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Monday 27th, September 2004
Marcel Woods Interview

Marcel Woods is a Dutch producer / DJ who's been very active in the music scene already for a long time. He produced tracks like 'Time Is Running Out', 'De Bom', 'Static State', 'Frequence' (together with Yves Deruyter) and 'Tulips & Chocolate' (with S.H.O.K.K.). Besides that he also did some remixes for acts like Mike Robbins, DJ Walt, Marco Joosten, The Aqualords, Geal and lots of others. Furthermore Marcel Woods is a very active DJ who was (and is) responsible for a fast growing popularity of harder styles of trance/techtrance within the Benelux. In the last few years he played at some well-known festivals and parties like Trance Energy, Shockers, Mysteryland, Frequence, Antwerp Is Burning, Sensation, Innercity, Defqon 1, Decibel Outdoor etc. etc. Besides DJ-ing Marcel is also label owner of Rytmic Records. He had some massive worldwide dance hits like the ABBA cover version "Lay All Your Love On Me" and the project MDC with "Sunny Trumpets", which was released on the famous Strictly Rhythm label from the United States. The track got a top position in the U.S.A Billboard chart at position 6. On Monday the 6th of September Trance.nu made a visit to the centre of Eindhoven for an in depth interview with Marcel Woods in his studio.

Trance.nu: First of all, thank you for having us here in your studio.
The summer is almost at itís end. Iím sure that you had a busy schedule with a lot of DJ gigs. Where have you played in the last few weeks?

Marcel: Last summer Iíve been to countries like Scotland, England, Sweden, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, and in the Netherlands on partys like : Defqon 1, Sensation, Decibel Outdoor , Frequence and the regular clubs.

Trance.nu: What was your favorite gig this summer?
Marcel: That was Scotland for sure! The ĎInside Outí in Glasgow was awesome! The people overthere are just great and really into the music!

Trance.nu: What do you like most; playing at big festivals like Innercity and Mysteryland or do you prefer DJ-ing in clubs like the Zino and the Matrixx for example?
Marcel: I prefer playing in clubs myself, because you can have more contact with the audience during your set. It doesnít matter for me which club it is, as long as the people are there enjoying it and make a party, itís good for me! But however big partys are really nice to.

Trance.nu: Almost every Sunday you play in afterclub Zino in Tilburg, in the South of the Netherlands at 6:00 in the morning. How do you manage to do this, even when you had a gig at Saturdaynight?
Marcel: Most of the time I have a gig at the Saturdaynight too. When Iím Ďearlyí at home, around 4 or 5 in the morning, Iím going to sleep for an hour or sometimes for only 30 minutes. Around 5:30 Iím driving to the Zino. In the meanwhile I have a little stop to have breakfast at a tankstation and then Iím driving to the club. Itís just my work, but because itís also still a hobby itís still easy for me and looking forward to it each and every Sunday! And I never believed in drugs, itís just getting your energy from the energy bank I think, and you have to give it back with interest.

Trance.nu: In your schedule I saw that you have gigs planned in countries like Belgium, Turkey, Germany and Estonia. Are there any countries that you never played in before and that you really like to play in?
Marcel: Yes, to be honest I can not wait to play somewhere in the United States. That would be nice in my opinion. I always wanted to go to New York, so who knows!

Trance.nu: At the moment people can vote for the DJ Mag Top 100. Whatís your opinon about this list?
Marcel: Normally Iím not so into lists like this, but this year I started for the first time to do something with it at my homepage. It seems that (a lot of)clubs in England only want to book DJís that are in the Top 100, so itís important to be in the list. Furthermore thereís been a lot of talking and discussion about this list, especially in the Netherlands since TiŽsto became number 1. A lot of people didnít even know about the list, but now they do. So that are some reasons why I also mentioned the DJ Mag Top 100 at my homepage. The whole public relations thing, just like interviews and stuff like that is very important nowadays. I became a DJ because I loved the music and not the spotlights. Sometimes it really looks like something else, with all the interviews and stuff like that. I know that itís just a part of the job. Donít get me wrong, itís not that I donít like interviews, but I prefer DJ-ing and producing music myself. Ofcourse I like to talk about music and the things that Iím doing, but the whole public relations thing and those DJ lists, wellÖ itís not my favorite hobby!

Trance.nu: How do you prepare for a DJ gig? Do you know before you start which tracks you are going to play or do you decide this just before your set is going to start?
Marcel: I always decide this just before Iím starting. I only planned my first records once. That was when I had to play at Sensation. For that gig I planned my first 3 records. But even then itís just go with the flow, because you never know whatís going to happen in the crowd before your DJ booth.

Trance.nu: For ID&T you mixed the compilation ĎHardtrance 4í. There were a lot of good reactions on this CD. Will there be a follow up from this one or will you do another mixcompilation in the near future?
Marcel: Well, I donít like it when people put me in a box like ďheís a Hardtrance DJĒ or something like that. I donít want to be a Trance- or a Hardtrance DJ. A few years ago I started to use the word ĎTech-tranceí. Some people still think that Iím a Hardtrance DJ, but I donít think that Iím a Hardtrance DJ myself. So thatís also one of the reasons why I donít do hardtrance compilations anymore.

Trance.nu: Next to your work as a DJ, you are also an active producer. In the past your releases came out on your own label ĎRytmicí, but nowadays your tracks like ĎSerenityí, ĎTime Is Running Outí and ĎStatic Stateí are getting released on the ID&T label. Can we expect some releases from you again on ĎRhytmicí?
Marcel: Well, at my own label I donít release that much stuff anymore nowadays. Mainly because itís a lot of work. You have to arrange everything yourself; the pressing, the marketing, the promotion etc. It really costs a lot of time and furthermore, itís not easy with all the downloading and copying thatís happening, to earn the money back that you have to invest to release your productions. ID&T exactly knows how they have to handle with promotion / marketing etc. so thatís why I release the Marcel Woods tracks at ID&T. But there are still some other projects under different names that I release at other labels.

Trance.nu: In the past you worked together with producers like Nico Parisi, Yves Deruyter (Frequence Theme) and S.H.O.K.K. (Woodshokk - Tulips & Chocolate) for example. Are there any plans to work together with other producers in the future?
Marcel: At the moment there arenít any plans, but when there is a request of somebody that I like to do a track with, then Iím up for it for sure!

Trance.nu: Are there any producers or singers that you would like to work with?
Marcel: Iím not so into producing vocal stuff myself, because I have the idea that it getís too commercial if a Dutch guy is doing it. I mean, I donít see nice, vocal, non-commercial dancetracks made by Dutch producers that much. Motorcycle for example, is a typical really cool vocal production. I donít think that a Dutch producer would make a production like that so easy. I think that you have to be specialized when you do something with a vocalist. But however i just did a vocal production myself, it will be released by Purple Eye (Ferry corstenís company) so just check it out if I need to do more of thisÖ..ha ha (Babylon feat. Riny with ď23 MinutesĒ)

Trance.nu: You already released some nice productions, are there already plans for a Marcel Woods artist album?
Marcel: No, there are no plans for an album. I think myself that I have to grow for that (as an artist). I need to have my own sound. I know that Iím on the right way, but first I want to be a high quality artist before Iím going to plan a whole album. Okay, we could do an album now, but I donít want to make an album with all the things that I did, just to show Ďhey, look what I already did!í.

Trance.nu: Can we expect some new productions from you soon?
Marcel: Sure! Iím always busy in the studio, so there will be some new stuff very soon! The new Marcel Woods track is almost finished and furthermore there will be a new track from me called ď23 minutesĒ on the Purple Eye label. I did a Marcel Woods remix from that one too.

Trance.nu: How long do you work on a production normally?
Marcel: Well, most of the time I finish a track in one week, but sometimes itís faster and sometimes it takes some more time.

Trance.nu: Whatís your favorite own production?
Marcel: Thatís a good oneÖ That one still has to come!

Trance.nu: What kind of equipment do you use in your studio?
Marcel: The Indigo Virus is my favorite piece of equipment for sure! Furthermore the Andromeda and my mixer the Sony DMX-R 100!

Trance.nu: Do you use only hardware or do you also use software?
Marcel: I almost only use hardware. Software I donít use that muchÖ

Trance.nu: In the past you remixed tracks from artists like Mike Robbins, Geal, Marco Joosten etc. Can we expect some new remixes from you in the near future?
Marcel: Iím not a big fan of making remixes to be honest. Mostly you will get a lot of requests after you had a hitsingle. For example: after the release of ĎTime Is Running Outí, I got over 10 remix-requests in 2 months timeÖ The problem is that everybody wants to have a remix with the same sounds in it and then I have to mix it with their vocals Ö Iím not getting happy from that and I donít think that the original artist will be very happy too. I donít want to be a copy of myself, so thatís why I donít do that much remixes and Iím just trying to do my own thing. But when I really like a track, I sometimes ask if I can remix it. For example when I heard the Mike Robbins track ĎAre You A Freak?í. They gave me a CD with the track to test it in my sets. When I heard it I was like ĎWow! I really like this one!í, so I asked them if I could make a remix. And they liked it, so that was fun to do! But requestsÖ most of the time I have to say noÖ

Trance.nu: Is there any track that you would like to remix?
Marcel: HmmmÖ there is one trackÖ thatís ĎLyod - Vanquireí. A very old track, but I donít think that I dare to touch this oneÖ

Trance.nu: Together with Walt you produced a track called ĎTe Quieroí. The style of this track doesnít really fit in the list of solo tracks that you released on the ID&T label. What is your own favorite style to produce?
Marcel: I personally prefer to produce a mixture between techno and trance. Call it tech-trance myself.

Trance.nu: Do you have any other hobbyís next to your music?
Marcel: Well, there is not much next to music in life, is it? Hahaha!
But most of my spare free time I spend with my girlfriend.

Trance.nu: What can we expect from Marcel Woods in the near future?
Marcel: I keep on going with the stuff that Iím doing at the moment and we will see whatís going to happen. The sky is the limit!

Trance.nu: Where can people see you behind the wheels of steel in the next few weeks?
Marcel: Dance Valley the Winter edtion, the Matrixx in Nijmegen, afterclub Zino in Tilburg and for the rest just check my website!

Trance.nu: Thank you very much for your time and good luck in the future!
Marcel: Thank you too!

Link: http://www.marcelwoods.com

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