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Tuesday 21st, November 2006
Marcel Woods (2006)

We caught up with Dutch tech-trance hero Marcel Woods for some words about his upcoming album release on the wonderful High Contrast label. He has been given the honour of compiling and mixing the first in a new series ‘High Contrast presents…’. The first disc showcases the varied, full-on, driving sound of Marcel Woods in the mix while CD2 is a selection of Marcel’s biggest hits along with some new productions. Since the release of the huge club hit Advanced he has gone from strength to strength, with each production going straight to the front of record boxes of DJs such as Eddie Halliwell, Paul Van Dyk and Judge Jules. On the DJ front he has headlined huge events from Sensation Black to Dancevalley, Trance Energy to Innercity and from Mysteryland to DefQon that highlights the versatility of his DJing talents. Here he is telling us a bit more this upcoming release and where he’s at the moment.

t.nu: Thanks for doing this interview with us. How are things with you at the moment?

MW: Really fine thank you, life was pretty hectic the last couple of months, busy with a new studio (all licences and constructor troubles) producing, compiling and mixing the CD of course meanwhile I was travelling the world. But it all falls into place now, so light at the end of the tunnel… ha ha!

t.nu: You’ve been chosen to mix the first album in the new ‘High Contrast presents…’ mix series. They are by some distance my favourite label of 2006, tell us a bit more about the album.

MW: The cool thing about High Contrast is the fact that I can do what I want, so no restrictions about using anything, so I also used some older tunes that I like, and CD2 turned out to be a sort of an album overview what I’ve been up to the last couple of years as a producer.

t.nu: I recently heard a brilliant guest mix from you on the Eddie Halliwell Radio 1 show – is that and the music on the album representative of what a Marcel Woods DJ set is like?

MW: Yup, I play what I like as long as it is a bit techy or trancy, or just when a track has that Woods sound in it. But for the CD I did not use the bootleg stuff I usually play, so therefore you have to come and see me live behind the turntables!

t.nu: You’ve done several mix albums now, how do you approach them? How difficult is it choosing tracks and do you mix them live?

MW: Actually this time it was pretty heavy to compile CD1, I mixed it right after the summer and at that time there weren’t many tunes available. In the past I mixed it live, but recently I prefer to do the mix with Ableton, you can add and delete tracks anywhere in the mix.

t.nu: Do you have plans to release any of the tracks on the second disc as singles?

MW: There will be an album sampler with three tracks on it: Basik / Yellin @ The Neighbours & Accelerate, and later we will release the track Don’t Tar Me With The Same Brush (now busy with the second version of it). Unfortunately the remix for CLS - Can U feel It was not cleared before I mixed the CD, so this is only circulating on the internet as a bootleg. And it’s good to see that all the tracks are picked up by different DJs, so that’s my goal, spread people their view on music.

t.nu: How and when did you get started in dance music and what first inspired you?

MW: I was busy with dance-music since I was a little kid, and it grows and grows as a hobby, and one happy day I suddenly realise it was my profession! That’s an awesome feeling I can tell you!

t.nu: Of course, the tune most people know you for is ‘Advanced’. How long did it take you to come up with ‘that’ melody and when you made it did you think ‘this is going to be big’?

MW: The first mix was the Bits & Crushed Mix (I still think that’s the best mix) and it took about little more then a week, the mix released as the original took about two days.

t.nu: Do you still drop it in your sets or are you sick of it now?

MW: Not sick of it, because the dance-floor explodes every time I drop it, but some people can’t wait for it, they expect me to drop it as my first record! Recently I read in a interview with Fedde le Grand, he felt the same with his “Detroit” hit, and that’s an even bigger hit then mine, so he will get bored of it in the future I guess… ha ha!

t.nu: Your productions are increasingly showing a more tech-electro sound that is very ‘in’ at the moment. Is this what you’re going to stick with or do you see yourself experimenting with different styles?

MW: It’s funny that a lot of people ask me about the ‘electro” sound! I can’t find it in my records! Maybe it’s in the Bits & Crushed mix of Advanced, but that record was ready in 2004, so if that’s electro, well I was one of the first I guess! I do like some Electro tunes out there, but I cannot understand the hype that everybody jumps on this and leave their own sound for it. I stick to my tech-trance sound and will develop that in a wider range of music that I like myself. And that can be very diverse…

t.nu: Are you still hardware only in the studio or have you given into digital technology?

MW: The best of both, you can do some pretty nice things with software, but hardware is still the main sound in my studio!

t.nu: Which producers and DJs do you admire at the moment?

MW: Marco V and Benjamin [Bates] as producers, they are completely out of this world what these guys can do in the studio. Not many DJs impress me unfortunately.

t.nu: The summer seems like a distant memory now… what were the highlights for you?

MW: Pfoee… The highlight was that I was be able to choose between Creamfields and Mysteryland, and that was also my worst memory I think, but my summer was awesome for the rest, tons of festivals and parties from Ibiza to Brazil and back!

t.nu: What gigs have you got planned for the festive and New Year season?

MW: On New-Years eve there were several options outside Holland, but I decided to play in Holland, so I will be attending a big party in the South of Holland and the other days remaining in December I will be playing in Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Ireland, England, Lebanon and Holland of course, so that will do it for my air miles that month… ha ha!

t.nu: If you were playing a DJ set at the end of the world what would your last three records be?

MW: Bye my Friends, bye world, see you in a next life!!!(Danny Tenaglia I believe) And I guess I will play some dramatic pop songs as well, I’m a dramatic guy, so love to see those tears flow on music.

t.nu: Away from DJing and producing, what sort of music do you listen to?

MW: I listen to all types of music, from pop to rock and dance, but I prefer the radio in my car. But most of the time I’m busy with listening to demo CDs I get sent.

t.nu: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us and best of luck for the future!

MW: Thank you, the pleasure was all mine…

Tracklisting for High Contrast pres... Marcel Woods:

Disc 1 - The Music
1. R-Type - 18teen (Maurice Noah Remix)
2. Stereo City - Change The World
3. DR - 2 Foxes (Woods Stretched version)
4. M1 Feat Flipside - Freak Your Frequency
5. Toca Disco - Crazy Cursor (Woods Re-Shuffled Edit)
6. Benjamin Bates - Blue Monday
7. Pascal Feliz - Inside The Speaker (Part 2)
8. Maddox & Roy - My Authority
9. Type-1 - Satisfy Featuring Liz Cirelli
10. Hidden Logic Pres. Luminary - Wasting (Ronski Speed Remix)
11. Ryan Blair - Flap Jack
12. Kobbe & Balthazar & Jackrock – Moonshine
13. Ronald van Gelderen - Realize (Original Mix)
14. Bolier & Coenraad - Mighty Ducks
15. Alex Morph & Rank 1 - Life Less Ordinary
16. Greg Kobe - Electro Feeling
17. Coburn - Give Me Love (Andrea Doria Remix)

Disc 2 - The Madness

1. Marcel Woods - Yellin' @ The Neighbours (Unreleased single)
2. Marcel Woods – Basik (Unreleased single)
3. Marcel Woods - Don't Tar Me With The Same Brush (Unreleased single)
4. Marcel Woods - Time's Running out
5. Marcel Woods - Accelerate (Mix One) (Unreleased single)
6. Marcel Woods - Monotone (Dub Mix)
7. Marcel Woods - Beautiful Mind (2006 Re-edit)
8. Marcel Woods vs Jesselyn - Fauna
9. Marcel Woods - Cherry Blossom (TE Mix)
10. Marcel Woods - Advanced (Bits & Crushed Extended Mix)
11. Side-Dish - Pressure (Woods Old School Mix)
12. Marcel Woods - Static State

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