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Tuesday 17th, June 2008
Interview with Michael Splint & Oliver Wyteman

We took some time out to catch up with Michael Splint and Oliver Wyteman to find out what’s new and to get some inside tips on DJing and producing, their recent single Bad Land has been causing a bit of stir with DJs with the likes of Tiesto, DJ Choose, Danny Slade, and Graham Gold to a name a few…

Interview with Michael Splint & Oliver Wyteman

Anyone who hasn’t been stuck in a cave for 10 years will already be aware of Michael Splint, he has been a constant figure on the trance scene since 2001 since his release "I Feel Free" on Nukleuz. DJ wise he has travelled the globe playing alongside some of the biggest names in trance and there seems no stopping him. With a recent move to collaborate with Oliver Wyteman we thought it was time we found out what the guys had in store for the future and what they had been up to.

t.nu: Hi Guys, thanks for taking a few moments out to chat with us, how are you both?

MS: Hey there - thanks for asking happy I'd like to take a minute to explain why Oliver is absent in this interview - he simply asked me to do it. He just wants to be in the studio making tracks (probably because he is also doing other styles under other names and don't want to confuse people) - which I of course respect 100%

t.nu: Can you tell us the reasoning behind your decision to collaborate together?

MS: During the past few years I have been signed exclusively to Big Star Records and could as such not release any stuff as "Michael Splint" - F&W whom I did all my stuff with at that point, was very busy in the studio with their own productions/remixes and other artists, so I had to find someone else to do more tracks with - I knew Oliver from the Danish music industry and I just picked up the phone and asked if we should try something out...

t.nu: Do you both work from the same studio or like a lot of collaborations nowadays are you located in different areas??

MS: I work in Copenhagen/Denmark and Malmö/Sweden and Oliver is 400 km away in the "triangle" area in Denmark. But I try to get over there as much as possible - it's always a little more fun when you are 2 in the studio.

Michael Splint

t.nu: For up and coming producers can you give any inside tips that might help them along their way?

MS: oh man...work work work - and work hard. Never give up. Don't get rejections get you down. Experiment. And above all - have fun!

t.nu: Speaking of production are you both purely working in software based studios or does hardware still play a massive factor in your sound?

MS: In my own little studio I only do software based stuff (Ableton, Logic and a few funky synths), but both Oliver, F&W and Michael Parsberg (who is situated in Copenhagen) all use hardware (along with loads of software stuff).

You can't really beat a good old analogue sound - but some synths are getting pretty close!

t.nu: Your Djing has taken you all over the world, what has been the most exciting destination so far and any funny memories?

MS: Hm...So many great memories from the greatest Wednesday club - playing with Ferry, Jules, Tiesto, Armin, Gielen, Rank 1, you name it. Fast Forward Dance Parade in Rotterdam - that was HUGE! Ministry of Sound gigs at Slagthuset in Malmö has also been really great (and not just cause I can take my bike down there happy )

t.nu: When DJing do you mainly play CDs or have you adopted the trend of mixing with tools like final scratch and ableton?

MS: CD's, but I have to try out that Final Scratch thing - I've bought it and dammit if I'm not gonna use it! For online sets I use Ableton.

t.nu: Your current release which is out on Zirenz Media records has gained support from the likes of Tiesto and many others, can you tell us a bit more about the release, have you pleased with the reaction so far?

MS: Of course we are pleased happy I'm actually really happy with the different mixes - Benya (aka Yamin/Ben Bording) did his trademark "blip Blop" mellow-proggy-trance thing, while Steve Noxx aka Nusense put a little Electrotrance spin on it. And Ponticelli's remix is just pounding away for those who like it Techy - so I'd say there is a little bit for most people in the release

Band Lands Release

t.nu: So can you tell us what we can expect from you in 2008?

MS: Well, we have one more "Michael Splint & Oliver Wyteman" track on the way, some more remixes and then I'm gonna start up my own label - I've been wanting to be more in control for some time now. From the time you get a track signed till it's being released can sometimes be quite a while - so I thought I'd use the waiting periods to dish out some more stuff - not only my own, but also from "friends of the house" so to speak. I'm gonna do some more collabs with Nebula, I'm doing one with Digital Nature, some girls from the UK happy as well as some other people I don't wanna mention just yet happy

t.nu: Thanks for taking a bit of time out to talk to trance.nu, we hope to here back from you soon with future developments. For now if we wanted to catch either of you Djing or performing where can we see you next and where can we check up for updates on you both?

MS: Always a pleasure! I've been a steady supporter of the site for over 6 years and I'm on there every day checking out news, forums and reviews. As always you can catch me online every 2nd Wednesday of the month on di.fm and I'm currently negotiating with someone about something for the summer - won't say anything till I got the papers signed - no need to jinx it happy

Michael Splint & Oliver Wyteman - Bad Lands Single is now on exclusive release on www.beatsdigital.com and also from the VMM Download store ww.virtualmusicmagazine.com
Supported & thumbs up from Tiesto, DJ Choose, Danny Slade, and Graham Gold plus many more.

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