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Thursday 23rd, May 2002
Martijn 'DJ Dazzle' Wittenbols (2nd Interview)

[b]DJ Dazzle (Martijn Wittenbols)[/b] , one of the DJs from the legendary [i]Black-Hole label[/i], has given trance.nu more inside information on what hes been up to lately.

The fact that DJ Dazzle has become part of the Black-Hole family is very special to him. He made his start there, and has been involved with it ever since the company started out. “I have seen the company grow from two people and their first CDs to twelve people working there and the huge sucesses and succesfull series of Black-Hole. I enjoy working there very much.” […who wouldnt wink red.]

“I also dont mind being called “the DJ/Producer from Tiestos Company”. Im very proud to be called that way. I think its recognition from Tiesto. Though he accepted me to work for him and produce music for the label. He thinks the music is good enough. Thats cool.”

Tiesto is the DJ which DJ Dazzle respects the most. “To see what he has done, what he accomplished and still how hard he works for it: Its wonderful. He didn't get swept away by his successes, his feet remained firmly on terra firma.”

DJ Dazzle started his style in the melodic trance corner. He played vocal trance tracks with a summers taste, but the further he came, the deeper he went. Along came the progressive.
“Nowadays my style can be descriped as uptempo, pumping progressive with some vocals here and there, some taste of trance and you might even catch some breakbeat records.” Dazzles expectation of the evolution of trancemusic is that it will all become harder. Since the music became more powerfull, he slipped in some heavy progressive work into his sets, which was loved by the crowds. His sets have become heavier, in progressive trance way, every now and then.

“I think the tendency is that the housemusic will develop into the harder and faster styles. The hardstyle, hardtrance and hardhouse styles are perfect examples of the developments of the music. I think that this will continue for a while.”

Dazzle has a clear opinion about trance in general. Trance is so big nowadays, it has pros and cons. “Personally I dont like the biggest tranceparties, because they are only about money and not about the music. Also there are many scrap releases out there, cause everyone wants to join in on the success of the music, which lowers the quality of the music in general. When the biggest trance-heap will be over, and a new musical style will be popular then, I think the real trancemusic will be all different and much better.”

- producing and DJing

If it was up to Martijn and he could choose to go to another record label, to do sign his productions, he would refuse at first. Black-Hole is his home, and he wouldnt leave it easily. If he really would like, he would like to release some stuff at Bedrock, Hooi or Twisted. He hopes to see something like that happen in the future. “Who knows.”

Martijn has cooperated a lot lately by producing and remixing with various others within the scene. Dazzles cooperations with Cor Fijneman, Geert Huinink and Misja Helsloot will be continued.
Dazzles newest work has been done together with Richard van Dongen and Raf Jansen will be found in stores real soon. His latest out is Mistral feat. Plavka - Your Everything (DJ Dazzle Remix) [Blackhole]. Its made together with Richard van Dongen. Other new songs that are destined to be released this summer, are Andain - Summer Calling (DJ Dazzle RAF Mix) and Two Souls - In the Beginning (DJ Dazzle RAF Mix). They will be out soon.

Dazzle doesnt know anybody else besides these people he would like to work with. He can do what he wants and what he likes. Maybe in the future he might notice some new contacts to work with.
Eversince DJ Dazzle has made much more (cooperated) remixes than productions, but since Martijn is building his own studio at the moment, we can expect solo singles, productions and remixes soon.

Martijn gets his ideas for productions or remixes mostly in the studio. “The good sounds are searched for and combined, and hopefully something nice evolves from that. If the stuff is good enough so far, a song might originate from it. For a remix, you have to listen the song that is going to be remixed. You listen to the parts you like, take those parts, change them a bit and build up sounds around it.”

What Dazzle thinks is the best of DJing is the fact that you can make people dance to the music you like best. “Its motivating to see people dance to your favourite music. They are happy because you play the music you like yourself, thats the most wonderful thing there is. And in my productions you can recognize the style I like best. Thats sometimes influenced by trance, sometimes more over o techno.”

The thing that inspires Martijn to keep spinning and playing music is his love for music. He likes sitting down all day being busy with the music he likes. Listening, producing, remixing or mixing are all favourites of his. Music is the best pastime there is for him, and mixing is a sort of way to express yourself and the way you love music.

Dazzle doesnt listen to much other music than the music he likes. Only when hes travelling by car, he just puts on the radio to listen the pop music that gets played there. But further than listening other music by radio, he doesnt get. The housemusic is his favourite and he enjoys it. He listens a lot to records, new ones that just rolled in, or just old ones he wants to hear again, or even wants to play on gigs.

Martijn has nothing in mind he would like to see happen in the future. Off course he would like to say that he accomplished what he wanted to accomplish, but to say that would be very nice in the future. “Everytime I get a little step further in my DJ carrier I have realised a part of my dreams. How big they are or how long they will take, I myself dont even know. I want to keep on doing what I like and to continue that as long as I still like to do it. What I accomplish with doing that is secondary to enjoying music.”


Sasha and Darren Emerson are DJs which Dazzle respects a lot, just because they dont play popular, or commercial music and still are very loved by the crowd.

Dazzles favourite CDs are the Northern Exposure series of Sasha and John Digweed. The best production hes ever heard is KenLou - The Bounce and the remix he likes best is the (Peace Division Remix) of Roaches, by Trancesetters.

“A good song for me is a song that keeps fascinating me. It has to contain a lot of variation; a lot of effects have to be used. I also like vocals a lot. A good song has a combination of these and other things, and it must not get boring in any way.”

When it comes to liking own productions or mixed cds he thinks it will be the next ones. But he likes his (DJ Dazzle R.A.F. Mix) of Two Souls - In the Beginning a lot.

The best party Dazzle ever has been at, was a party in Israel, TelAviv. “It was an openair festival where 3000 people were dancing during sunset. It was a very special experience for me.”


DJ Dazzle will keep on spinning in Holland for the time being. There are some things planned for the summer, like going to America and Mexico, but nothing is confirmed yet.

He will also mix new volumes for the series Freedom and Soundbox. And there will also be a USA-exclusive Black-Hole promotion Cd mixed by Dazzle.

Dazzle is also working on his website, www.djdazzle.com will soon be launched. “The site will contain much information on my newest releases, my upcoming gigs and all sorts of other music related news.” […trance.nu better watch out wink red.]

Trance.nu thanks Martijn Wittenbols aka DJ Dazzle for his time.

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