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Wednesday 10th, September 2003
Matt Darey Interview (2003)

Matt Darey, trance legend, party animal and since some time a special type of DJ. Wether you remember him from euphoric trance singles like "Beautiful", "Liberation" or his numerous remixes of popstars like Gabrielle, or just heard recent tracks like Moody or Gamemaster 2003 in a DJ set, this man certainly is famous name in the industry. After a few years off, Matt is back in the scene with a big fat load of productions scheduled. Time to have a talk with the English producer/DJ to hear his side of the story of this comeback.

T.nu: Hi Matt, how are you?
Matt: life is sweet......have had a very relaxing last few years off and experienced a lot of shit...feel like a new man!!

T.nu: You recently made your comeback in the scene. How does it feel?
Matt: really exciting......havent made it yet....only just beginning!!!!!! It's like starting out again.....Im really enthusiatic about making music again and im lovin it.

T.nu: You took a time off for a long period. Could you tell us why? You needed a break from the scene?
Matt: Well theres a lot more to life than making tunes and DJing and I wanted to do other stuff.....travelling, chilling, clubbing, boarding......finding myself and all that shit :-').....also was a bit bored of the trance scene and thought I'd leave it to the next generation of producers like Michael Woods who i'd spent a couple of years training up.

T.nu: A question from one of our users "Loveturnmills", he asks: Do you feel you have missed your oppertunity to be really huge. Seeing as you and Ferry Corsten were one of the trance kings back in 1999. And Ferry stuck with the scene through the years till now and is a world Top 10 dj, where as you took a long time off and your hype has shrunk to the point where you have to start over.
Matt: well, yeh & no, I could have been up there with the big dj's but I was too busy avin' it!!! I am starting out again but I love what I do so no regrets really.

T.nu: Anyway, you are back in the scene and you released tracks like Moody, Electro Buzz and U Shine On ever since. Have your ideas about music changed ever since those 2 years of?
Matt: I suppose my sound has changed to fit with the times but theres still a bit of the old flavour in my tunes.

T.nu: I asked this, because you are going to remix some old tracks made by you years and years ago. What’s the story behind that?
Matt: Bottomline is I always wanted people to know who did all these things like Li Kwan and Lost Tribe....no-one seemed to know i did them.

T.nu: Don’t you feel under alot of pressure of remaking these tracks?
It seems it’s hard to remix those already "legendary" tracks like Lost Tribe – Gamemaster and Li Kwan – Point Zero.
Matt: well, yeh of course, but you just do your best.

T.nu: Why didn’t you release Li Kwan – Point Zero under your real name, but under the alias Paul Austin? It was a massive track and got major support….
Matt: very complicated, my first track.....I never got any credit for it, got a bit ripped off and all that.........the guys who signed it didn't want anyone to know who it was!!!!

T.nu : You also made a couple of tougher tracks like "Mash It Up" and some other more tougher tracks. Can we expect more of that?
Matt: maybe....not hardhouse though.....did MDM after a few months avin' it to Hardhouse off my nut:-)......not really a tune I want to be remembered by.

T.nu: You are saying in a press item that "the new "Matt Darey feat Marcella Woods" single called "Voice of An Angel" feels like the real follow up to "Beautiful". Can you tell us something about the single and possible remixes?
Matt: the original mixes are out on vinyl soon ....just working on a harder mix with Michael Woods right now!!

T.nu: You remixed alot of artists back in those times, some of them were wellknown pop artists like Gabrielle and Nightcrawlers resulting in massive uplifting remixes. Can we expect any Matt Darey remixes of other artists in the future?
Matt: My favourite mixes weren't really the vocal ones except Grace - Not Over Yet ofcourse.....more like Binary Finary, Wizards Of The Sonic.......I haven't remixed for anyone for a few years. After my last mix Moloko - The Time Is Now.....I felt this kind of track was never meant to be trance so I let everyone know I wasn't gonna remix anymore. If the right instrumental comes my way I might do it.

T.nu: And what about collaborations? Maybey something with Micheal Woods or other artists? M3 was an amazing project for example!
Matt: Michael has just mixed Gamemaster and were working on VOA together........we will definately be writing together soon.

T.nu: Alot of people are curious what kind of hard & software u use to create your traxx? Any change for sharing a secret?
Matt: Logic Audio/mac/D8B mixer.....almost 90% is virtual exs24/es2/atmosphere/stylus etc

T.nu: Apart from the producing, you also started a DJ career. But you are not the regular kind of DJ. Could you tell us some more about your performance? How do you spin?
Matt: entirely off CDR....make my own edits of tunes on my laptop when im bored on a plane or something....I mix musically(in key) as well as for the flow.....I only DJ occasionally for fun so I really have a great time....wouldn't like to take it too seriously.

T.nu: Any tours planned through Europe or other countries?
Matt: US tour coming soon...waiting for my visa.......others will be posted on my website.

T.nu: Marcella Woods is very close to you artist wise. She also does live performances we heard. Does that mean she sings tracks like Liberation and Beautiful live?
Matt: yeh, she's best when on stage hyping up the ravers....we often do a double act PA and DJ set.

T.nu: Should work fine, I heard the audience sings along when Liberation is played live?
Matt: .....and beautiful........thats why it got rereleased.....30,000 people singing along at Global Gathering...the guy from the label was in awe so he rereleased it for the second time and it went top ten.

T.nu: If people go to a Matt Darey DJ set, what can they expect? What kind of style do you play?
Matt: not much vocal...........nothing too fluffy.....i spent years raving myself so I just try and play proper tunes that would get me going if I was on the other side of the decks

T.nu: Back to producing, where do you get your inspiration from? It seems you were one of the most frequent visiting party people on Ibiza. Back in 1999 u used a lot Spanish guitars in your tracks. Will they return?
Matt: Clubbing is my inspiration...always buzzing when I get back from a club and have to get in the studio....most stuff is done on a sunday morning!!! no spanish shit planned as yet:-)

T.nu: U are producing in a breathtaking tempo again now, will there be something like a Matt Darey album in the future?
Matt: maybe on Incentive.....just signed a load of tracks to them

T.nu: What’s the best thing your career in the music has given you in your life?
Matt: freedom and happiness in my work

T.nu: And what was your biggest disappointment?
Matt: when the party's over:-)

T.nu: Its been asked before, but it is still a very actual concern for some producers: MP3. What’s your view on the current situation?
Matt: Its fucking things up for us guys but theres nothing you can do.....people are downloading instead of buying....means that new blood is gonna be stifled when they find they can't make a good living and they decide to choose another career.....its o.k for those who have already made enough to survive

T.nu: Describe in one word what people should think when they hear the name Matt Darey..
Matt: who?

T.nu: Any message for the readers of this interview?
Matt: Its great to be back.....Gonna be boshing out some big tunes in the near future so hold tight!!!

Quick Questions:
Favourite record ever: DJ misjah - Access
Favourite record at the moment: besides my own....ha ha.....Ferry Corstens's Rock body.
Favourite DJ: Dunno really quite a few have there good moments.
Favourite producer: Varies really .....i like em when they make good tunes.
Best Club: Can't really pin one down......I've had great nights at a lot of them.
Best Labels: I can't say I really am a fan of any inparticular........I think they all have there moments and maybe a run of a few good tunes.

Link: http://www.mattdarey.com

Thanks to Matt for making this interview possible.

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