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Monday 30th, August 2004
Mike Shiver Interview

In preparation of the Trance.nu Summer Dance 2.0, we have managed to catch up with some of the DJs spinning at the party to do some interviews, read the first one here!

Swedish based Mike Shiver has been impressing people with his melodic trance for quite a while now, as some of you might know he is also labelmanager of Captured Music, a sublabel of the renowned Above The Sky Recordings, and an aspiring DJ that we will here a lot about in the future, read on to find out what interesting questions Mike answered for Trance.nu!

Hello Mike! For the readers that haven’t heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! Sure, I grew up in a place called Härnösand in Sweden (where I actually still live) with almost one thing on my mind: Music!

I started my musical career for about 1½ year ago and things have been really turning rapidly since I released my debut track “Mike Shiver – Feelings” on the very well established UK label Lost Language last summer. The track went really well and received plays from almost every world top DJ at that time, which I was very satisfied with as I didn’t have much expectations on my very first track.

In December 2003 I started my own record label “Captured Music” which was initially set up to release new material from me, as well as signing upcoming artists to help bringing the scene forward a bit. Thru Captured Music I released “Sonicvibe & Mike Shiver – Lunation” in January this year which came to be a very well supported track.

The both releases partly brought me offers of remixing successful acts/artists such as Solarstone, Sun Decade, Mike Koglin, Masters & Nickson,
Benno De Goeij (½ of Rank 1), Mat Silver & Tony Burt to mention a few.

Besides producing, my DJing has really taken off and I’m currently spinning throughout Europe as well as on various well knowned radio stations like “ “Global DJ Broadcast”, Digitally Imported (Di.fm) and Tranceairwaves UK.

If you haven’t heard me playing near where you live, you could always catch any of my broadcast sets throughout the internet. Information about my radio show “Capturized” on Tranceairwaves UK and other radio performances as well as forthcoming gigs are easily found on my official website.

You can also read more about me and hear my productions on the site, so point your browsers to www.mikeshiver.com and enjoy the visit!

What do you like the best about being a musician?

To be doing this as my full time job and really enjoy it as I love music so much and also seeing the listeners reactions of my creations.

What do you dislike about being a musician?

To be seeing illegal downloading of your own tracks/remixes you work so hard for completing, which increases the possibilities of actually trying to make a living on it. Otherwise I see no negative aspects on being a musician so far in my musical career.

Living in Sweden, how would you describe the Trance scene in Scandinavia at the moment, and what are your expectations for the future?

The scene is really growing as far as I’ve noticed, especially in Sweden. I’ve been playing a couple of times now for the Swedish crowd which really seems to be enjoying the type of music I play, which is melodic, uplifting and vocal rance mixed with some harder tech trance as well.

Big trance parties are now more often arranged were they bring over the biggest trance artists/DJ’s such as Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, Marco V, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Tiesto among all others which I believe is very good for developing the Swedish scene, and I hope that it will continue growing!

I’ve been playing twice in Finland as well which gave me a pretty good average look with well educated audience which really enjoyed my sets.

So all in all I think the Scandinavian scene is still growing, but mostly I think Sweden is the number one in Scandinavia atm if you relate to the parties arranged, and Finland close to our heels with their lovely producers and DJ’s such as Super8, Magellan Project / Avanto, Cosmicman, Orkidea, Miika Kuisma and Faraway Project!

Speaking of Sweden, is it true that the women there are beautiful? (I know the answer to this one, but go ahead and tell everyone the good news, hehe.)

Hehe…you Dutch people !!!!! satisfied Can u never leave the Swedish girls alone?
Poor girls…hehe.

Well….OK!! Ill tell you what I think!
I think the Swedish girls are the most gorgeous girls on earth! wink

What are your expectations for the trance scene in general, do you expect it to continue relying on names like Tiesto, Armin, Paul van Dyk and Ferry Corsten, or do you think it will take a different turn?

I don’t know actually what to expect, but I do believe the up comers will find a way up there to help the scene grow even more and make it wider.

You see a lot of upcoming DJ’s / artists already now going strong like for example Markus Shultz, Perry O Neil, Menno De Jong, Özgür Can, Envio, Lange, Thrillseekers, Ronski Speed, Airbase, John Askew, Filo & Peri, Goldenscan and Signum to be naming some of them.

So I guess we just have to wait and see what the time will bring!

But to be honest, I think the scene would actually need the up comers cause most big parties today have too less variation in the choice of DJ’s.

What is the best party you have ever visited yourself as a guest, and why?

The best party I’ve ever visited was actually the Monday Bar Summer Cruise with Armin Van Buuren, Markus Shultz, Tall Paul and Özgur Can.

That party was held on one of the biggest ferry’s called Silja Line which goes
Between Stockholm – Helsinki.

Monday bar held the party together with Ministry Of Sound and the night turned out wonderfully with loads of great music as well as many people showing up!

What would you say is the most memorable moment of your career so far?

My actual first foreign gig that was held in Berne, Switzerland at DJ Mind-X’s famous “Club Gate One”. The place and the audience were really nice and fun to be performing for. I was also well treated by the Gate One crew which ill never forget! Big ups to you guys!

You are currently running the quality trance label Captured Music, how did you get into doing that, and how have your experiences with it been so far?

As I mentioned earlier, I decided to start an own label with two of my best friends Johan Bergström and Andreas Hjorth. I got in contact with Tony Burt, the owner of the UK based Above The Sky Records, which is actually the London’s biggest online vinyl record shop as well as one of the best labels in London in my opinion.

After speaking to Tony about my ideas for this label, he simply offered me to come over to London in October 2003 with Johan and Andreas at his offices to have a real discussion about might setting Captured Music up as a subdivision of his Above The Sky label.

So after a weekend spent in England, learning to know Tony in person whom I need to mention is a very nice fellow, we finally decided to join forces with him, and put the idea into reality.

The label has really helped me further into the scene, making contacts with other labels, DJ’s and most of all…producers.

How do you tackle the production of a song, and what sort of equipment do you use?

Usually a melody comes up in my mind which I try to write down and there from I work around it and make a chorus for it. After creating the chorus I start working with tweaking the right sounds and melodies that should compose the actual main part of the track.

To produce my track I use hardware synthesizers with an ordinary midi sequenser to control the synthesizers.

Here are some equipments I use for my productions:

Roland JP8000
Novation Nova Laptop
Access Virus C

You will be playing at the Trance.nu Summer Dance Event 2.0 in September… excited about it?

I’m very excited about it as it actually is my Dutch debut as well as I’m really excited to meet all the producers and DJ’s who will be there as well as meeting the Dutch crowd!!!

Lets say you are rocking a crowd of thousands, people are going mad to your music, and the party is nearing its ending, what track would you close with?

Hard to say, but it would definitely be a track that really stands close to my heart I believe. It all kind of depends on which tracks I’ve played previously during the set and what kind of music the crowd seems to be enjoying best as well.

Are there any exciting things coming up in your music career? Anything we need to keep an eye out for?

Yeah definitely! I’ve been working hard lately in my studio creating a couple of new projects:

Madeira – Is a new solo melodic project I’ve created for a forthcoming release later this autumn on a newly established UK label called Motion Recordings. The first track for this project will be called “Solaris” and will include a remix from the hot UK duo “Smith & Pledger” on the flip. To be reading more about this release, go to www.motion-musicuk.com , samples of this track will soon be found on www.mikeshiver.com as well.

Brock Colee – Newly started harder styled project with some tribal influences together with my label colleague Andreas Hjorth which actually will be debuted with a Brock Colee Remix of Mat Silver & Tony Burt – Waimea along with a Mike Shiver Remix on Above The Sky Records. More productions of this duo project are in sight!

A.M. – Is a collaboration between me and Ashkan Fardost pka. Envio. The debut single will be released on Alphazone’s “Skywarp Records” and its due for September / October. The track feature vocals from the very talented singer “Tiff Lacey” which recently performed for ATB’s latest single “Marrakesh” on Kontor Records in Germany. Tiff has also been responsible for great vocal work of Paul Oakenfold – Hypnotized, Red Square – In Your Hands and Neo & Farina – The Eternal.

The forthcoming release will look as following:

A.M – Arise
A. Mike Shiver & Ash F Mix
B. Mat Silver & Tony Burt Remix

Again, samples will be found on www.mikeshiver.com

Catching Sun – An additional melodic solo alias which will represent the sound that’s been heard in my latest “Mike Shiver’s Catching Sun” mixes of “Solarstone – Speak In Sympathy 2004 [Fireglow Records]” and
“Sun Decade – Follow You [Euphonic Records].
The first track will be named “Catching Sun – Sumatra” .
More info is to be announced very soon.

Besides the side projects above mentioned, I’m also working on the long awaited follow up to the very successful “Mike Shiver – Feelings”.
The track will hopefully see a release later this year as “Mike Shiver – On The Surface”. I expect finishing this track in about 1 month from now.

Also worth mentioning is that I’m making a follow up with Daniel Grigore pka as Sonicvibe to our first release we had on Captured Music (Soncvibe & Mike Shiver – Lunation). This track will be entitled “Sonicvibe & Mike Shiver - Synodic Month” and will probably see a release on Captured Music early 2005 if everything goes like planned.

To be completing this major update, I can also reveal that I’ve been working with the very talented Mike Targanski pka Elevation from the US who are especially knowned for the Armada releases:
Markus Shultz Presents Elevation – Clear Blue
Markus Shultz Presents Elevation – Largo

Our track has been co-written with The absolutely gorgeous UK leading singer Carrie Skipper who previously written Smith & Pledger – Forever on Anjunabeats earlier this year among others.

Mike Shiver & Elevation – Hurricane will come with 2 separate mixes:
”Mike Shiver Mix” and “Elevation Mix “where the Mike Shiver Mix shows the uplifting side of the record, while the Elevation Mix goes a lot deeper and proggy.

Expect this release in a short future as Captured Music’s 004 release, is ready to keep your feet’s moving.

Finally rounding things of with keeping you updated on my remix works.
These are the forthcoming and unreleased remixes which u will be able to hear a short clip of at www.mikeshiver.com

Avanto – The Flute (Mike Shiver Remix) [Electric Sauna / Drizzly]
Mat Silver & Tony Burt – Waimea (Mike Shiver Remix) [Above The Sky]
Tonomari &Tommy Pi – C Sharp 2004 (Mike Shiver Remix) [Skywarp]

I think that was about it, hehe satisfied
Let move further!

What are your aims/goals as a DJ and as a producer?

To be developing my skills as a producer and DJ as well as keeping all the listeners out there enjoyed with new material!

What do you think it takes to become a good DJ/Producer nowadays, any hot tips for the talented people out there?

You have to keep your head high no matter what, and never give up if you want to reach your goals! What I always try to keep in mind is also to just be yourself and keep a “down to earth”- profile no matter where the future takes you.

And to finish off the interview… what wise words can you leave us with?

I’m not really a person with a lot of wise words on stock, but I really want to take the opportunity to say a big THANKS to everyone who has been supporting me and my label and I’m really really looking forward to take on Holland with a great big smile and hopefully contribute the Trance.nu Summer Dance event with a great show!

I’m counting to see all of you there! Already longing!

God bless you all.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, see you at the Trance.nu Summer Dance 2.0!

Thanks for inviting me! See you all there!

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