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Wednesday 30th, November -0001
Misja Helsloot

www.trance.nu-crewmember and world famous DJ Misja Helsloot has a lot to do but he takes the time to do an interview with his crew friends Macman and Tommie, see what he has to say about himself, his passion for trance and other things.

Queston: What do you think about the growing popularity of mp3s,
Is it something possitive or something negative?

Answer: I really don't know, I don't use it myself, but I think that
people who really want your CD or songs they will still buy and "feel"
the real product ....

Question: In just 2 months you have worked on 2 compilations, made
the LimeClub tour in Norway and you're now on your way to play at
the Heineken Dance Parade AfterParty. How do you find the time to
do everything ?

Answer: My days got 36 hours .... ha ha ha ha .... If you really
love the things you are doing that just keeps you going. And as long
what I do feels good, I will continue

Question: The 12th August you will play at the Heineken Dance Parade
AfterParty, in your hometown Rotterdam with Ferry Corsten, Armin van
Buuren and Dj Tisto. How does it feel to play at homecourt? Will
you make it a bit special, or is it like any other set?

Answer: Yes it will be very special for me!!! It will be the first
time I play for a crowd this big and the first time I play in my home
town (strange!!!!!!) so a lot of friends will be there ... and a lot
other people ofcourse, last year 70.000 people where on the afterparty
in the harbours ... So I have to do the best of me....

Question: What's your best experience while Dj:ing live, and which
one is your worst

Answer: Well that's not a hard question. >The best was somewhere
last year, don't know the date anymore, but it was in Oslo, Rockefellar
together with Armin van Buuren ... The place was sold out, and the
people were more than fantastic.

Well and the worse was here in the Netherlands, a club booked me but
got me off the decks within 3 records. They didn't like the music
... pffff what you do than???? I don't have a clue!!!!

Question: Whats your viewpoint on the fact that Trance and the other
surrounding genres get more and more connected with drugs?

Answer: I think it's bullshit .. Well OK people who listen to
trance, techno or other kinds of dance music use drugs ... But if
you really open your eyes, look at the Rolling Stones or the Doors
for example, I know these bands are almost gone, but it's no dance
music. Why did the Verve break up? Because of drugs!!! Everybody use
it, not just the dance scene. If you go to a simple pub or
bar you see people smoking a joint or what ever ... So ok I agree
that trance will be related with drugs ... but it's not JUST
the trance. Music can be related to drugs, because most music writen
on emotions, and a way to make your emotions stronger is to use drugs
... So that's my point ..

Question: Are there any new tourplans, and if, are there any clubs
outside Isreal, Norway or Netherlands that you'll visit ?

Answer: A new tour probably in the winter in Norway again ... but
you know. I don't set up a tour. People from a certain countries just
call you and ask if you are availeble ... So if I am I will go, easy
is that!!!!!

Question: What styles should you expect to hear when you go to listen/dance
to a Dj Misja Helsloot set ?

Answer: Like 2 Unlimited and the Vengaboys .... ha ha ha ha ha NOOOOOOO!!!!
Well there are two kinds of music I really like. I really like the
progressive from the UK, like Sasha, John Digweed and Sander Kleinenberg.
But on the other hand I really like the sound of Tiesto, Ferry Corsten
and Armin ... So I try to find o good mixture of those two ...

Question: What's your advice to people that wanna become a profesionall
DJ ?

Answer: Believe in your self and don't let THEM rule your life, stay
in control your self

Question: Now to the tricky fast-questions.

Favorite Food: Chinees

Favorite movie: Natural Born Killers

Favorite Album: (compilation), Forbidden Paradise 5

Best trancetune EVER: Paul van Dyk - For an Angel

Question: What do you do when you dont produce your own music, make
new compilations or tour ?

Answer: Meeting friends or going out. And Ofcourse I still have a
job to do. The company I work for (www.powerplant.nl) is part of the
recordcompany basic beat ...

Question: What will be the next project after The creation - day
two ? Anything in style with Forbidden Paradise or other compilation-series?

Answer: I don't know .... I live life one day at the time .... But
what I know for sure is that after Creation - Day Two I will take
a break for 3 weeks, no phone, no mail, no nothing ... just me and
my girlfriend somewhere on this globe .... And after that producing
tracks and start to work on "Day Three".

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