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Friday 04th, May 2007
Marcel Woods Interview (2007)

Ahead of Fire It Up! this week in London, Marcel Woods gives us a little chat on his label, music and his DJ lifestyle.

Trance.nu: Marcel, you are a producer, label manager of Rytmic Records, and a growing DJ. A lot of other DJ/label owners relegate their work at their company for a right-hand man to do. How much input do you have into your label, and which area of your work do you give priority?
Marcel Woods: At the moment Im still the man in charge, but people at Be Yourself Music (High Contrast) are handling all the contracts and other legal stuff for me, Im just to busy for all that.

T.nu: You had an album released just recently. What is the name of it and whose idea was it?
MW: The name is High Contrast presents Marcel Woods, and its more of a mix album with an album CD attached. When I was doing the mix CD I had so many of my own productions to use that we decided to do a single overview as an attached album, so thats the story.

T.nu: What are your thoughts behind the album, any particular feelings or inspirations you had to conceptualize this CD?
MW: At that time when I was mixing (August 2006) there was not so much good quality music around to use, everybody was looking for the electro hype related stuff, so I also used some other 'older' stuff I really like.

T.nu: Now, this is a question I love asking DJs: what is your favorite format? CD, Vinyl or MP3? And why?
MW: Im totally in CDs now, just because I play a lot of unreleased own productions and I get sent so many tunes on CD or just as a link to download, so thats the main reason Im using CD. I dont like the MP3 quality, it sucks.

T.nu: Has any fan ever crossed the line with you?
MW: Sometimes this happens, but usually its just he(or she) is totally wasted, and then I think, its all in the game. happy

T.nu: What upcoming producers are you impressed by at the moment?
MW: Yup the next big name will be Pascal Feliz, this guy is on fire lately!!!

T.nu: You have an upcoming gig at Fire It Up in the UK a week from now, you will be playing ahead of Giuseppe Ottaviani. Are you fond of his music?
MW: Im looking forward to his set!

T.nu: What are you hoping to achieve this year?
MW: To continue my travels around the world. Ha ha!

T.nu: And what about 5 years from now?
MW: Still traveling?!

T.nu: Marcel, thanks for this interview with trance.nu.

Marcel is playing this Sunday at Fire It Up! in London.


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