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Friday 26th, March 2004
Marco V Interview

It's a cold tuesdaynight and we are sitting in the car driving to the studio of the number 15 DJ of the world. In the south of Holland we drive through the landscape with alot of farms and small towns. We are heading towards a small town where we will interview the Dutch DJ Marco V. There's much to tell about this man. Started off in the club in Eindhoven, De Danssalon, changing his style and evolving his music constantly, he now is one of the most popular and important DJ's in the world. His new mixalbum Combi:Nations is in store soon, so this was a perfect opportunity to ask the man himself about his thoughts on the album, dance classics and more. We arrive at the right adress where we are taken into the backyard where a shed full of equipment welcomes us into the world of Marco V. We sit down for the interview..

Trance.nu: Hello Marco, thank you very much for taking the time in your busy schedule, to have a talk with us.
Marco: no problem

Trance.nu: you have been rising in the DJ Mag top 100 to spot #15. How does that feel?
Marco: Yeah, thats ofcourse very nice. It's quite an important list, especially the latest years.

Trance.nu: And what about next year?
Marco: I really wouldn't know, I'm not too busy with those thoughts.

Trance.nu: Years ago you started in the club "Danssalon" in Eindhoven, where u got famous with your clubtrance sound. How do you look back at that period?
Marco: I learned quite alot during that period. At the end back then I was pretty fed up with it, but when I look back at it now, it was a really nice time. Back then, when you are DJ'ing three nights in a row every week, you almost forget how fun it actually is.

Trance.nu: So how long have you been resident of that club again?
Marco: I think like 5, 6 years. And then every thursday, friday and saturday.

Trance.nu: On a certain moment you switched your musical style from clubtrance to techtrance style. Why did you make that choice?
Marco: Yeah, that was a little bit influenced by the Danssalon as well. I always had to play the clubtrance style, because the Danssalon was a commercial big club, but on a certain moment I was fed up with it and wanted to do my own thing, otherwise I would quit in the music business. So I needed that change, and that was the point that I quitted with the Danssalon and changed my musical style.

Trance.nu: That choice has been proven as a succesfull one. You are one of the most important DJ's. Do you think that the techtrance, tech-house genre will make a big step forward in 2004?
Marco: I don't know. In the beginning I started to work alot with the techtrance, tech-house sound. I spin and produce alot of different styles right now. I hear some people saying it will be bigger soon, but I honestly don't know.

Trance.nu: Your newest vinyl has just been released, titled Echnalava/Godchild, what can you tell us about the record?
Marco: Yeah, thats one of those nice typical records. I wanted to do something different again, because there was alot of focus on Loops & Tings (Marco V Remix). For me personally, Godchild is the best Marco V track I have ever made. It's an exact reflection of what I like to spin at this moment. So some people should take the time to adjust to it, but I'm very happy with it.

Trance.nu: Also an album sampler has been released of your new mixalbum Combi:Nations. Did you choose yourself, which tracks came on the samplers?
Marco: Absolutely, that's my choice. I've picked the records that are featured on it.

Trance.nu: And the remix for Futureshock - Paranoia. Can you tell us how this happened?
Marco: It's just a remix request from Holland, because the Dutch company found the English version of the record not fitting for the Dutch market like the way it was now. And they thought I could do something with it. And it looks I could.. *laughs*

Trance.nu: Now we arrive at your most important release at the moment, your mix-album Combi:Nations. What is the thought behind the album?
Marco: First, I finally wanted to do my own mix-album, after all those Innercity albums and all those other stuff I did. And I wanted to show that I have a wide taste in music and that I also play a wide spectrum of music. Sometimes I play like CD 3, sometimes like CD 2 and CD 1 is kinda like what I play my radioshow. I really love that music for opening my set, but it's hard to get the change to play this stuff, because the records are not always fitting for the gig you have to play. It's more music for small and dark underground clubs, that's CD1.

Trance.nu: You kind of already answered the question that not many people will connect Marco V with progressive. Can we however expect this music in one of your sets?
Marco: yeah sure, for example the Guvernment, or The Gallery in London. That's how I start over there and then I slowly build my set up and then I'm totally happy. When you try to experiment a little with other styles, people don't accept it. So I show it on my CD. Ofcourse I wanna have a happy dancefloor, so I won't play this when I know that people won't like it, but if I get the chance, I will grab it with both hands. I really love to do that and I would like to do it more often. I sometimes play those kind of sets already in Holland, for example in Club XL or the Asta or during my "In Charge" clubnights.

Trance.nu: So what's your favourite CD out of the 3?
Marco: CD 1 absolutely, I love CD 2 and 3 as well, but for me those are more "safe shots".

Trance.nu: There are also a couple of tracks and remixes on the CD composed by you, like Age of Love (Marco V Remix). What is your connection with old dance classics and which one would you like to remix?
Marco: What's my connection with dance classics? What's the connection with recordcompany's that want me to remix a dance classic *laughs*. The first one was Papua New Guinea, then Energy 52 and it kept coming and coming.. I didn't wanna remix any classics anymore, but now I got offered the Age Of Love, which is my alltime favourite. So I had to remix it. If there's any dance classic I would like to remix, then it should be Underworld - Born Slippy. I would like to work that track out myself. That Paul Oakenfold Remix that has been released lately is very good however!

Trance.nu: Which equipment do you like best to produce or spin with?
Marco: That mixtable over there is my ideal mixer. X-zone 62 is my favourite mixer and my Pioneer CD players rock as well. And in the studio its the Andromeda A6 has got some brutal sounds.

Trance.nu: You produce alot of tracks with your mate Benjamin Kuyten (Benjamin Bates). How does the co-operation between you guys work in the studio?
Marco: First of all, we produce every track together. All tracks under Marco V, Benjamin Bates and remixes are produced by us together. The co-operation works perfect, because there's chemistry between us. All Benjamin Bates would sound different without Marco V and vice versa. We have been working together now for 5 till 6 years.

Trance.nu: So where did you guys meet?
Marco: In the Danssalon!

Trance.nu: You made quite alot of mixalbums lately, the Gatecrasher, Guvernment CD and ofcourse Combi:Nations mixalbum. Is there another artist album planned?
Marco: Yes we are very busy with a new artist album now. It was planned to be released after the summer, but I forgot that I have perform alot during the summer period, and then I don't have time to produce. We got a few nice secrets for the album, and therefore it won't be early in store then beginning 2005 probably. It will take some time, because I wanna put my heart and soul in it.

Trance.nu: Looking forward to it. What can we expect from Marco V this year regarding the music?
Marco: This year 2 or 3 records from me will be released. Not too sure if it will be singles as well as just vinyl. I've put remix requests on hold, I have recently finished 3 remixes and that's enough for the moment. Or Underworld should call tomorrow... *laughs*

Trance.nu: About those remixes, this Age Of Love remix will be released officially?
Marco: Yeah absolutely, it's been a regular remix request from England. It was a difficult choice.. am I gonna remix this? U can burn your fingers with that, if you know what I mean. So I kept as much intact of the original as I could. What I really loved about the original are those female vocals and those bells and stuff. With those stuff I worked the most, not trying too many difficult stuff. Because the original is just very good.

Trance.nu: Are you going to have a tour to promote Combi:nations?
Marco: Yeah we were supposed to, but my agenda is filled to the max. So when I finally got the time to do an official tour, Combi:Nations is 5 months old already *laughs*. We didn't plan that quite well. We will promote the album ofcourse during my next gigs, but it's not an official tour.

Trance.nu: What is the most beautiful aspect of your work?
Marco: The most beautiful is to produce music here in my studio and then going to a club the same night to test your new track. I really love to do that. That's the advantage of producing and DJ'ing together.

Trance.nu: And the worst aspect?
Marco: The travelling, but it's not that bad. Travelling and waiting, but it's not worth mentioning.

Trance.nu: No complaints?
Marco: Not at all!

Trance.nu: What's your view on the combination internet/music?
Marco: euhhhh, I don't know? *laughs* I think there is a future for buying tracks through the internet. But someone buys it and can put it on another website at the same time, so it will be a difficult story. I think, besides the fact that I owe alot to Internet and all my music is spread throughout the world (without costs and income) and in alot of places they know the name Marco V, without ever hearing of me before. And if you check out where all over the world I have to spin, it's certainly related to Internet. But I think albums should be waaay cheaper. It should be so cheap, that people won't even find it worth to download an album. Recordcompanies should see that with selling alot more cheaper CD's, they still can manage to make quite some money, then less CD's for a high price.

Trance.nu: Where do you think the dance industry will head in the future? More multimedia, like DVD's and stuff?
Marco: Yeah maybey a DJ should do more in the future, but nowadays it's hard enough to keep producing high quality records regularly. Not many people can do that nowadays, so that should be the main focus.

Trance.nu: Current top 5 of records?
Marco: Ooeh, too difficult, changes every moment

Trance.nu: What would you like to say to the visitors of trance.nu?
Marco: Hope to see you out there soon! happy

Trance.nu: Thanks for your time!!
Marco: No problem.

Nice facts:
Marco V had to reconstruct all of the tracks from Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar and Age of Love himself, without Original outakes.

Marco has made a new techversion of Southside Spinners - Luvstruck for himself only, to spin in his sets.

Copies of Marco V - Godd and Marco V - Simulated are still being pressed!!

We heard a couple of new Marco V tracks of the upcoming album - they sounded very diverse

Marco V's remix of the new Ton TB track Dream Machine is harder techtrance rework of the original trancer.


This interview was taken by Tim and Twan. Special thanks to Twan for helping me out.

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