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Monday 26th, November 2007
Marcus Schössow
Updated: Thursday 28th, May 2009

Marcus Schössow is a 22 year old DJ / producer who’s based in the Swedish city Helsingborg Sweden. He got his first pair of Technics turntables at the age of 15 and after buying some equipment he started to produce music as well. His most famous collaboration is the ‘Under Sun’ project, together with fellow Helsingborg whiz kid Sebastian Brandt. Furthermore he's known as under names such as 'Progressia', 'Sokaya' and 'Sunglider'. Marcus is famous from tracks such as ‘Mr. White’, ‘Hypnotizer’ and ‘Moog Me’ (together with Thomas Sagstad) for example. Furthermore he’s pretty busy with remixing some cool tracks as well. One of the best examples is the remix he did for Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso’s summer hit ‘Umbrella’. This one was already hammered on Pete Tong’s Essential mix!

Trance.nu: Hey Marcus, how are you doing?
Marcus: I’m sick, laying half naked in my bed trying to handle my musical empire on my laptop wink

Trance.nu: You are pretty busy with producing and remixing tracks from others at the moment! Let’s talk about the track ‘Mr. White’ first. In the last couple of months on various internet forums I noticed a lot of people who wanted to know what the track was about. Can you finally tell us something more about the person Mr. White? What’s the story behind this Mr. White guy?
Marcus: I’ll reveal it on my graveyard stone! Nah, but really, I won’t reveal it, but I think there is a Mr. White in everyone!

Trance.nu: Your track ‘Chase My Rabbit’ was signed to Tiësto’s label Black Hole Recordings and he also used it on his latest mix compilation ‘In Search Of Sunrise 6’. How did you came up with a title like that?
Marcus: Well, to be honest I’m really fucking tired of the trance titles around! How many titles like ‘Oceans Of Heaven’ and ‘Fly In The Sky’ do we need ? I think I’m going to call my next track ‘Touch My Lazerbeam’. I just name the track what I happen to think of, and this time i was thinking of an escaping rabbit!

Trance.nu: Your productions and remixes are being played by famous DJ’s such as Tiësto, Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten. How do you feel when you hear or read that they have your stuff playlisted? Are you still excited when you hear that they play your productions or remixes, or is it getting ‘normal’ for you?
Marcus: I’m honored every time a DJ plays my track, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a bedroom DJ or a superstar like Armin for example. There is at least 6 million musicians out there who doesn’t get their music played, so I’m happy for anyone playing my tracks ! I just want to put my music out to as many people as possible! happy

Trance.nu: Is the remix you did for the ‘Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso’ track ‘Umbrella’ out already? And how did you get in touch with them or was it a request?
Marcus: Well, it’s a loooong story. I made it for fun and I sent it to Armin as he was begging for some new stuff in the same Schössow style as ‘Mr. White’. Armin started to play it and then Sander Kleinenberg got a copy as well and he send it to Pete Tong who featured it on his ‘Pacha’ mix CD this summer. Then the Swedish House Mafia boys called me and said: ‘Hey dude, you wanna release your remix?’. I think it’s out now on www.trackitdown.net right now, I don’t know if Beatport got it yet to be honest!

Trance.nu: You also remixed the Ferry Corsten and Vincent de Moor classic ‘Veracocha – Carte Blanche’. How was it to remix such a classic track? Wasn’t it difficult?
Marcus: When I got the offer I was really happy about it.... and then after 2 months being in the studio with it, I regret I said yes! It was really hard! Refreshing such a classic without totally raping it is hard, but I’m happy with the result! I hope it will be out soon!

Trance.nu: Can we tell us what other remixes we can expect soon or what are you working on at the moment?
Marcus: Yeah, I’m remixing Armin van Buuren, Funabashi, Ian Carey, Leon Bolier and a René Amnez vs Peter Gelderblom tune at the moment!

Trance.nu: In the past you also released tracks under names such as ‘Progresia’, ‘Sokaya’ and ‘Sunglider’. Are you still producing under these aliases, or are you focusing on the tracks under your own name now?
Marcus: The ‘Sunglider’ project is totally dead, it’s never going to happen again! I’m releasing a new Progresia EP on Spinnin’ Records with the tracks ‘Snowland’ and ‘Tears Behind Sunglasses’!
But I’m mainly focusing on the Marcus Schössow stuff of course !

Trance.nu: In the past you did the project ‘San Andreas’ together with Dominik von Werdt. Can we expect new stuff from that project?
Marcus: Jisses, where do u find these facts ? :P Every time we try to do something together Dominik goes to strange places in this world. Last time we tried to finish a thing he went to Syria... It’s impossible to work with him unless I can bride him with a couple of beers and a flight ticket to Sweden! I guess we will see a new thing from us soon wink

Trance.nu: And the ‘Under Sun’ project that you’re doing with Sebastian Brandt? So far you guys did 2 tracks together. Can we expect a new ‘Under Sun’ soon?
Marcus: Of course, ‘Under Sun’ will never die! But at the moment we are focusing on our own stuff, we just made a new Schössow vs Brandt thing though, it’s a remake of the classic ‘Mousse T - Horny’ track!

Trance.nu: I’ve heard some rumors about collaborations with people such as Breakfast. Can you tell us something more about that?
Marcus: Well, Casey (Breakfast) was in Sweden a few weeks ago and he needed a bed. Friendly as I am, I offered him a bed and breakfast (höhöhöhöhö...) He was showing me a half done track and I was amazed by it so we finished it together!

Trance.nu: Are there other people that you are going to collaborate with?
Marcus: Yes, Thomas Sagstad and Özgür Can. Me and Özgür has been talking about making an EP together forever, but he’s been too busy with the making of his album lately! But I guess we’re going to start soon. Thomas will always be my partner in crime when it comes to my more housy stuff.

Trance.nu: And are there still people on your 'wanted-list' for collaborations? And why them?
Marcus: Not really, but I would love to get the chance to work with ‘Imogen Heap’ for a couple of vocals to my tracks !

Trance.nu: Do you have your own studio?
Marcus: Yeah, I do!

Trance.nu: And what kind of equipment do you have in your studio?
Marcus: Well, a couple of Tannoy Monitors, a dusty old computer and some hardcore VST’s! That’s all you need these days!

Trance.nu: And what is your favorite piece of gear?
Marcus: Ableton Live! It’s the best piece of software ever made!

Trance.nu: How long do you work on a production or remix?
Marcus: Depends from each, for example ‘Mr. White’ took me 3 hours and the remix for ‘Veracocha’ took me 2 months!

Trance.nu: What is your own favorite production or remix?
Marcus: Hmff, hard one, I’ve just made a couple of new tunes that I really like. But my new ‘Duderstadt’ remix that will be out on ‘Afterglow’ is really nice! Watch out for that one! happy

Trance.nu: Are you being influenced by other producers / musicians?
Marcus: Yes! Trentemøller and Röyksopp! Blake Jarrell recently also showed me an act called ‘Telefon Tel Aviv’, they make amazing strange things!

Trance.nu: You have your own radio show since a few weeks now. What can you tell us about it?
Marcus: It’s called ‘Tone Diary’ and it’s on www.ah.fm every Thursday directly after A State Of Trance. It’s a show where I test the things I receive. I was pretty tired of hearing all the DJ’s playing the same tracks in each radio show, so I told myself ‘You know what Marcus, let’s make a radio show with some wicked sexy dirty stuff in’. And so far it’s been a success!

Trance.nu: Besides producing and remixing you’re also a DJ. What kind of stuff do you play in your sets, is it similar stuff like you play in your radio show?
Marcus: Oh yeah, the gigs are starting to come in, I guess the promoters out there were a little shy to book me wink But now they finally start to wake up!
My sets are in the Schössow style, dirty, raw, sexy but still melodic! It will make every grandmá dance on the tables !

Trance.nu: What can we expect from you in the next couple of months?
Marcus: A lot of new Tj0ns! Just keep checking the Myspace site of me happy You can also join my Facebook group if you want to! But don’t send me a million vampire group invites, I truly deeply hate that!

Trance.nu: And what are your plans for the future?
Marcus: The sky is the limit ! I wanna kick some ass in the EDM scene and spread the Schössow sound around the world happy

Trance.nu: Thanks a lot for your time and good luck in the future!
Marcus: Before I say ‘thank you all and I love you’ I wanna say special thanks to Ruben, Sebase, Laan, Dan @ah.fm, Jorn & Michel, Nicoll, all the Tone Diary listeners at Trance.nu and the most important, to all the people who support, play and listen to my music ! Thank you all and I love you!Marcus Schossow

Written by:
Twan van Loon

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