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Tuesday 16th, April 2002
Moshik 'Moshic' Shlomy

For the last year progressive music has exploded in popularity, but yet to a certain degree the style has managed to be kept underground. The beauty of listening to new styles is opening ones eyes for artists that you never have heard of before. Certain artists have the ability not only to open your eyes, but to mold your brain and leave your heart aching for more. Moshik Shlomy is such an artist. You may know him as Argonaut, re:mosh, nephilim or simply Moshic: he has been hailed as Israels best kept secret by high-profiled djs, and his tunes are played by all the big boys: Tenaglia, Sasha, Cox, Kleinenberg, Digweed, Lawler, Howells, Van M, Pappa etc. Moshic's two first single releases were sold out the very first day of release, while his tunes are used on compilations all around: Gatecrasher, Nocturnal Frequancies, Nubreed... The buzz has resulted in numerous remixing jobs and international dj gigs as well. But, who is Moshik?

Question: Many people like to compare you with artists such as Chab, who was
your inspiration to start producing?

Answer:inspiration... not realy…because I heard about Chab only a year ago when
I did the remix for "Nukem-deepest level (argonaut rmx)" and played with them
in "GOGO's" club in Zurich. I realy liked Chab and Nukem as dj's and since then
they both released very hi-quility productions.. Such nice guys!

The Isreali party scene has grown a lot the last years and so has its good
reputation for producing quality dance music. Some of Israels most famous producers
are Yahel, Astral Projection and now Moshic.

Question: A lot of people say that Isreal is the place to look for when it
comes to both deep progressive music, as well as commercial trance. Why do you
think Israel is so good when it comes to electronic music?

Answer: I think it's all about two israeli things: one is the israeli culture
,the big "culture mix" we have in Israel ,and the second is the Israel way of
life: the long war around us that convince us more and more to "live the moment"
and "abuse" life as much as we can!

Question: What is your thoughts about the recent events in Isreal? Will the
violence stop?

Answer: it will never stop and you need to be here to understand. It can be a
little better and quiet, but It will never stop..it's very deep.

The conflict in Israel is a serious issue, and so is drugs in the music scene:

Question: Electronic music is often being portrayed as "drug music", how
do you feel about that?

Answer: There was always a conection between drugs and electronic music ,that's
the way it got develop,"crazy" producers who brought the analog sounds to the
music with the drugs help ofcourse ,but today I'm sure it's different. People
from the industry call me "liquid boy" and every place I'm playing there is a
big fuzz to take drugs "because of his crazy sounds", but the truth is that I
never smoke a damn cigar,so it can prove that it's all In your head. Some people
need the drugs to "trigger" and some need only the music to "trigger" I can only
say that it has never bothered me and it has always been around me.

Question: How do you feel about the mp3 scene? Should it be against the law
to download mp3s?

Answer: hmmm….that's hard one because on one hand it's the future, and on the
other hand no one developed the sucurity answer against the piracy in the net
so far ,so till then I'm against it ! it's killing the music industry and from
there the chain will continue and will hurt the crowd itself in the end. It's
the same as the food chain in nature!.

Question: Where do you think trance is going in the years to come? Is it getting
deeper or harder?

Answer: trance is getting better and better ,sometimes I find myself holding my
head because I just heard a new forthcoming production and can't imaging what
can be better then this?! Is it getting deeper or harder? I think the right answer
is that its getting more and more eclectic! Today you can hear for example DEEP
DISH turning their set from pure hous to prograssive and to a total techno sound
and the same goes for Sasha and Digweed.

Question: Trance exploded in USA the last year or so, and now the americans
are coming along with artists such as John Creamer & Stephane K + Jimmy Van M.
Do you think the US scene has something to offer?

Answer: yes …lately I'm getting more and more feedback from american and candian
prograssive crowds..and more then that If I'm looking in my prograssive box today
I can count at least 30% american productions compare to one year ago I had only
americans hous tunes in my box.

Question: What producer would you like to work with the most?

Answer: first of all big respect to the 3 lageneds : F.S.O.L, union jack and LSG,
those people convince me to get into the electronic world.. and back to these
days, the amazing long-island producer Blackwatch, the turkish master YUNUS ,
DANNY THE TEN wink and so many more….wow!

Question: What is your favorite piece of equipment when producing?

Answer: haha….thats hard but I can say that the 909 will never die for me..its
original sound is always win!

Question: Do you mainly use hardwear, or software when producing?

Answer: today I can say 95% software!

Question: What do you think (out of all the songs you have made) is the best
you have made?

Answer: I think "night stalker" is my best in 2001 but when it comes to reactions
i can't point to one... and say that's my limit , that's the best I did ..i have
a few surprises up my sleeve.. ask me again 2 years from now.

Question: "Argonaut - Your body is a temple" is a deep masterpiece! VERY dark
and beautiful! What is your inspiration to make such tracks and where did you
find the "bible" sample ? (it sounds scary)

Answer: haha….this track was inspired by a canadian preacher that I met in Toronto
when I traveled there. And those words cept me with the power, and I don't know
how I did it...I asked the guy to repeat it for me. But he gave me one condition
in order to record him and it was to promise him to spread "the word" for him
…I smiled and just waited to come back home to do it in my way….hehe…I hope he
liked the way I choosed..!

Question: "Faza" has a break with female moaning which sounds AMAZING! Again,
what was your inspiration for that tune?

Answer: first of all the "dirty" idea belongs to my special friend LANDA, and
this guy is one of the reasons that I became a dj and if you will meet the guy
then you will understand the reason for that track….hehe…he is a sex maniac and
gona kill me for that line..hehe…!

Question: I can see that you will remix the classic Z2 - I want you (one of
my all-time favorite tracks), when will it be released?

Answer: about the release date I realy don't know but I did it with my partner
Zidan and we realy enjoyed working on it! For me it was to close an old "circle"
because when I started djing I was crazy about z2solar stonedeep blue productions..so
it was realy exciting for me.

Question: Do you have any advice to fresh producers that need the "big break"

Answer: yes…I always say to my friends: take the headphones and when they listen
to the master mix, try imagining themselves in the middle of the crowd… do I sound
too spiritual??! But it's always inspired me and brought me amazing ideas..

Question: What would be most important to you: sell alot of records, or getting
respect and credibility for producing the tracks that you love?

Answer: my relatives will say that : "with respect you can't go to the supermarket"
but I will say that if I have my studio, my meals I'm happy so fuck the money
and keep the respect….

Question: Are you planning to dj in Europe or the US in 2002?

Answer: yes ofcourse..I just started to work seriously on my solo sets along with
my duo sets with Zeidan. There's a nice sceduel already for this year including
Europe and the US.

Question: What is the perfect party for you: small underground club or big
stadium event?

Answer: I had perfect parties from each kind of those so I can only say that the
perfect party has nothin to do with the numbers of people, it's the vibe of the
party and the positive conection between the crowd and the dj.

Question: Some people would tip you on mixing for Global Underground, what
do you think?

Answer: I just finished my first compilation and am realy proud of it and can't
wait to get reaction about it because It sounds realy "me" and I think that the
right time do decide about mixing for global series will come in the right time..

Question: What are your thoughts on the internet? Do you use internet alot?

Answer: ho my god..thank god for that!..Who can say no to a whole world in one
small box?!?! I think we were "blind" before that..haha!

Question: Last but not least, is there anything you would like to say to the
trance.nu users?

Answer: a big thanx for those prog/deep trance lovers,we the producers and dj's
are nothing without you! Don't "dig" into life too much -enjoy cuz you can't guess
what happens the next day ..

Trance.nu recomends:

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Moshic & Zeidan - Nightstalker (Plastica Records)

Argonaut - Your body is a temple (Cyber Records)

Moshic & Landa - Faza Thin Men - U are (Moshic remix) (Pipeline Records)

Trance.nu thanks Moshik Shlomy for a very nice interview and wishes him all the
best for his future!!!

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