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Thursday 01st, August 2002
Mick Wilson (Tilt)

[b]THE BAND, TILT[/b] It was in Coventry, England where to duo met, clubbed together and were inspired by a DJ by the name of Sasha, who span regularly at The Eclipse club in the city. This insight into the industry, took the twosome to the studio where they knocked out tracks under the pseudonyms of Ritmo Rivals and Blood Brothers. Later, Mick Parks and Mick Wilson met John Graham and formed the band, Tilt. The trio were soon picked up by Oakenfold’s Perfecto label, an imprint of Warner Music at the time. With Perfecto’s backing the group released some truly innovative trance – ‘I Dream’, ‘My Spirit’ and ‘Places’ – but soon after, Tilt were dropped from the roster when Perfecto split with Warner.


Since Graham’s departure, the twosome collaborated with Maria Nayler for the ‘Headstrong’ project, released earlier this year on their own label, Baroque, and a follow-up single is in the pipeline. “A new Tilt track is in development at the mo,” assures Wilson. “Plus we have some old material we are about to develop but we have just changed management and studio locations, so are just getting back into the swing of things again. We have a new Odessi single about to be released which will probably have a vox version thrown in for extra impact. Back to the Tilt stuff, we have an album of demo stuff which is an ongoing affair but what I will tell you is that it cover quite a few directions – some cool vox stuff, up tempo, down beat, leftfield styles - we have it all covered.”


Alongside original productions, the duo are renowned for their high quality remix work, and have worked with tracks from all corners of the dance spectrum – Space Manoeuvres, Danny Tenaglia, Melanie C, Spanish Archer and the unauthorised rework of Dido’s stunner, ‘Here With Me’. “We are still doing remixes in between our own stuff” says Mick. “We have about 4 to 5 projects on the go at the moment, so to be perfectly honest we are just keeping are heads down and working as much as possible. No rest for the wicked.”


The 10 Squared compilation from Platipus was recently hit shelves, celebrating 10 years of the label in the industry. Parks & Wilson took the helm on disc two. “The Platipus project came around towards the end of last year and was a while in the making. We had a limited input towards the track selection but as you can imagine, with just over 100 releases to play with, it was never going to be easy to choose everything with only two CDs to play with, and between us we all had our personal favourites, so it was a case of compromise. Also some of the tracks we liked had already been used on earlier Platipus compilations but hopefully the track selection is to everyone’s liking. Also I have a different version to the released one (mixer’s privilege), but so far the reviews that have come back are very likeable, so we are cool with that.”


“The summer will be work, work, work, be it gigging or studio work. To be honest, to keep momentum, you just cannot stop sometimes. It seems a little hectic but other times it’s not so bad. With out being a cop out, there is just to many good tunes out there which are gonna to be big for the summer, but we all know ‘Wavy Gravy’ is gonna do some damage, as well as a cheeky Deep Dish bootleg. In fact, this is the summer for bootlegs; so catch them while you can. Adios amigos.”

Trance.nu would like to thank Mick Wilson for the interview, and Ben @ TrusttheDJ for arranging.

For more information visit <A HREF=http://www.parksandwilson.com target=blank>www.parksandwilson.com</A> or <A HREF=http://www.trustthedj.com target=blank>www.trustthedj.com</A>

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