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Wednesday 15th, January 2003
Matthew Dekay

Matthew Dekay grew up in a musical family and started his musical career at a very young age. When he was five years old he started taking piano lessons for his musical development and at the age of twelve he began writing his own songs and started to explore his own style. His other interest in electronics and technical aspects of music such as computers, modules, studio technics etc. grew. At that point Matthew started to take notice of dance music and visited lot’s of parties, while visiting these parties he studied the crowd and their interests. Thanks to his ambition he started working in a studio in Amsterdam (ACE Records) as an engineer and beginning dance producer. In that time he met a couple of people whom he started his own company and booked a lot of succes not only as a producer but also as a dj and live act. He performed his clubhits in clubs all over Holland, for example in Marcanti (Cubic), Escape, iT and the “O”. 2000 was the year of a new stream of music and Matthew started another dream. After a year of preparation of the new Matthew Dekay sound, Sunblarity was born and released by One Star Recordings, label of Dutch DJ Erick E. A new friendship was developed with the One Star crew, in the meantime Matthew produced solo to create a recognizable sound for the crowd. One of his productions “Lowriders”, has been picked up by DJ Danny Howells, Anthony Pappa, Lucien Foort to name a few and was charted in the UK Massive Charts @ nr. 3. Many records by Matthew have been put on albums such as Sander Kleinderbergs’ Essential Mix. Right now he is working on productions in cooperation with Erick E, Mick Boskamp (nightlife reporter) and DJ Alvredo. Even though he is busy producing keep your eyes and ears open for a touch of Matthew Dekay on the turntables.

Name: Matthew Dekay
Aliases: Matthew Dekay
Age: 24
Website: http://www.matthewdekay.nl
Nationality: Holland
Favorite DJ: Sander Kleinenberg
Favorite Producers: Too many, but if I have to choose one it would be Brian Transeau aka BT
Favorite Tune: Sander Kleinenberg – My Lexicon
Favorite Dance Label: Bedrock
Favorite Club: Stalker (Haarlem, NL)

Hi Matthew. How are you ? Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions.
I'm a little tired because it's 10 am right now and I worked in my studio last night till 5 am..

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Have you always been into electronic music ? If not, what triggered it ?
I always was interessed in music, so that’s why I took pianolessons at the age of five. My teacher ended when I was twelve saying it was time to develop myself musically and tought me how to develop my own style and how to make music with your heart. This way of teaching is very special cause most teachers learn you how to play music from the musicsheets and that's it. At the same age I got interessed in synthesizers and electronics, to much pleasure of my dad who used to play in a band. When I was about sixteen I started to work in musicstudios as a producer and smashed some charts in Holland. Since then I met a wellknown Dutch DJ, Erick E (Roxy Amsterdam), this meeting led to a friendship and a collaboration cause now I’m releasing some of my tracks on his label One Star Recordings.

What do you do when not producing / DJing ? Any hobbies ?
To be honest I don’t have a lot of spare time but if I have to choose it would be cooking. It's almost the same as producing music, you work with special ingredients to create a beautiful or delicious final result..

What is your studio setup ? How do you go about when producing tracks, or remixing for that matter ?
My studio setup contains a lot of modules, samplers and ofcourse a Apple G4, very necessary. How I make a start of a track or remix? Well, I don't have a standard working procedure, mostly cause I'm not really a fan of it. But one of the things that keeps coming back when starting a track, is by starting with just the piano. What else I'm doing is the secret receipe of the chef. The only thing that you guys experience is the final result. Sorry!

2000 was the birth year of the unique Matthew Dekay sound. Sunblairity was released on Erick E's One Star Recordings. How would you describe the feeling of finally breaking through, and getting airplay from DJs such as Danny Howells, Lucien Foort, Lemon8, Anthony Pappa and Sander Kleinenberg ?
It’s not a thing that’s easy to describe, just by saying amazing! I’m very thankful to everyone for their support, especially Erick E. He has been a very important person to me, he helped me realising my dream. Not in the way of producing but mentally. He made me stronger en encouraged me to go on in difficult times. I'm very lucky with him as a person, and he knows. The responses I receive of people who have reached much more than me are very positive. Fantastic!

Your latest offering, Lowriders - Part 1 (OST 009) has caused quite a stir of late. It was charted in the UK Massive Chart at #3. When can we expect this 12" to hit retail ?
It's just released offically and is available via the distributioncentre of Holland, Astral Music

you have any other productions (surprises?) lined up for next year ? Perhaps an album / compilation ?
I’ve already got a busy schedule coming up this year. Right now I’m hitting the turntables and got some nice gigs coming up, to see when and where check out my website http://www.matthewdekay.nl. If your talking about studioproductions, I've just finished a new track for the Global Underground album of Sander Kleinenberg that will be released this March. I'm also working with my bandmembers (boys from NAF) on an album planned for later this year. There are also plans for a compilation album but unfortanetely I can't go into details, the same for some very nice remixes that are coming up. I would say, check out my website!

You’ve played in clubs all over Holland, ie. Marcanti, Escape, iT and Club Eau. What is your favorite club and why ? Any particular club you would like to perform at ?
It used to be Marcant (Qubic) for sure, cause I had the most fun there, partly cause the big line-ups they had. Too bad it's not like the old days anymore and right now I don't really have a favourite club in Holland, maybe Stalker in Haarlem cause of the relaxed vibe they have. If your talking about outdoor festivals you have enough nice organisations such as Extrema who give you the vibe and this year you can find me in the line-up. And in which club I would like to perform? Hmm..not in Holland but I think it would be very special to perform in places somewhat unknown, somewhere around the world, where housemusic is still magic.

What has been the highlight of 2002 for you ? Maybe a special gig somewhere, or perhaps peoples reactions to your latest production ?
Three things, the reaction of Danny Howells on the Lowriders track and Sander Kleinenbergs response on my record “Passion” on the One Star Recordings label which is not released yet. Last but definitely not least all the support from everyone who is responsible for the place where I'm now standing, that's why I have a special place on my website to thank everyone

A lot of bedroom DJs dream about the feeling of playing at big events such as Bedrock, and watch the crowd go mental to their selection of tunes. Can you describe the feeling of watching thousands of mad clubbers go off to one of your own tunes ?
Again it’s a feeling you hardly can describe when you see clubbers go mental on one of your records but my heart beats faster and I'm having a good time with goosebumps on my arms

producers / DJ’s impress / inspire you the most in the music business ?
William Orbit, his sound is really mystique and he always got very nice arrangements. BT cause his very clear sound en especially because his mixes sound so clean and bright. Max Martin, this man can mix out so amazingly, especially the vocals. Deep Dish, my heros, their aproach on dancemusic is really different. Always nice to listen to at home (very musical productions) and on the dancefloor you can go mental cause of the fat grooves.
About Dj’s it would be Danny Tenaglia, he is just the master of the turntables when playing downtempo, or in my terms “push grooves”. Sasha, he is necessary on a party to start the vibe or atmosphere. I think it’s not only because his magical choice of records, but also his whole aditude. There was once something written in the press "Sasha, Son of God?" and if you had the opportunity to experience this man as DJ, you get the chills thinking of that quote at that moment.
And Sander Kleinenberg cause his diversity of recordchoice. He opened my eyes saying to me: "just make music you think it's great (listen to your heart) and it doesn’t matter what style it is, a good record is a good record."

If you had the possibility to pick one producer to co-produce a track with, who would it be and why ?
My choice would be Max Martin. Why? I think we could produce a whole new dancescene!

Do you have a suggestion for who’s gonna be the star of 2003 ? A lot of people predict it will be the year of James Holden, Lemon8, Armin van Buuren, Yunus Güvenen etc. Who's your favourite, and why ? Maybe it's Dekay time ?
In my opinion it should be Lemon8, he deserves it he worked really hard for it. His productions are really unique and everytime he knows to capture some sort of tension in his records. Musically I would go for James Holden, he always comes up with a theme with a super melody that will stay in your head for the rest of the day. I like Armin van Buuren for his melodramatic sensitive music, he produces pure trance and that's something you can not say of 99 percent of that scene. I'm not really familiar with Yunus Güvenen as a producer, just one release on the Silver Planet label which I'm impressed by.
Who's gonna be a star in 2003? I really can't tell cause it's up to our audience, only they can decide that and not the music industry or the artists!

What's rocking your box at the moment ? (Top 10)
01. Iio - At The End (Scumfrog Remix) (CD-R)
02. Hybrid - ? (CD-R)
03. Dirty Vegas - ? (CD-R)
04. Madoka - Afterburner (Cauceddo A To 6 Mix) (CD-R)
05. Sander Kleinenberg - Buenos Aires (CD-R)
06. Semi Hetero Sapians - Where The Vampires Gonna Get You EP (LP)
07. Gardner & Thomas - Turn To Try (Hooj Choons)
08. James Holden - Nothing (CD-R)
09. Filterheadz - Protection (CD-R)
10. Pig & Dan - Angel (Sadie Records)

Do you have any final words or advice for all the fans at http://www.trance.nu ?
Love and respect eachother, life is too short!

Trance.Nu would like to thank Matthew Dekay for taking the time to answer our questions! All the best for 2003.

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