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Wednesday 14th, November 2001
Matt Darey

Trance.nu's very own Dj_Dan cought up with Matthew Darey and asked him some questions.

Does each particular alias have a particular style for producing and remixing a track?

Yes - they are different styles but usually you can tell it’s me.

You have collaborated with the producer Michael Woods in M3… Are we likely to see any further productions through this collaboration?

He's my girlfriends’ brother (Marcella woods) and I was training him to remix for a year or so. I usually do all my music myself but he needed something to kick off his career so all three of us got together to achieve that. We may get together some time but there’s nothing planned.

If you had the chance, whom would you love to work with?

Well three years ago I bumped into Timo Mass and said we should get together… he was up for it but neither of us followed it up - I was also very trashed at the time so maybe he didn't think that I was serious! There are a lot of talented people in the progressive arena that I wouldn't mind working with - Praha, Moogwai etc.

You have more recently begun your journey into the djing scene. How do you feel you have found it? And are their any plans to further this career?

I absolutely love Djing! I just got back from Washington where I played at "Glow” Everyone had a right old rave up and after my set I was on the floor havin’ it till the end........ As a career you'd have to be doing it all weekend maybe two gigs a night and I don't think I'd be into that.

What equipment do you use? (Producing / djing)

I prefer to mix of CD; in the studio I use a G4 duel 800 with TDM, a D8b desk for mixing and various midi instruments like the supernova and jd990.

What is your favourite track of all time? Favourite current track?

Access and currently on a progressive tip “Prahas – Schrigger”, the last trance track I loved was “Signum’s - first strike”.

What is your opinion on the ‘for-gone’ assumption that where there is Trance… there will also be the availability of drugs such as in the clubs?

Drug culture and the dance scene have been interlocked for years there’s no denying that. I think E's are taken not just at Trance venues but also across all scenes...Including Hip Hop!!!!!!

Explain to us the meaning behind the difference in the ‘Matt Darey Pres…’ i.e. ‘Matt Darey Presents Mash it Up – Beautiful’?

Its the same...... just so that I don't sign my name exclusively to one label

Any plans to bring out an album? Mix other Albums like for example, the Euphoria series?

Not at the moment, perhaps when I've had some new material out.

Your most embarrassing music-related incident?

First time on a pair of decks in front of 1000 people..... And I mean the first time i.e. I hadn't spun a tune before.... of course after the 4th tune in I fucked up and my drunken mate made it even worse by touching the record up the wrong way!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh everyone looked at me and I felt gutted.

Also, explain if you would about your new releases? Any other productions you are working on that you could sneak us some information about?

Don't worry I just did that hardhousey "Mash it up" (Which I made 18 months ago) as me and my mates were havin’ it to hard house all that year and we loved it so I had to do one… there’s no plans for a commercial release...at least not that I’m aware of.

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