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Sunday 16th, October 2005

Mojado’ is the neo-techno project from the combined talents of Mr. Sam and Dimitri Andreas. They both are busy already for a long time in the music industry as DJ and as producer. For the ‘Mojado’ projected they decided to combine their both talents and work together in the studio. Their style could be best described as a cocktail of sound. The ‘Mojado’ tracks ‘Naranja’, ‘Señorita’ and ‘El Toro’ all became hits in the dance charts and at the dance floors in clubs and festivals all around the globe. Besides their own DJ carreers, Mr. Sam and Dimitri Andreas also perform live as ‘Mojado’ on various stages at festivals and parties around the world. In August of this year the first Mojado album ‘Arena’ saw a release on Tiësto’s label Magik Muzik.

Trance.nu: When did you start with producing music?
Mr. Sam:
First of all a friend and I did a remix together for the USA, which was called ‘Circuit Boy - The Door’. At that time we made a new version of this track, which sounded a little bit more techno minded. After this remix I did a few other tracks, which were never released. They were only released on few compilations in France, the country where I live. This was al in 1997 and after that, I did more and more remixes, so the Mr. Sam remixes were born around that time actually.
Dimitri Andreas: My first record was released when I was 18 years old, so that’s 7 years ago now. I’m busy with producing music since I was at the age of 12. I played around with synths and other equipment. At that time making music was still very expensive. I had to work the whole summer in a restaurant to be able to buy a simple sampler. And everything was a lot more difficult to learn, programmes like Reason and Ableton are a gift now for new musicians! It costs a lot less to start making music these days! The kind of music that I made was influenced by people like Jean Michel Jarre. Around the age of 16 I started going out and I was influenced by the music I heard in the clubs. So around the same time I started to produce more dance related music. In 1998 I released my first track ever

Trance.nu: What do you consider to be your best production ever so far?
Mr. Sam:
That’s difficult to say because there were so many. I did a lot productions and I think that I made around 65 remixes, I think that my best production ever is on my new Mr. Sam album. One of the tracks on this album is a down tempo track called ‘Split’. I did this one together with Kirsty Hawkshaw and production wise I have the feeling it’s the best record I’ve ever did! The track was made together with Tim Coltrane as well.
Dimitri Andreas: I think my best production isn’t made yet to be honest…

Trance.nu: How and when did you guys meet eachother and decided to go produce music together?
Mr. Sam:
I met Dimitri in 2000 when I was A&R for a Belgian music company called N.E.W.S. I heard a record of him which was just released on Session Records, the label from Marco Bailey. I liked the record so much and I tried to find out who produced it. After I found out that Dimitri made it, I contacted him and he went to my office in Gent in Belgium for a meeting. Over there we discussed about music and our opinion about music and artistic stuff as well. We got a really great contact, so we met a few times again. Dimitri was also part of my exclusive artists when I was working for N.E.W.S. He did some tracks together with different people over there. On a certain day we decided to meet up in the studio and there the first record ‘Naranja’ was born!

Trance.nu: How did you guys come up with the Spanish name of your project?
Mr. Sam:
The Mojado name was my idea. I discussed it with Dimitri because we first didn’t want to make a project. We just wanted to make a track together that combined trance, salsa, house, techno etc. So all kinds of music mixed together. We think that we can build up a record around everything. It can be salsa, groove, trance, guitar, techno, rap, vocals … we can do everything around it, because the feeling, the groove and the emotion you have when you listen to the record, is the most important. And the Spanish name … Well, ‘Mojado’ means ‘wet’. For us it was like to make the guys hard and the girls wet. I did a lot of club-techno music with Corvin Dalek in the past under the name ‘Madrid Inc’. And this sound was very similar to the sound that I wanted to have back. After some tests with Dimitri and myself in the studio I thought ‘Yes, this sounds wet and hard!’. Dimitri and I both love the Spanish culture, so on a certain day I saw the name ‘Mojado’ and I found out that it meant ‘wet’. Wet because the music is for girls, shaking, dancing, for partying and everything. The meaning of ‘wet’ is not just sexual, because ‘wet’ can mean a lot of stuff, like when you’re sweating while dancing. The name ‘Mojado’ was sounding good in our ears. When we gave the name to Magik Muzik, to Tiësto and Dimitri de Wit from Black Hole, they said that it sounded really good and original as well. So then the name for our project was born.

Trance.nu: Did the Spanish name had some influence in the direction you guys went in terms of Mojado's sound?
Mr. Sam:
Yes, the concept of our album is called ‘Arena’ and when you listen to the album, you hear that everything is around the ‘Arena’, which is well known in Spain for the bull fights etc. But our album doesn’t have to do anything with bull fights, but I tried to imagine 2 DJ’s or a live act entering a big arena when you have ‘El Toro’, the bull of course, ‘El Matador’ for the matador, ‘Señorita’, for girls dancing, you have ‘Samba Brutal’ for samba dance, you have ‘Terremoto’, which means earthquake. It’s all a concept around the arena. When you have the album in hands you can see the pictures, the text we wrote inside to explain the whole stuff and the Spanish name gives us the feeling of the south of Europe: Sun, people dancing, fun, the real Ibiza feeling etc. So for us ‘Mojado’ is party time. We are not making intellectual or experimental music. We just want to make good club music, because our ‘Arena’ album is dedicated to the clubbers and the party people. You can listen to it at home too of course, but it’s much better when you listen to it in the car, at a party or in a club. Both Dimitri and I are party animals for the last 15 years and we are really addicted to music as well. When we are going to a party we want to be kicked by the music. In the early days when we went out clubbing together, we noticed that a lot of DJ’s are playing a bit boring sometimes. We wanted to bring the party back to the dancefloor, so we tried to make an album which contains only party tracks like tracks such as ‘Naranja’, ‘El Toro’, ‘Señorita’ and the new one ‘El Matador’. Every track is party time! Almost every DJ played it! For example Paul van Dyk, Armin, Tiësto, even Carl Cox! So we got DJ’s from trance, house, electro, techno etc. who played our tracks. For us it’s a big honour that our ‘Arena’ album is the first non-Tiësto release on the Magik Muzik label. We are proud of it of course!
Dimitri Andreas: We get inspiration from a lot of things. Sam and I both listen to a lot of different styles of music. The Mojado tracks are based on our experiences in clubs and parties we have been to. We tried to put all ingredients together, to make an album with a real party atmosphere. The ‘Arena’ album is based on Latin sounds mixed with good grooves and party music.

Trance.nu: The first Mojado album ‘Arena’ is out now for a few weeks. How lang have you been busy to produce the entire album?
Mr. Sam:
When the first track ‘Naranja’ was finished, we gave it to Black Hole. Something later Tiësto started to play it in his sets. When we finished ‘El Toro’, I did send it to Tiësto’s manager Dimitri de Wit the same day. It was around 17:00, which was a few hours before Tiësto’s gig at Innercity the same evening. And around 2 O’clock in the night Dimitri de Wit did send me a SMS that Tiësto started his gig at Innercity with ‘El Toro’ and that the audience responded with a massive reaction! This was awesome, since we finished the track on the same day! We’ve heard that people phoned and emailed to Black Hole the Monday after Innercity to ask what the first track in Tiësto’s set was, haha! Soon after that we made tracks like ‘Samba Brutal’ and ‘Blanco’. When those were finished we decided to make more tracks to finish a complete album. When the album was finished, we had a meeting at the Black Hole office. Tiësto was also there and when they heard everything, he told us that it was cool, so we signed the album the same day. In total we’ve spend a few months finishing all tracks and compiling the whole ‘Arena’ album.
Dimitri Andreas: We started 1,5 year ago with Mojado, but we didn’t went in the studio to finish the whole album at once. I think we worked for about 4 or 5 months on the total album before it was finished.

Trance.nu: How are the reactions on the album so far?
Mr. Sam:
The reactions on the album are fantastic! Really awesome! The album is released a few weeks ago and we already did a lot of interviews and there are some very good reviews on the internet and in magazines etc. Black Hole is also going to sell the album on I-Tunes, which is also great for us, so people everwhere around the world can listen to it now. It’s also great that a lot of DJ’s playing our stuff. Mojado is not trance, not techno, not house, not salsa music, not deephouse, it’s Mojado! We mixed all kinds of sounds together, so every DJ can play it in their sets.
Dimitri Andreas: Very good! To be honest, I expected a bit of negative reactions from some people that are into the techno music. I have a lot of friends who are into 'more underground techno music', so they don’t like to listen to the some more commercial sounding music. But also from them I do get a lot of good and positive reactions and comments as well!

Trance.nu: What is your personal favourite of the album?
Mr. Sam:
That must be ‘El Matador’, because it’s the perfect track for me! It has a really strong groove and it has a really nice atmosphere with the vocals we’ve used. The bassline in the break is also really emotional in my opinion. We did a lot of live acts with Mojado the last few months and this track is one of the highlights in our act. ‘El Matador’ is somewhere in the middle of the act. Combined with the light show and other effects, it’s like all the people on the floor are freaking out! The first time Tiësto played it was in club Space in Miami for the Winter Music Conference. Because we really have our own Mojado sound, a lot of people knew that it was a new track of Dimitri and me. Again people started to email Black Hole and Dimitri and me, what the name of the track was that Tiësto played in Miami. I really like ‘El Matador, so it’s my personal favourite on the ‘Arena’ album.
Dimitri Andreas: That depends on it… For the more relaxing moments and in small clubs I like ‘Arena’ or ‘ El Tercer Ojo’ a lot. But in bigger clubs or at big festivals or parties I like ‘Rezo’ and ‘El Matador’ myself.

Trance.nu: Some Mojado tracks like ‘Naranja’, ‘El Toro’ and ‘Señorita’ saw a release already. The new Mojado track ‘El Matador’ is also just released. Are there any other tracks scheduled for a release?
Mr. Sam:
Yes, ‘El Matador’ is the fourth track in a row on Magik Muzik. I can also tell you that we will have a limited edition E.P. coming out very soon. There will be 4 coloured vinyls out with tracks like ‘Arena’, ‘El Tercer Ojo’, ‘Señorita (Mr. Sam Vocal Vision), ‘El Matador’ and some other exclusive tracks. In total there will be 8 tracks on the E.P. So 4 vinyls with one track on each side.

Trance.nu: The only remixes which are done of Mojado tracks so far are done by the both of you yourself. Will there be remixes of Mojado tracks by other people in the future?
Mr. Sam:
No, because we wanted to make an album where all the original versions were the hits. We don’t need other people to make a remix of a Mojado track, we can do it by ourselves. If we want a more techno based remix, we ask Dimitri to remix it. If we want a more trancy minded remix, I can do it myself. This is why you see on some of the Mojado tracks, our own point of view, so a ‘Dimitri Andreas Vision or a ‘Mr. Sam Vision’. For ‘El Matador’ we made the original together, but we wanted to have a more techno version. We both decided to make this one together and we called it ‘Re-Vision’ after we finished it. So we tricked the name a bit wink

Trance.nu: Sam, can we expect some other new productions besides Mojado?
Mr. Sam:
Yes, I have a Mr. Sam album in the pipeline, which is also signed to Black Hole. The name of the album will be ‘Lyteo’, just as the first single that was released a while ago.

Trance.nu: For when is the Mr. Sam artist album scheduled?
Mr. Sam:
I hope to have everything finished in a couple of weeks, so I hope that it will be released around January or February 2006. The first single ‘Lyteo’, with the amazing Rank 1 remix, was a huge hit. We licensed the track to Kontor in Germany and in the UK it has been released on Virgin. Furthermore the track will be on a lot of compilations like Paul van Dyk’s ‘Politics Of Dancing 2’ album, which is out now. This is really an honour for me, since I’m a big fan of Paul van Dyk for years! The second single of the album is also finished. This track is called ‘Flying Around’, with a nice featuring, but I can’t tell you yet who it is, because we want to keep it as a big surprise! It’s going to be much more different then ‘Lyteo’ and I also think that it’s going to be a lot bigger then ‘Lyteo’…

Trance.nu: And what can we expect from the ‘Lyteo’ album?
Mr. Sam:
Well, the Mr. Sam album is like a child dream come true! Doing the Mojado album together with Dimitri was really great, but I can tell you that it’s a fantastic feeling to make my own artist album! On the album you will find some tracks in all kinds of style: progressive, trance, techno, new wave, down tempo, breakbeat, classical radio stuff (not commercial) and also some crossover and classical music. All tracks are brand new, so no older tracks that I did in the past or something like that. Because I like to get influenced by many people, I didn’t want to do an album on my own. I did a lot of of collaborations with vocalists on the album. I did a track with an African singer called Tresor. For the rest I worked together with people like Delerium’s Rani, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Shane 54 and some others. For the rest I’m very glad that I already produce music for over 10 years now. I have enough experience and musical taste now, to do the album the way I want to do it. I’m very curious about the people’s reaction, since it’s not that common trance album where you can find 15 trance tracks all sounding the same!

Trance.nu: Dimitri, can we expect new productions made by you in the near future?
Dimitri Andreas:
Yes, at the moment I’m busy with finishing a brand new track. It was a long time since I did something for my own project, so I’m very curious about the people’s reactions. When it’s finished it will probably see a release at N.E.W.S. in the next couple of months. And for the rest I produce for some other artists as well, like the new End-Jy on Intec Records, which is Carl Cox’s label. This track is out now for a few weeks. And we just finished some new tracks for Monika Kruse on Terminal M, I also work together with Michael Forzza. His latest release was called ‘Kahana’. The track is a bomb and on the playlist of all big DJ's! The follow up from this one should be finished in the next couple of weeks.

Trance.nu: And how about a Dimitri Andreas solo album?
Dimitri Andreas:
There is a plan to make one in the future, but it’s very hard to talk about a date, since I already wanted to have a solo album released already to be honest! With Mojado we worked with 2 people in the studio, which was easier for me. We always had fun when making tracks together. But the tracks we made were technically and emotionally not as difficult to produce like my solo tracks. I’m not very easy in the studio myself… I'm a perfectionist and because of that it takes lots of time...

Trance.nu: Can we expect some collaborations with other other artists for Mojado, the Mr. Sam or the Dimitri Andreas project?
Mr. Sam:
For the moment not, because we are planning to record a brand new Mojado album. This new album is going to be completely different from the first one, while we are going to keep the same spirit. On the new album we are going to work with some vocalists, but not collaborations with other producers or musicians. We want to do everything by ourselves, just as we do with the remixes. We don’t want to work with other producers, but we prefer to work with vocalists we like.
Dimitri Andreas: Like I said before, End-Jy and Michael Forzza have been a lot in my studio lately. Maybe I do some new stuff with one of these guys. I'm also doing some test with singers. I do like working on a lot of different stuff. Mojado will definitely grow in quality and get a bit more adult in the future. It will be a big adventure to start on a new album for sure!

Trance.nu: Are you both going to do some ‘Mojado’ remixes yourself for other artists or acts?
Mr. Sam:
We have been asked a few times before to make Mojado remixes for other artists. But to be honest, we want to concentrate ourselves on our own productions first. But … I can tell you that we are going to make a Mojado remix for a new Rank 1 track soon…

Trance.nu: Can we also expect some new Mr. Sam remixes in the future?
Mr. Sam:
Yes. I did a remix for Ultra Records in the USA called ‘Mint - Still Not Sorry’, but for the rest I want to keep my remixes a little bit more exclusive, since I already remixed so many tracks in the past. I don’t want to remix trance records anymore, only if I like a track very, very much… I’m much more interested in doing pop remixes or things for the United States. I want to do more remixes for tracks that I think that I can give a great Mr. Sam treatment.

Trance.nu: And new Dimitri Andreas remixes?
Dimitri Andreas:
I finished a remix for M.I.K.E. called ‘Fuego Caliente’ and I also did a sort of an electro remix recently for a new Mr. Sam record. People will be very surprised when hearing this mix. It has a totally different sound then my other remixes. But I'm extremely happy with the result!

Trance.nu: Last Summer you boht performed live with the Mojado live act at festivals like Tomorrowland and Mysteryland. Do you have a lot of performances with the live act?
Mr. Sam:
We really did a lot of live performances the last few months with Mojado. We played a lot in Holland in clubs like Power Zone and The Matrixx, and also at popular festivals like Mayday, Tomorrowland and Mysteryland. We also performed in Jakarta in Indonesia during the first Magik Muzik nigh in Asia. In a couple of weeks we will go to Beirut to perform overthere, but also in other countries like Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. We are going to do a world tour together with Mark Norman as well. They also released an album at Magik Muzik, so we are gong to do the tour together with them.
Dimitri Andreas: This summer and the last month we really had a lot of live gigs. This month we also have a gig almost every week, so people can see us in the future a lot as well!

Trance.nu: What can people expect from the Mojado live act?
Mr. Sam:
We play our own Mojado stuff all mixed together for around 90 minutes. The reactions we did get were awesome! The music we make is for the clubbers and dedicated to the party animals. When we played on Mysteryland, the people all went ballistic! We played before Judge Jules and even Jules was a bit surprised. It’s going step by step; we start with ‘Arena’ in the beginning. This is a track that’s a bit house / trance influenced. At the end of the performance it’s going completely wild with tracks like ‘El Toro’ etc. It’s great to play your own music in front of all the people. I think that it’s even harder to play live instead of a DJ gig, because when you are DJ-ing and you see that the reaction in the audience isn’t that great, you can always play the big hit of the moment. But when you are doing a live act, it’s like a concert of U2. You have a program and you can’t change that. Like you can’t see U2 play a concert and when there is no ambiance, they start to play Depeche Mode or something like that. It’s just not possible, so doing a live act is harder but in the meantime it’s better then DJ-ing from time to time actually.
Dimitri Andreas: People can expect tracks that are on the ‘Arena’ album, but also new tracks that Sam and I made recently. For the rest and the most important thing is that people can expect a big party!

Trance.nu: What do you like more? Performing live or DJ-ing?
Mr. Sam:
Hmmm… Difficult question, since it’s completely different. It’s like you say if you prefer Chinese food or Italian food. Sometimes I prefer Chinese food and sometimes I prefer Italian food. Both are different and both are really good. Between DJ-ing and between Mojado live… that’s difficult. When I’m DJ-ing I’m in front of a lot of people and I have to play a good set for about 2 hours. I want to take the crowd into a trip and share emotion for 2 hours. Joy, fear, anxious, suspense and all other kinds of emotions. It’s a bit like a movie, you have 2 hours to tell a story, this is how I see it.
Dimitri Andreas: Performing live is great, because you can play your own tracks in front of the audience. It’s great to see people getting mad on the tracks that you made yourself! As a DJ it’s much more easy to get a good atmosphere, because you can just play “the hits”. So it’s both cool to do, but if I had to choose, I would choose for performing live.

Trance.nu: You both are DJ’s. What kind of style do you play both?
Mr. Sam:
The style I play as Mr. Sam is one style: Quality music. I can play a house track, I can play a breakbeat track, a techno track, trance tracks, progressive etc. For example, I do prefer to have a good commercial track, rather then a very bad progressive, intellectual record, you know. I want to play the music I like, but it’s really important for me to play quality music. I like to go up and down in my sets.
Dimitri Andreas: In the past I played a lot of techno, but the last time I play more and more minimal and trance influenced music. But the most important for me is to have a good atmosphere on the floor while I’m DJ-ing. The style is not that important for me. DJ’s are there to entertain people, so they can expect a nice set with good music!

Trance.nu: What was your best gig so far?
Mr. Sam:
Lebanon, Beirut without a doubt! I played many gigs in my life, most of them in Belgium and France, but Beirut was great! Over there I found back the same feeling that I had when I was playing in Belgium about 10 years ago. The crowd was really enthousiastic and they loved the music. I was supposed to play for 2 hours, but I played for 4,5 hours! The organisation was perfect! I had my gig there in a very special place. The club was called ‘BO18’, which is a club in a cave on the ground. The roof is opening and then all the lights are shining into the club! I never saw something in my life! The audience was great, they were just there for making a party. I played at ‘I Love Techno’ for 15.000 people, but Beirut was the best! I had so much fun overthere! On the 6th of November I will be back there for a Magik Muzik night. We are doing Mojado live and also Dimitri Andreas and myself as a DJ and Mark Norman will be there as well.
Dimitri Andreas: I’m going to choose for a live gig that I did at ‘I Love Techno’ in Belgium. This was as ‘Dimitri Andreas live’. Before we start to do live gigs as Mojado, I was already busy with performing live a lot as Dimitri Andreas, especially in Belgium. But now with Mojado live we are performing everywhere around the globe!

Trance.nu: What music do you like exept for electronic dance music?
Mr. Sam:
I like movie soundtracks from people like Craig Armstrong. He did soundtracks like Romeo & Juliet and The Bone Collector for example. I like to play classical music in my car and stuff like Massive Attack and Faithless, but no house music in my car, haha!
Dimitri Andreas: I listen to a lot of stuff. When I’m in my car I listen a lot to classical music, but I also like things like R&B sometimes and pop music as well. Since I’m a producer, I listen very good how they did the production on pop tracks etc. But I like a lot of various music, so it can be almost everything.

Trance.nu: And what are you all time favourite records of all time?
Mr. Sam:
That’s difficult to say, because it’s changing every day. But the 80’s track ‘Cock Robin – The Promise You Made’ really gives me a kick. When I was 15 years old I liked to listen to stuff like this.
Dimitri Andreas: Yeah, true...it changes a lot. But for a long time my favorite dance tracks have been: ‘Modwheel – The Spirit Catcher’, ‘djQ – Feelin’ Moody’ and ‘Beroshima – Beroshima’.

Trance.nu: Do you often check forums on the internet to read reactions and comments about your gigs and releases?
Mr. Sam:
Sometimes. People and friends of mine are sending me emails sometimes to let me know what I need to check and what might be interesting for me to read. I think that everybody is able through the forum to tell their personal opinion. I’m really open for it, but only when it’s constructive comment and not only to bash people, because that doesn’t make any sense at all in my opinion. People can bash me for the quality of my music or anything else… If people don’t like my music, they don’t have to listen to it. I don’t care, but from time to time I think that the people that are bashing all the time should think more and do less… If they start thinking, they will stop bashing, because it doesn’t mean anything. If I don’t like someone’s music, I will not spend my time on the internet to bash the producer. My time is precious, so I prefer to spend my time to be creative and make music instead of bashing people and their music, which is most of the time based on bullshit and lies… For example: I see a lot of Top 10 DJ’s that are getting bashed on many forums without any good reason. For me, the people who bash them, don’t have the ‘status’ to start saying that things are shit and making up bullshit story’s about them as well. But I respect the fact that the people can talk about the music, I even respect people that don’t like my music. I’m very open minded, but I don’t like it when people bash DJ’s and producers without any good reason. But if this makes them happy, it makes me happy as well. It’s better that people talk about you in a bad way, then when they don’t talk about you… wink
Dimitri Andreas: In the past I really checked them a lot, but nowdays I’m more busy in the studio with making music. I prefer to get reactions in real life, while DJ-ing or playing live gigs, instead of reactions on the internet. Sometimes I see reactions like “it wasn’t good at all” or “the sound was crap” or something like that. But maybe that person didn’t was in the mood for a party, or he just had a bad evening or whatever. So I don’t mind reactions like that when I know that the crowd went wild that evening. Sometimes I check forums, but not very often to be honest.

Trance.nu: What can we expect from the both of you in the future?
Mr. Sam:
We are busy already with a new Mojado album and we are already testing some new tracks in our recent live gigs. We want to do something different that’s never been done before. Hopefully it’s finished somewhere in 2006…
Dimitri Andreas: As Mojado we are busy with a lot of new tracks and the new album. From myself as Dimitri Andreas I think you can expect a new single very soon and I think some remixes as well!

Trance.nu: Thanks for your time and good luck in the future!
Mr. Sam:
No problem, thank you too!
Dimitri Andreas: It was a pleasure, thank you too for the interview!

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