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Thursday 24th, October 2002
Marco V

Spinning for over fifteen years, he is one of the most skilled deejays holland has to offer. His style is hard to define, as it evolves constantly, but it will always be uplifting and energetic. He played at numerous national and international mega-events like Love Parade, Innercity, Hyperstate, Trance- Energy, Massive etc. and became one of the most respected DJ’s of the Netherlands. His productions are a perfect reflection of his live DJ-sets. If you listen closely to tracks like Southside Spinners- “luvstruck” (1998) and more recent productions such as Marco V -“v.ision phase 3” (2001) you will notice the change in style, but the pounding groove and hypnotic melody stay the same.

Kevin - What is your recipe for becoming a successful producer? (promotion,
label signing)

Marco V – What is first necessary is that you have to make good productions
– good records and then you have to find a good record label. I had before
Southside Spinners and my record company screwed up a song big time. Good records,
good record label, and then you can go.
<p>Kevin - Which producer would you like to work with in the future that you
haven’t worked with yet?

Marco V – I don’t have any, I am satisfied with Benjamin. We have
a lot of fun in the studio, we don’t need anybody.

Kevin - Do you prefer to produce your own tracks, or to remix someone else’s

Marco V – No I prefer to do my own work, but sometimes it’s nice
to remix another artist’s tracks.</p>
<p>Kevin - After remixing Café Del Mar and Papa New Guinea, do you plan
to remix any other classic tracks?

Marco V – No that’s it for a while. I get a lot of requests for
classic house songs, they want remixes, but it’s not always good to do

Kevin - What do you think of John 00 Fleming’s remix of Café
Del Mar in comparison to your own work?

Marco V – Yeah I heard it recently, like last week he sent it to me.
I guess I like my version and he likes his version. *laughs* He did his job
and I did my job.

Kevin - Now that your debut album Con:Fusion is released, what upcoming studio
work can we expect from you?

Marco V – We’re working right now on a new EP and we have remixed
some new tracks off of it. Maybe there will be a new single coming out.

Kevin - What do you do when you have free time? What are your hobbies besides
dj’ing and producing?

Marco V – I don’t have any. I have three kids and any free time
I get I spend with them. I spend so much time in the studio and a lot of time
traveling and playing. If I have free time left, I spend it with my family.

Kevin - What would you describe to be the best moment of your life?

Marco V – One of the best moments of my career was my performance main-stage
at Innercity. It was a big thing for me and my career.

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