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Wednesday 04th, October 2006
Marco V (Oct 2006)

Dutch tech-trance hero Marco V has cemented his position as one of the most respected producers and DJs on the dance scene today. He never seems to put a foot wrong production-wise and is responsible for some of the biggest club hits in the last ten years. Holding strong at number 16 in the DJ Mag list last year he looks certain to build on that this year with a worldwide fan base and huge residencies such as Cream in Amnesia, Ibiza this summer. Still riding high on the success of his last artist album 200V, with the UK release of new single Second Bite out now and a new two disc mix Combi:Nations 2 on release as well, plus a fresh Marco V production Any Better, Or? doing the damage on dance floors he shows no sign of slowing down. T.nu caught up with the man himself for a chat.

t.nu: Firstly, thanks for doing this interview with trance.nu, how are you today Marco?

MV: Very well, still touring a lot and working in the studio on new stuff.

t.nu: With a new mix album in the stores, Combi:Nations 2, divided in back room and main room, what can we expect from that? It is a fair reflection of your DJ sets?

MV: Yeah, the backroom mix is pretty much the same how I will play in a smaller more intimate crowd and the mainroom CD is a reflection how I like to play when we need some more energy.

t.nu: With a single release alongside it, Any Better Or? can we expect another album so soon after the success of 200V?

MV: At the moment we are working on the new Benjamin Bates album that is going to be released early next year, my new album will be out the end of 2007 or the beginning 2008.

t.nu: How has this summer been for you and what have been the highlights?

MV: The summer was great, Global Gathering, Creamfields, Dance Valley were all good as usual. I did a few smaller festivals in Holland this year like Free Your Mind, Solar and Rockit and they were fantastic. Cream at Amnesia Ibiza was also very good and my highlight this year the DVD set in Turnmills, London, for the Combi:Nations 2 pre-party. I was playing behind a big video screen that covered the whole DJ booth, the only time people could see my silhouette when they put on a big white light in the booth.

t.nu: With this year’s Ibiza season drawing to an end, and having seen you tear up the dance floor in Amnesia, how has it been for you?

MV: Amnesia is one of those places where the vibe is always superb. It's the DJ's Heaven.

t.nu: Name your top three tunes for Ibiza this summer.

MV: Splitter - All Alone, Phatzoo - Twisted Tweak and Cirez D - Mouseville Theme.

t.nu: With a touring schedule that takes you all over the world, what are your favorite countries to play in?

MV: There is not so much difference between countries, it's more about the crowd and the club you’re playing at.

t.nu: You manage a rare feat amongst producers, you remix classic tracks and actually improve them, including Café Del Mar, Papa New Guinea, Age Of Love and of course the brilliant Loops & Tings Relooped. If there was one more ‘classic’ track you could get your hands on to remix what would be?

MV: At the moment I don't think I will ever remix a classic again, I did too many classics already. Another thing is; there are so much bootlegs, remixes, covers from new and old songs for me that's old news, I like to put my energy into new stuff happy

t.nu: You seem to effortlessly knock out amazing catchy tracks with a great groove, how long does it normally take you to make a track and how does your studio partnership with Benjamin Bates work?

MV: Sometimes it takes two days and other times it takes two weeks before I think it's finished. Benjamin and I work very close together for almost ten years now. We do the same stuff in the studio it's not like you see a lot - one is the producer and the other one the DJ with the ideas.

t.nu: You pioneered the ‘tech-trance’ sound and now it has finally caught on in a big way replacing the stale ‘epic’ trance sound. Is that satisfying for you?

MV: Of course I like it that more and more people start to get into the so called tech-trance, for me personally I have done this kind of music since 1999 and I like to take things a little bit further, I don't want to make the same stuff over and over again. Some other people like SvD, Marcel Woods and so on have had success with the tech-trance sound, and that's great to see.

t.nu: Which producers and DJs do you admire at the moment?

MV: Like everybody Eric Prydz (everything except "Call On Me") and Trentemøller.

t.nu: It’s that mad time of year where every DJ and their grandma tries to persuade you to vote for them in the DJ Mag polls… you’ve held firm at the impressive position of no.16 the last two years. Is your ranking important to you?

MV: That's a question I always ask myself. Of course I like to be in the top 20 and it gives me a good feeling to know that people are voting for me, but I think my productions are much more important than my spot in the DJ list. Sadly a lot of promoters look more to the list when they book DJs than is good for the whole dance scene.

t.nu: Finally, your saw my New Year in in fine style with a rockin’ set at the Honey Club and nearly every track you release ends up being a Saturday night Seven Sins ‘anthem’ from Indicator through to Red Blue Purple… what do you think of the Brighton crowd and any chance of seeing you down here again soon?

MV: Brighton and also the Honey Club are one of my favorite places to play in the UK, the atmosphere is always fantastic and the crowd is very open minded if it comes to different styles of music. I hope to be back soon but I really don't know.

t.nu: Many thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule Marco and we look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

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