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Wednesday 30th, November -0001
Martijn Wittebols (Dj Dazzle)

Our staffmember Macman got hold of the Black Hole family member Dj Dazzle to ask him a few questions about his Freedom series, his recent productions and other stuff ...

Question: What's the inspiration behind the Freedom serie ?

Is there a new source behind every release ?

Answer: At first it's the music I play at my sets, but also the music I really like personally.
So the first CD was club-trance minded, the was the way I played at that time.
The second one was more unknown uplifting and trancy music from english labels.
And the third was a combination of the real trancy thing that was, and still is very big in Holland. It's a bit
more progressive.
And this last one, really has my own taste that is progressive trance with some vocals.
So the CDs are all different.

Question: There is a track on the new Freedom CD that you've made together with your friend Cor Fijneman
Have you started a new project together ?

Answer: No, were not really working on a project. But we're planning on doing a few more tracks in the
But we're both very busy so it's really hard to get together. But when we have some speare time we immidiatly go
to the studio to work on some new things.

Question: How do you produce a track together?

Answer: Sometimes it's a bit difficult since everybody has their own oppinion.
At one point I had to chose to buy new decks or a computer to produce, I chose the decks and at the same time Cor
Fijneman bought a computer.
So he knows how to use all the equipment and I have alot of ideas that I get from my sets, so us combined is a
very good combination.
If I have any idea I just tell it to Cor and he puts it into the computer and make some effects, that's the way
it works.

Question: Now that you have started to produce your own music many new dreams may come true.
Are there any dreams about producing with any other known producer.

Answer: Ofcourse, there are always some people that you really want to work with.
I think you know the names. Lucien Foort, Armin van Buuren and Jaimy & Kenny D, that also have asked me to remix
one of their tracks. That in itself is a dream come true.
Lucien Foort have heard my 12", and he'll maybe remix one of the tracks for us, so that is yet another dream come
true there.

Question: What's your purpose with Dj:ing, do you have any message to the crowd?

Answer: Not really, I just want people to enjoy themselves and listen to some music that's not played by
everyone else.
But there isn't any real deep message, I just think music is to enjoy.

Question: Alot of people in Norway think that "Freedom - The Norway Sessions" and the other Freedom CDs
are really good.
How come that the CD hasn't been that successful anywhere else?

Answer: One of the possibilitys is that there has been a little problem with the distribution in the other
nordic countries.
But maybe also because it has been a bit of promotion just in Norway.

Question: There are numbers of really good producers and DJs from the small country Netherlands.
How come a big part of the world elite comes from your home country do you think ?

Answer: Maybe we try in other countries since we're from a so small country, and try to play music that
the crowd there want.
We've always been focused on foreign countries. That was how it was with TiŽsto, he had to become famouse outside
of Holland and then he bacame wellknown at home since people saw his name in other countries.
It's really strange ... Or maybe we just have a really good taste *hehe*

Question: Do you have any plans of making a tour to promote yourself and make your name known all over the
world ?

Answer: We're now planning a tour in South America. We had plans about making a tour in Scandinavia but it
has been canceled but we're thinking about making it at the end of this year or later.

Question: The trance is growing alot in the USA and Australia right now, how come they are later into
trance than Europe do you think ?

Answer: I really don't know, maybe it's because they only like pop and rock music.
Damn, that's a really good question, I really dont have a good answer for that.
Some recordlabels are somehow oldfashion and aren't that open minded to new music, DJs, artist and

Question: Drugs, drugs and drugs, that's alot of peoples thoughts about the genre Trance.
How do you feel about the fact that alot of young people that listen to trance take drugs.

Answer: Everybody has to know and take care of themselves, but I really think it's bad for the

Question: Do you think there is any way to get people to stop doing drugs?

Answer: I really don't know. It's not only within the house-music, alot of people do drugs within the
rockmusic and other genres.
Some people think that if you forbid drugs, like make check-ups at the door to a club or so, people see it as
more of an adventure to do drugs.
In Holland they try to regulate it by producing drugs of a good quality. If it's done that way it's not that
intresting for people to produce and sell low-quality drugs to make money.
You know, I don't do drugs myself so I can't explain why people take them.

Question: Almost every new trancecompilation gets out on the internet really fast for download.
How do feel about that people download your albums instead of buying them?

Answer: I think alot of people download and burn their own CDs.
What I think, and know from myself is that if I hear a very good CD or track on a 'home made CD' I really want
the original.
I dont think it's too bad for the industry. I think most of the people want it with the real booklet, the real
cover .. original.

Question: Do you think that you've already had your brakethrough with the Freedom serie
or do you think your real brakethrough is still to come ?

Answer: I think my brakethrough is to come. But I think the they way I do the freedom series now is
developing me and making me more experienced.
I can reach out to people and slowly get people to know me. And at one point, maybe in a year, maybe in four
years it will go very well.
More CDs and more own tracks and then I think my braketrhough has come.
But it's still almost a hobby for me since i study. But efter my graduation I'll become profesionall, it's my
chance to do what I really want to do.

Question: What do you think about the future of trance?

Answer: It came rather quickly, and It'll probably go away rather quickly too. The big trance sound right now
that I call the Ferry Corsten sound with its big breakes and synths.
I think it will be gone in a year and a half or so. New sounds are already being devoloped, more harder and more
But I think trance always will be developeing.

Question: What are to be expected from us by Dj Dazzle in the future ?

Answer: In the near future, it will be a remix of a Jamie & Kenny D track as I said earlier and it'll be
released on Black Hole as well.
Then I'm also working on a new CD series that contains my own taste, so it'll really be my very own series. I
just have to make up a name for it
and all the artwork has to be done. There will also be other productions together with Cor Fijneman and a guy
from the Dawnseekers.

Question: If you have to pic one man (or woman) that have made most importans to the trance scene ever by
your opinion, who would that be?

Answer: For me it's TiŽsto since I got all these oportunies from him.
And for the music itself it's a really big Dj, Sasha. He's the guy that everybody mentiones, he's really big.
I heard him a few times and it's just amazing what he does with the music.

Question: Do you have any tips for people who want to start DJing?

Answer: Start to listen really hard to other DJs sets, and out of that pic your own taste.

Question: Any wise words to the visitors of trance.nu?

Answer: Do what you like and enjoy life as it comes. That's my wise words.

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More info on dj dazzle to be found on <a href="http://www.frshdjs.com" target=_blank>www.frshdjs.com</a> and <a
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