads lead to RomeĒ. My closest friends and colleagues know the love and passion I have for Rome and Antics in general. The name APPIA comes from the Appian Way (Latin and Italian: Via Appia). It was the most important ancient Roman road. It is also called the "queen of roads". This place means a lot to me and this is my favourite place in the world without a shadow of a doubt.

How important is it having the backing of Black Hole?

Mr Sam: Iíve been working hand-in-hand with Black Hole for quite a long time now. We know each other well and we share mostly the same opinions and ideas on music. After releasing a few artist albums (as both Mr Sam and also Mojado) I had the chance to work with them and saw how good the collaboration was. Its all about team work at the end. They trust me and follow my ideas so it was obvious that we should do my label together. It couldnít be different for me.

Your first release is a cover of the early nineties classic Dominator by Human Resource. What makes this track so special to you?

Mr Sam: This record is a great one. A classic for me. I remember when I was still a teenager and bought it in the shop. It was a great honour for me to produce my own vision of it. I wanted to make it massive for the clubs and present it to the new generation as well. Reactions are awesome so far. Well of course many younger DJs are asking ďwho are Human Resource?Ē which is a very good thing and my goal is achieved. DJs like Eddie Halliwell, Judge Jules, Sander van Doorn, Marco V, Marcel Woods among many others are strongly supporting it. It was even played a week after the release on the Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1.

This is taken from your forthcoming artist album. Will it have as diverse a range of artists as your first artist album ďLyteoĒ and how does it compare to that album?

Mr Sam: Iím still working on my album at the moment and Iíve already got more than 10 tracks produced. I did many collaborations as well. Surprising ones with different producers, song writers and singers. It different from Lyteo in terms of maturity. I worked most of the tracks as real songs, I mean the ones for the radio. I also make some harder records too, my other love. On this album I want to express all I feel about the music. I donít want to produce under any pressure I just want have fun and thatís all that counts for me now. Dominator will be the first club single and Iím working on the remixes of the second one as we speak. Itís a techno bomb too and promise to be hugeÖ more soon! That will be released on Appia Music as well.

You also have a second mix album out soon too, OPUS Secondo. Can you give us a sneak preview of what sort of styles will be represented on that?

Mr Sam: Ah OPUS Secundo! I mixed it yesterday to let you know all! Was the best part of the job, if I can say. The first OPUS received such great comments that I wanted to give it a proper follow up. I worked nothing less than six months on it. Collecting all the tracks took a long time. I got hundreds of tracks in my box, unbelievable. This time I wanted to focus on the visual side of the music. The music selection contains mostly tracks especially produced for OPUS Secundo. Youíll find from house, to electro, trance, classical etc. Itís difficult for me to give music special names or genres. I do think that the vocabulary in general is missing strong words to express what you feel with music. Itís better listening to it than talking about it. Release is due for June!

Many thanks for your time Mr. Sam and congratulations on your success!

Mr Sam: Youíre welcome and thanks for the support.

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